dz back in da house

Been out of pocket for about the last 5 days (maybe 10?) because of a ton of other things I have going on in my personal life right now, but figured I would check in now that I am back in da house.

I mentioned in passing a week or so ago that I won't be headed to NYC as I had originally planed. I did want to try to contribute somehow though, so I made use of about $400 of our generous donations to get a banner made for the 5th anniversary events. Basically it is a 3ft by 20ft banner which simply states 'ASK QUESTIONS, DEMAND ANSWERS!'. It doesn't say anything about 9/11, and it doesn't have any web addresses, so it will probably serve little use anywhere but Ground Zero, so I have asked that it be given to the folks at NY911Truth for their weekly vigils. I've also shipped 16 sharpies along with the sign for people to sign in memorial of those that suffered from the events of 9/11.

Here is a quick shot of the banner all rolled up on my way to overnight it to NYC, all you can see in the photo is the '!', but it should give an idea as to its size:

big ole sign for NYC

Other than that I did little tonight other than post a couple of news entries, fix an issue with an extra div tag which was throwing off the footer, and work with one of our users on the new layout. I had mentioned that the new site was primarily a change for increased functionality and improved maintenance abilities for our team members. I said that the layout/design would be the next major step, but didn't see that coming anytime soon. Out of the blue I got an offer from an incredibly generous user to redesign the site, and I must say I am in love with the new theme he is working on.

I am a bit hesitant to roll out any new functionality or make any major changes to the site until after 9/11. I will probably hold off on the server switch (to get rid of random 'CPU Quota' errors) and the rating system until after 9/11, but I may let this new theme roll out before then if it is ready and well received. I am going to go ahead and talk to my host about switching over to a new plan of theirs which allows higher CPU usage, but if it means any downtime or there is any chance of greater issue then I will definitely hold off for now.

Finally, if you are heading to NYC or DC for the 5th anniversary please get in touch with me if you are willing to call in for some field reporting. Just contact me via the 'contact us' link and put 'NYC Field Reporter' or 'DC Field Reporter' in the subject line and I'll be sure to get back with you.

Best wishes all!


Sup man that sign and the new theme sound pretty dope!!! Also on another note can we please ban some of the people pushing "no planes at the WTC" and "TV fakery" etc? Because it doesn’t matter how much fact you throw at them e.g.;

They still continue despite being proven blatantly wrong. Worst of all they then claim vague inaccurate speculation as "certified fact", and it's just frankly either shear mindless stupidity, or their pushing these bullshit falsities on purpose. They’re personally wrecking my enjoyment of checking out the blogs at least, and I'm sure others feel the same. Their assertions that “no planes hit the towers” I find offensive, because those are people's deaths they’re trivialising with that crap. And just over all it's concerning because new visitors to the blogs, (like maybe people from daily kos, who are just getting into 911truth and thinking perhaps it's not all about "kooky conspiracy theories") are going to confronted with crap like "Tv Fakery Now Fact", when in fact its nothing of the sort. And if they read a little further on these “Tv Fakery blogs” they then come across garbage like "no planes hit the WTC" etc.

So the grounds for banning this bullsh!t can simply be that they've been proven incorrect multiple times, by people who've embarrassingly devoted time to tackle this pointless horsesh!t. And despite this they don't acknowledge it, and continue to spread already proven falsehoods. So in essence they should be banned for pushing falsity as fact.

"Nico" "CB_Brooklyn" and "Killtown" are the individuals pushing this disinfo the most. It’s a waste of time having to correct and confront these people. It would be much better to not have them fill the site with incorrect, inaccurate, distracting and dividing pure crapola anymore.

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[dz: comment removed]

please dont call for me to

please dont call for me to ban other users, im not going to do that right now.. just as i didnt ban you after being requested to after you posted pictures of fecal matters in our comments.

i am going to get something in place in regards to ratings of blog entries and comments, but until then please chill, you aren't helping the situation, your just fanning the flames.

post comments, post opinions, but leave the name calling (and pictures of horse crap) at the door, otherwise your just as apt for moderation as the ones you call for us to moderate.

no hard feelings, just dont want to be put in the middle of this mess.. because a simple banning wont solve the larger issue, and i dont want to spend hours trying to moderate the users here when the real solution is allowing the entire user base to provide the moderation..

hope that makes sense..

Yea dude that makes sense,

Yea dude that makes sense, but the user moderation won't be around when people get sick and tried of this "no planes" bullshit etc and just leave. Posting pictures of horseshit was done out of frustration, if someone takes offence to that then maybe they should take into account other people's feelings, and concerns about having hard work smeared by fringe ideas. I can see that I'm maybe being counterproductive by confronting it, but what's the alternative solution if ignoring it leaves room for impartial people to get the impression that there’s no objection?

dz, people offended by horseshit? Are you kidding me?

