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FL-15: Scholar For 9/11 Truth Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Bowman Wins Democratic Primary!! - bradblog.com

www.bradblog.com currently has a rather large writeup on their front page regarding Robert Bowman winning his primary in Florida. Not only that, but here is a clip of what they posted:

In the barrage of Curtis-Feeney blogging, I neglected to mention another Democratic primary victory which in its own way was equally important and perhaps even more encouraging: Robert Bowman's victory in Florida's 15th district was a powerful shot in the arm for those of us who agree with what Bowman says about 9/11.

"And what does Bowman say about 9/11?" you ask.

Well done! Instead of jumping to conclusions immediately, you have asked the key question.

In a nutshell, Bob Bowman says:
The truth about 9/11 is that we don’t KNOW the truth about 9/11, and we should.

A large and growing number of Americans share Bob Bowman's view, and clearly it hasn't hampered Bowman in his quest for the Democratic nomination in Florida's 15th congressional district.

It is incredibly admirable that a member of the liberal blog network has the guts to cover 9/11 amongst their other coverage. I only wish the same could be said for all of the other members of the liberal blog network who will avoid even the most newsworthy references to the 9/11 coverup. Bradblog.com definitely deserves some respect, and encouragement to continue to remember that 9/11 is not a closed case.

an open letter to Dr. Robert Bowman

Dr. Bowman, first let me congragulate you on your primary win. Its great to see some hope for truth in this movement.
My question to you is this sir,
If elected to Floridas 15th Congressional district will there be any attempt on your part to supeana Sibel Edmonds and demand her testiomony, and what will you do to protect her regarding the immense number of gag orders that have been placed on her?
It would seem to me that she is the one person who can name specific individuals involved in the financing and/or execution of 9/11 and her testimony would then be "on the record".
I apologize profusely, but I have personally lost all faith in Congress and wonder how anyone can take it seriously when they spend millions of dollars investigating baseball stars and thier use of steriods when such important issues such as the blatent contradictions between the Commission Report, the NIST report, the NTSB data, and the governments "Official Story" go completely ignored.
What will you do that Sen.Dayton and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were unable to do to bring a fair, independant, complete investigation into those responsible for Sept 11th?
If I lived in Florida, you would definately have my vote, as I support your campaign and sincerely hope you win. But, unfortunately, you would have that vote as a matter of hope
and not as a matter of faith. Because I, Joe Citizen, have lost all faith in the current governments obligations to hold each other accountable.
Thank you for your time.
Joe Citizen.

If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?

Bowman says
If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything?

Doesn't this say it all about 911.
THey are hiding everything is the monster smoking gun which should help everyone enter into 911 truth. Its a no brainer. If its the 19 hijackers why doesn't the govt/cia/fbi/dia/nsa/pentagon open up everything. THe fact that they have hidden everything about 911 shows they are guilty. Simple, simple, simple.

absolutely they do, i havent

absolutely they do, i havent talked directly to Brad, but to many moderators/members of his staff, and most of them are on board with us in regards to 9/11. Brad deserves major respect. he sees the plugs that C&L and KOS get on CNN, he understands that reporting on 9/11 cant possibly help him court that kind of attention. i suspect he is open to posting/reporting about 9/11 because the work he focuses on is something else the MSM and much of the left(and all of the right) media ignores. vote fraud. he understands what its like to have an extremely important issue that you care about ignored by almost everyone out of nefarious or greedy reasons. Brad gets it.

911 insiders are becoming desperate.

And since the 911 truth movement is gaining ground everywhere.
And since the 911 truths are blantantly true.
And since all people need to do is read a few things about the 911 truth and are convinced.

becaus of this the insiders who committed 911 are becoming more and more desperate.

I just hope we can get to next year without a 911 TWO being committed by the same insiders. This is their only weapon. But as time goes on that weapon is being exposed to. Everyone needs to know about Operation Northwoods, The Bay of Tonkin, The Reichstag Fire...

And we have to say no to Cheney and Bush's venture into IRAN. We don't agree. We don't want any nuclear weapons being used on anyone at anytime. They want to start WW 3 on a phoney war on terror and phoney charges against Iran. Nuclear weapons will kill millions and poison our environment permanently. This needs to be exposed for what it is, the opening of Pandora's box.

Yup, this stuff needs to be exposed more than ever....

For anyone who supports a war with Iran, or anyone who is aware of the truth yet is intentionally concealing it, I have just one question.

At what point does Russia or China say enough is enough and decides to retaliate?