BYU and Steve Jones

I spoke with a Salt Lake City resident close to Professor Jones, who said that we should NOT write heated or nasty letters to BYU right now. He is helping to organize a campaign to help Professor Jones that will be more effective.

Please DON'T write or call BYU until I receive further guidance from him or from Steve Jones himself.

UPDATE: This reliable source tells me that Professor Jones himself removed his paper "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" from the BYU website and moved it to the Scholars website and the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Apparently, as odd as this sounds, he did this for reasons wholly unrelated to the "paid leave" issue.

Ok cool, but I say the

Ok cool, but I say the second emails need to be sent we have that up as an action item.

This will backfire

Tactics of intimidation like this will only continue to energize the 911 truth movement. This will definetly backfire in the face of the BYU administration because 911 truthers are not lazy, not intimidated and completely dedicated to their cause. 911 truthers may show patience, but will not be idle. An attack on Professor Jones is an attack on all of us! A student walk out or mass demonstration at the administration building, in the manner of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, along with a mass email and telephone campaign would be a very effective deterrent or remedy to such intimidation methods. While we need to respect Professor Jones wishes, we also need to continue our efforts in supporting those who have spoken out. Brining attention to this situation is a very appropriate beginning until more is needed. Hit the blogs, email all activists, wtite articles and do what ever else you can think of to bring attention to Professor Jones' situation. I found a good link to some of the work he's done, email it to every one you know:

Well, I hope it backfires in a good way...

...because this is not good!

"BYU remains concerned that Dr. Jones' work on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues," the university statement said.

I think this story will be used to discredit all his work.


I don't doubt the propaganda

I don't doubt the propaganda pupets will try to discredit Professor Jones. They tried it with Kevin Ryan, that backfired, they tried it with Ray McGovern, same result. Why did it backfire? because the FACTS are on the side of the 911 truth movement, the 911 truth movement is vigilant and relentless in pursuit of the truth. If they try to discredit Professor Jones' work, they'll have to discredit Newtonian physics. They won't even try that because it'll only cause people to look at the facts and discredit themselves. The only attempt they'll make is to side track the discussion away from the facts with some personal attacks. The credibility of Steven Jones' work will remain intact as long as we stick to the facts that his work is based on. Remeber, the only reason Stven Jones is being targeted, is because he is a threat they greatly fear. An example of fact based argument concerning 911:

- WTC 7 fell 100 meters in 4.5 seconds, that's a fact easily verified from any video (911 eyewitness is great for this).
- The free fall time of 100 meters for an object in a vacuum is 4.5 seconds, that's a fact easily verified from any college level physics book.
- The only way WTC 7 could have had a free fall collapse was for all the crushing of structural columns and all the pulverizing of concrete to offer no significant resistance, (and less resistance to a falling building than air reisistance has on an ordinary falling brick) OR a well controlled demolition. That is a fact.
- It is impossible that the destruction of the steel columns of wtc 7 offered no significant resistance that would allow a building to exhibit a free fall collapse. Absolute fact easily verified by material science.
- The only conclusion consistant with the laws of physics is a demolition of wtc 7. Demolition proves inside job. FACT.

Any attack on Steven Jones will not change these facts. It will only make us scream them louder. The more attention they draw to Professor Jones, The more people will be made aware of these facts.
Stick to the Facts and the Facts will Stick!

This story is starting to gain some traction...

This appears to be a stunt by BYU. Why release this on the Thursday night, going into the weekend prior to 9/11?

It appears they are going out of there way to make "an example" of Professor Jones.

I'm glad to hear that the other professors are planning an appropriate response. I hope they move quickly.

ABC posts a link...

you hit it right on the

you hit it right on the head...

byu phone number

Alex Jones has posted the byu phone number and email:

I agree we should not express any criticism or anger

Remember, BYU has NOT fired Professor Jones, nor have they taken away his pay, nor have they silenced him. So we have some blessings here that we should appreciate.