The people "offended" by the horseshit & wanting to ban Bruce Lee are probably the same frauds spreading the "no planes @ WTC"--the real fecal matter on this site. Come-on dz, wake-up!

If they're offended by pictures of horseshit, what must they think of dead/mutilated children in Iraq & Afghanistan, all based on boldfaced lies??? (These frauds probably don't even give a shit about that.)

tired of it guys, im just

tired of it guys, im just going to start deleting the infighting comments if i need to..

dz, my first response didn't

my first response didn't include any infighting.
I said, i don't feel insulted by Dem.

You erased furthermore a long list of current supporters of 9/11 TV Fakery.

Why don't you just moderate 4letter-words
or the actual insult itself??

hrm.. i suppose there may be

hrm.. i suppose there may be a content filter that can be done to moderate specific words, but i'd have to look into it..

i deleted one comment, which your comment was a branch of, so it went away too. besides, my point is that i don't want an arguement over opinion infesting the entire site, so i deleted it. if you take issue with that then im sorry, but i am going to do as i see fit, especially in my own blog entry.

F*ck it I'm done with this

F*ck it I'm done with this crap, Nico just please try and help the movement succeed, and think about other people's perceptions.

thats the problem though.

thats the problem though. the NPTs refuse to think about other peoples perceptions. they assume,since the technology exists for tv fakery, that when presented with the evidence the average person wont laugh in their face. they are dead wrong and will continue to be. like i said many times before, they have ZERO tact.

The "average person" also

The "average person" also laughed into our face for 4 years on controlled demolition.

Get a reality check and also please move this debate to where it belongs to and stop harrassing the owner of this forum.

Here are some suggestions where to continue:

Open Letter To Paul Joseph Watson
(regarding your article on
By CB_Brooklyn

South Tower 'Exit Hole' Debunks 767 Fuselage Exit Video
By Killtown

Fringe Theories

CB_Brooklyn on Thu, 09/07/2006

What's important is that CGI was used on ABCs and FOXs feeds. This is a fact, assuming the video evidence hasn't been doctored to trick us. The way the planes entered the buildings, the nose out with no crushing, no exit hole, and different flight paths all prove "TV Fakery". And based on that Technology Review article I keep citing, this is what people must know about. The world MUST learn that news video can be faked, on-the-fly, in real time, live, as an event is happening.

No idea how the Media work?
Submitted by Peggy Carter on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 2:56am.
Video Fakery people *do* know how the Media work. That's the whole point.
If the Media were *ever* going to help awaken the public, it'd been done already!
No offense, but I can't stand people who chase the Media, thinking there will be a breakthrough and just waiting for their moment in the sun with the Media. It's not going to happen. The Media are not our friend.
The idea that our movement could somehow handle the Media, with tact or in any way whatsoever, is the biggest delusion.
The Media constantly diss us, but if we get some small attention, even negative, we think just around the corner is the big breakthrough. ...That's because we have all been conditioned by the Media as much as the poor "sheeple" everybody here looks down upon.
We are "sheeple" too. Believe me.
It's like an abused spouse who covers for the batterer.
"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

Submitted by shep (not verified) on Wed, 09/06/2006
"...i think this piece (written by PJW, although i believe AJ supports it) dismisses NPT issues too quickly and without giving them true exposure-- especially WTC2 impact physics which makes the strongest impression on me.
alex wants your 15¢/day, he wants you to buy berkey light water filters, and he wants you to use the secure online shopping cart @ but a shill? eh, i don't think so...
...but that doesn't mean i won't send him and PJW a few emails highlighting some 'difficult anomalies' with the alledged planes.

Submitted by Killtown on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 8:25pm.
He didn't break down NPT, he was basically beating a dead horse. NO no-planer I know subscribes to hologram theory anymore and hasn't for a loooong time. Paul can't even write about CURRENT stuff apparently.
David Shayler outed himself as "no-planer"

Shayler: "...TV Fakery...i think they're right about it,
but it's a waste of time..."
August 24, 2006
More 9/11 Scholars signing petition

Cathy Garger and Andrew Lowe Watson signed as 14th and 15th member of the 9/11 Scholars to support a release of a scientific paper at to inform the public on the findings of "9/11TVfakery"/"no planes-forensic evidence"...

...Also signed:
9/11 Truth Speakers like 'Candidate' Craig Hill, Ian McFerran (UK 9/11 Truth Movement), Jimmy Walter, Rev H Thorpe Saxton, Lenny Bloom, Dennis Morrisseau (9/11 Truth Candidate), Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.(decorated American Veteran of One), Thomas J Mattingly (McClendon Group/National Press Club DC) and others...