Any atheist or agnostic 9/11 truthlings out there?

Possibly the most disturbing aspect of my 9/11 truth journey -- aside from the realization itself that 3,000 Americans were murdered by its own government -- has been the absense of atheists, agnostics, skeptics and in general "free-thinkers" among those who question the official 9/11 story.

I am puzzled at how people who analzye, investigate, challenge and reject so much of the crap we are spoonfed on a daily basis by our corporatized, consumer, "Christian" society can accept the official 9/11 story with apparently no resistance. And it's not just silence on 9/11 but has turned into active vitriol towards those who dare to question the big lie.

Some of them do it themselves, like Penn Jilette in a May, 2005 episode of Bullshit, where all "Conspiracy theories" are lumped together (including "We didn't go to the moon") and declared to be bullshit. Jilette of course ignores most of the evidence that we are familiar with, finds the least credible-looking 9/11 skeptics he can (including an open mic event at a bar) and then -- get this if you haven't seen it -- trots out a firefighter who lost several friends and comrades on 9/11 who thinks it's patently absurd to believe that the government could have been involved. So that's it, case closed. In closing the show he even admits that the official story itself is a conspiracy theory when he says something like, "Nineteen crazy Muslims... isn't that enough of a conspiracy?" What a fucking asshole. I can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't come around to 9/11 truth because I was looking for a conspiracy; I was looking to resolve the cognitive dissonance that I had suppressed for nearly three years after 9/11. But, I digress.

Others seem to let their minions do it for them, like James Randi. I have not found any statements on 9/11 by James Randi himself, but the forums on his website are full of snarky, dismissive, vitriolic threads about "tinfoil hats" and various other pejoratives applied to people who question 9/11.

Michael Shermer and apparently everyone else who runs the secular humanist movement have been largely silent on the issue. I did find one short page by Shermer that mostly cites the Popular Mechanics article from 2005.

I find myself wondering if one of the reasons non-believers (myself included, for longer than I care to admit) are reluctant to consider the possibility that it wasn't crazed Muslims who attacked us on 9/11 is that they need that enemy. As long as we can all agree that the "Islamic radicals" (i.e. terrorists) are out there trying to get us, they can be used to demonize Christian radicals. Personally, I'd rather just analyze and denounce religious radicals of any flavor on their own merits. I don't need to be afraid of "terrorists" to see how extreme some Christians are.

One person for whom I do still hold out a little hope is Bill Maher. Since I've been "9/11 aware" I had been waiting on the edge of my seat for Maher to speak up and spread some truth on his show Realtime. Yes, I know, I'm naive. Finally, at the end of the block of episodes last spring, sometime in May if I recall correctly, he brought up the issue of government involvement in 9/11. He introduced the subject with an irritated tone, recalling people who come up to him at the airport and say things like "A missile hit the Pentagon" or other generally less-convincing pieces of evidence. Then Richard Clarke chimed in pointing out, once again, how incompetent this government/administration is and how they couldn't possibly have done it because they're just so darn incompetent. Did I mention how incompetent they are? Everyone quickly agreed and they moved on. So, I still have a little hope that Bill Maher will come around; it seems like he has blinders on but is not so knee-jerk reactionary that he wouldn't listen if someone made the case to him in a concise, compelling way. I just wish he would "Be More Cynical" and look into it for himself.

So, what do you think? Any other non-believers in god out there who are also 9/11 ONYA non-believers? Any ideas on how we can break through to the skeptic/secular community?

Yeah, right here. You

Yeah, right here.

You know, it just occurred to me after perusing democraticunderground: this ABC doc is a really clever way of getting "liberals" or "democrats" to re-affirm their conviction in the official story. All talk of 911 inside job is gone; it's been replaced by "the democrats wanted to kill Bin Laden -- Bush gave him a free pass" ie "Al-Qaeda" carried out 911, not the US gov. Very clever indeed.

Im a confirmed athiest and

Im a confirmed athiest and apolitical and I don't live in the usa. So, it didnt take me long to figure out who was responsible. About 5 minutes actually... especially after seeing the FAKE plane hit the South Tower.

Agnostic here, don't live in

Agnostic here, don't live in the US either. I think the reason you find yourself alone is the country you inhabit. Not taking anything away from religious people (I believe in God, some days, just not the one in the Bible), but statistically the US is one of the most religious countries on the planet. Right up there with peasant societies in the middle ages.

It is very odd that "skeptics" like Randi won't take up the cause. Actually it's not. I think this has more to do with status than religion. Regular people everywhere know the official story's bullshit, people in high places do too but they're scared of losing their position. So they remain silent or pretend they haven't seen the evidence or that it takes advanced degrees to figure out said evidence.

Same applies with prominent leftists. Leftist intellectuals get all the venom but the truth is that vey few prominent people anywhere are willing to put thier reputations on the line and speak the truth.

the socially acceptable 911 truth becomes, the less fear these people will have.

im agnostic.

im agnostic.

Chalk up another one

Mark me down for another atheist.

I, like you, find it terribly disconcerting to see the utter lack of skeptical inquiry into these matters by the 'professional' skeptics, namely Shermer, Randi, etc.

It took barely any convincing for me to understand what men in positions of ultimate power are capable of. I thought that people with even the slightest skeptical abilities would have seen right through it and spread the truth for all the world to see, but I think we are dealing with something that is truly unique this time around.

Considering the massive, world-changing implications of a possible fourth reich controlling the U.S., it should be understood that this is unlike any other myth people like Randi has ever dealt with before. If the powers that be think nothing of slaughtering 3000 of their own citizens, then what would they care of 'silencing' prominent thinkers who point fingers in the wrong direction?

In the end, maybe Randi loves his family, and his own life, more than the quest for truth. I can only imagine the internal conflict going on in these people - celebrated icons of reason and rationality having to swallow such obvious lies whilst smiling like nothing's wrong. Maybe they're just holding on tight and hoping for the best.

In the end, I fear, it won't be public figures that bring about change, it will be common people waking up to the greatest lie ever sold.

Wake them up - spread the truth.

Well said

So I'm not the only one. *whew*

I practice the religion of

I practice the religion of Science. We worship evidence and open minds. My science, on the other hand, is anthropology. I study the history of religion and science side by side and situated in many historical and ethnic contexts. I don't discount spirituality in any form except those that justify violence. Its all grist for the mill.