Using statistical probability to PROVE 9/11 was a hoax

Considering the importance of PROOF in matters regarding 9/11 conspiracy, I wonder if it would be worth our while to compile a mathematical argument based on the statistical probability of the key events related to the September 11th attacks?

I've searched the web for such studies and have found very little that has been attempted.

Consider some of the key events: three towers collapsing in the same perfect fashion, the lack of NORAD air support, the perfection of the skills required to fly into the Pentagon, the put options on AA and United, Silverstein's insurance claim, etc. If we could put our heads together and examine the likelihood of these events, we undoubtedly would come up with some astronomical odds, far beyond chances of winning lotteries and such.

And then we could take it one step further – we could take a look at the probability of the government lying to us. The probability that this could have been another false flag operation. The probability that oil could have driven decisions such as these. And the probability that the main stream media is aiding in the cover up. With enough relative data gathered to show that all these have happened before (i.e. Operation Northwoods, the Manhatten Project, etc.), the statistical probability of these events would be much, much greater.

The study would have to be diligent and anticipate every debunking angle they may throw at us. But, done properly and thoroughly, this could definitively PROVE that it is much more REASONABLE to believe that 9/11 was internally orchestrated than to believe 19 men with plastic knives won the most fantastically absurd lottery of all time.

These studies could then be spread throughout the truth movement, hopefully finding their way into mainstream society.

Only one problem - I'm not a mathematician. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

It's an excellent idea,

It's an excellent idea, although apparently it didn't work as a means of spreading truth about the 77 bombings. At least not on a massive scale (I'd be interested in seeing a poll of Brits on the subject). Didn't some statistician say it was like one in a gazillion? Same Scenario? Same time? Same place? Apparently no one cares. Al-Qaeda's out to get us etc. etc.

I think it was Alex Jones...

You're right about the 7/7 bombings (I happened to be there on vacation in London at the time - scary).

I think it was in his movie TerrorStorm where Alex Jones mentions that the probability of the terrorist attacks happening in EXACTLY the same fashion as the exercises that were being held in the very same location on the very same day were something like 1 in 10 with 41 zeroes behind it. More than the number of grains of sand in the solar system or something like that. Far, far more than trillions or quadrillions. Incredible and eye-opening to say the least.

I think if a statistical study were done well and had a professional, unbiased attitude toward everything, it might go a long way in waking up many of the 'on-the-fencers' at least.

Fully agree...

I've posted this a few times already, forgive the repetition if you've seen it before.

There are talented people out here who should be able to quantify this verbal statement into mathematics and a ratio of chance. Add or subtract variables as "popular" understanding dictates.

Many people have said these things in the past, which inspired me to say them again, as others will likely do into the future until this ugly truth is faced head-on.

Have at it.....

According to the popular narrative, "a complex confluence of luck and naked determination, knife assaults, and gifted novice skill in the cockpit enabled a century of air defense, striking radar advancements through the cold war, reconnaissance and analyses and broad spectrum human asset preparation, to be foiled three and a half times within two hours.

In addition, the perpetrators enjoyed the added benefit of the radical statistical anomaly of minimum kinetic/BTU energy to structural steel ratio, providing maximum visual impact. Mathematically compounded again by the concentration of debris through symmetrical collapse after asymmetrical damage (three buildings in New York city alone).

The Official Narrative also wants me to understand that these outside enemies, not only found a very narrow window of weakness and executed their plot successfully in triplicate with a fourth one foiled only by brave citizen heros, but have also largely eluded indictment and capture after the largest investigation and man-hunt of all time.

Silly accusations and conspiracy theories which try to suggest that the U.S. Government was involved, are simply ludicrous. Why? Because the U.S. Government is far too inept to manage such an operation, the number of personal required, and the ability to keep it a secret is clearly beyond the more possible and probable reality of the out-side invader. Surely."


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

The day of collossal f**k ups and coincidence

I think if more people were aware of the astronomical coincidences that happened that day combined with the convenience of failure after failure on the part of those in charge of defending the U.S., it would open many eyes to the possibility that there may have been other factors involved besides very lucky 'Islamic Radicals'.

Beyond a descriptive paragraph or two, I think we need hard numbers. Even if we took conservative estimates, say using just the last fifty years worth of related events, we could still come up with impressive numbers.

I mean, the only three steel-framed buildings in history to collapse due to fire, perfectly into their own footprint, all on the same day when dozens, maybe hundreds had never collapsed prior or since. It's almost statistically IMPOSSIBLE.

How can we illustrate this effectively? Any math whizzes out there?