Who Really Blew Up the World Trade Towers?

The Guardian takes a shot at 9/11 Truthers... but will it backfire?

I'll say one thing, it's an incredibly thorough piece of propaganda. It's clearly a hit piece, in as much as it lacks an objective tone, but otherwise this article provides quite a few details on the leading questions surrounding the events of 9/11.

They clearly attempt to brand so-called "conspiracy theorists" as bizarre and irrational. Primarily by calling us "conspiracy theorists". But when you look at the "theories" per se, it's not hard to see the logic in many of the conspiratorial views. Hopefully they will encourage more people to do their own research.

It's a fairly long article, but definitley well worth the read. Great exposure for the Movement.

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who blew up the WTCs

I read the following url and wanted to post it here to give it more publicity:

It takes the author a little time to get started but be patient and read the whole article.

If you wikipedia the towers

If you wikipedia the towers you see that flight 11 actaully hit specifically the Marsh offices. This is a very damning peice of info taken in the context of insider trading along with the fact that Jerry Hauer, who offered John O Niel the job in the WTC was the CEO of Kroll and Paul Brehmer, (the man who announced the capture of Saddam Hussien) was the CEO of Marsh before the administration picked him to go lead the reconstruction efforts in Iraq.
Just more coincidences Im sure though.

flight 11 actaully hit specifically the Marsh offices....

Very interesting indeed^! Thanks!