So I agree we should not express any criticism or anger. However, I am going to do the following:

I have found the contact number to be:

Richard N. Williams, Associate Academic Vice President - Faculty
(801) 422-3567

I am going to call his office, give my name, citizenship, mention that I am a voter, and politely and calmly state my support for Professor Jones.

I am going to limit it to that. That will be a gentle message that cannot be misconstrued as impolite or inappropriate, IMHO.

Does anyone here agree with me that that is a reasonable action?

Yes, it is reasonable. Tell

Yes, it is reasonable. Tell them what you think.

BYU probably receives federal funds. They probably are afraid of losing those funds. I bet this scenario is repated in practically every university in the US.

Send a polite email in

Send a polite email in support of Prof. Jones

BYU is a private college.

BYU is a private college. Money from the Feds isn't an issue.

don't call BYU.

did you not just read what mr. jone's spokesman?"don't do ANYTHING RIGHT NOW". GET IT? YOUR THE TYPE OF LONE RANGER PEOPLE THAT HURT A MOVEMENT!!!

Yes I agree don't CALL. A

Yes I agree don't CALL.
A polite email is acceptable.
Hope you agree, eh..Frank.

Polite Support Is Great

I called the number, and spoke with a VERY nice administrator at BYU. As suggested, I politely mentioned that I support Professor Jones, his work, and hope that he is reinstated in his position soon.

She emphasized that he continues to be on the payroll, said she would pass along the message, and thanked me for calling.

Was it a positive exercise for all involved? Absolutely.

Well done, a great example

Well done, a great example for all. Honesty, integrity and courtesy can be a very persuasive combination.

MSNBC has TWO polls.

They've got TWO polls running that I stumbled across. You need to vote in the 2nd. THis one only has 3500 votes so far.

my password keeps failing... anyone else?

Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories?
Live Vote
Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories suggesting the U.S. government was somehow involved in 9/11?

Yes. The government has left many questions unanswered about that day.

No. These theories are absurd and disrespectful -- especially to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

I'm not sure.

Vote to see results

Live Vote
Do you believe any of the conspiracy theories suggesting the U.S. government was somehow involved in 9/11? * 37924 responses

Yes. The government has left many questions unanswered about that day.

No. These theories are absurd and disrespectful -- especially to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

I'm not sure.

That's 100.5% reporting :-)

BYU poker - perhaps

What if BYU plays good poker and this is a move to relax the issues regarding Dr. Jones? When, in fact, most at BYU know that a surprise is forthcoming . . . one that could not be subject to "spin". Just another theory perhaps but this could be the case.

Found this on Raw Story - more detail about S Jones

I'm staying tuned, but...

GW, could you please clarify... are we to refrain just from heated or nasty letters or from ALL communication with the university, including polite emails and phone calls dipped in rainbows and candy sprinkles?

Just curious, since I already did send a polite piece of feedback to the president of BYU.

I would suggest

refraining from ALL communications with the university -- at least until the professor gets back to me with further guidance (hopefully today!)

Please support Professor Jones - email or call BYU

GW, I know you mean well but I really feel like you bottlenecked a needed response of support for Professor Jones on this one. You told people to hold off until you give the word? You never got back to us on this one.

Dedicated truthers know how to be polite. BYU needs to know Jones is very widely supported.




Professor Jones's paper removed from the BYI website?

"The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,
or is temporarily unavailable."

The Powers That Be are apparently extremely nervous...

Why Indeed?

I'd guess this is due to Dr Jones recent publication. it's here....

Regarding Dr. Jones, I am in

Regarding Dr. Jones, I am in Salt Lake City and I have sent a letter to every newspaper locally. In keeping the original post, I will refrain from contacting BYU directly at this time.

I am LDS, and I have rarely if ever crticized the Church, but I think that you should all know that it is my opinion that the final decision made in this case WILL constitute a referrendum by the LDS church on the 9/11 truth movement. I can not believe that, given the implications of this, that this decision will be made purely at the level of BYU administration. I also am trying not to be too cynical about the timing of this, given the recent meeting (last week) between President Bush and church officials.

