9/11: The Twin Towers

Has anyone here seen this cheezy docu-drama? 9/11: The Twin Towers.

It went out here last night, I usually watch these things for real footage to see what can be gleaned from the crap.

Last night was NO didfferent.

First the North Tower.


This is what they showed. NOTHING. There is NO airplane in this footage. My feelings, though I can't be sure, are a missile.


And, there is NO RECORD of Flight 11 having "taken off" on Sept 11,2001.



Dear readers, it was clear as day.

An airplane approaches the South Tower, there is some camera trickery, the airplane disappears and another cheezy cartoon airplane appears on a slightly different course and trajectory. This object also loses colour and reflectivity. My girlfriend shouted, "the other one went behind the building". Yes, yes, I saw it she said. you are right. How were people fooled by that, she said.

A plane did a fly-by, and either released a missile which was covered up by then fake cartoon airplane. Or the fake plane was to conceal the dial a yield explosion, pre-planted bomb in the tower.

So now we have a dialectic in play for the NPT versus Plane Hugger theories. A synthesis of both positions.

I will try to find the clip of the "fly-by" airplane exiting stage right. You all know it.

There was a plane but it didnt hit the building, maybe two. Wait for the second plane to emerge from behind the smoke. The cameraman catches it, swings his camera away, then has another peek to see if it's gone.


Real aircraft struck the towers

Real aircraft, probably swapped drones or just drones, struck both towers of the WTC, you treasonous liar!

Shut the fuck up you idiot

Shut the fuck up you idiot anonymous wanker.

you are obviously blind,

you are obviously blind, there is a clear view of a plane hitting the building. how disrespectful are you!?it was shown live on tv as it happened so how could it be a hoax.grow up and show the victims some respect

Leave this site OP, you treasonous disinformation agent

It's so obvious spotting you disinformation shills, why don't you attack more 9/11 researchers, like Steven Jones, David ray griffin, and jim hoffman.

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What a disrespectful, lame assed motherfucker you really are brianv. You really haven't got a fucking clue have you. Get a life you pathetic little traiter.

I happen to disagree

with BrianV, but I also don't think he has to give much credence to a bunch of unregistered insult-hurlers.

I'm registered


Speak up people, get a name.

Registered /

Registered / unregistered....Who gives a shit. I'm just expressing my feelings and views just like you people. Yes, i'm guilty of calling brianv a few names.....but i'm afraid the INSULTS are in his bullshit statement. If he's "man" enough to come out with this crap then i'm sure a few names won't hurt him!!! TOSSER :-)