I hope that this situation does not present me with the type of crisis of faith that will be inevitable if they sign on in endorsement and protection of the "Official religous myth" of the Neo-Con nation-state.

There is no doubt in my mind

that the Mormon church definately influinced this decision.


Honestly, I highly doubt this is between members of the church, and more between the church and the administration.
Losing a tax exempt status would cost the church millions..and put thier income on the record.
And dont foget, and I only know this from living in West Valley, there have been grumblings of a "New World Oder" there since the early 90s at least. I used to write them off as "those crazy Mormons" as I am Catholic.. but know I wonder...
Organizations with political influences like the LDS church would be privey to information that very few others could know.
But thats just my opinion...

Well let us hope that the

Well let us hope that the leaders of the LDS remember their own teachings and stay true.

If need be, we should be

If need be, we should be ready to confront the BYU administration with the teachings of Jesus and demand and explanation as to why the scriptures are being discarded. Will they expose themselves as modern day scribes serving modern day pharisees? Here's some relevant scripture that they so proudly claim to serve with their words and so blatantly ignore with their actions:

Matthew 5:
20) For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 7:
15) Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
16) Ye shall know them by their fruits.
22) Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’
23) Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Matthew 23:
2) The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat.
3) So you must obey them and do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.
4) They tie up heavy loads and put them on men's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.
5) Everything they do is done for men to see
23) Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices–mint, dill and cummin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law–justice, mercy and faithfulness.
25) Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and selfindulgence.
27) Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men's bones and everything unclean.
28) In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

Mark 7:
6) These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." - Jesus

Luke 12:
1) Be in your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy." - Jesus

Sheesh. Come on, people.

Come on, people. Professor Jones' work is not what BYU has a problem with, and the LDS church isn't even relevant.

His extrapolation from "we need more investigation" to "there was a conspiracy" is the problem. Sure, the evidence seems to support the need for more investigation, but that in no way supports conpiracy theories.

It's just as easy to say that the building owner planned for the building to collapse in a terrorist attack (the buildings having been targetted before), instead of toppling onto other buildings. That's altruistic, or at least damage control, and just as easily supported by the evidence.

Point is, Jones should have stopped at asking for more investigation. Extrapolation into the political conspiracy realm is what is causing the trouble. Any institution would try to corral that, since as a decorated professor, he should know better than to go off on such tangents.

Give it time. If his scientific work holds water, it will be investigated. The political nonsense needs to be jettisoned in order to get to the real truth.


In your opinion, is there something that outsiders can do, or is this strictly a fight within the LDS church?

The only outsiders in the

The only outsiders in the fight for justice and truth are those who choose to be. Only your conscience and beliefs, and no man, should decide the borders of your actions. If your cause is just then there is no boundry that should not be crossed and rgardless of wether or not they want to hear you, speak true and let your words be heard.

Let me clarify, I don't want

Let me clarify, I don't want to make this a 'fight' at this point.

As was pointed out above, there are many issues for the Church to weigh here. The loss of tax-exempt status, which is a grave violation of the 1st amendment, has hamstrung the church for a long time now, and LDS church leaders used to be some of the most outspoken Constitutionalists in the nation, since we believe it to be inspired as a matter of doctrine. The loss ot tax-exempt status could potentially threaten ongoing work that we believe is crtical to salvation.

The Church is led by good, honest men and this is a worldwide church. They have to be aware of both the worldwide disbelief of the official story, and the way that this movement specifically involves the fulfillment of LDS prophecy (I can elaborate on this if you like).

At this point I have confidence that they will see the practical and spiritual folly of appeasing an increasingly authoritarian regime, and acting to reinforce the "religous myth" of the Neo-Con nation state.

Still I am a bit dismayed by this occurence. At this point I think we should wait until hear from Dr. Jones himself or those in contact with him.

Could you shed some light on

Could you shed some light on this meeting last week between Bush and the LDS? Any links?

NO, I'm sorry I can't. All

NO, I'm sorry I can't. All I know is that President Bush met with the church leadership when he was in town, but I want to emphasize that this is standard procedure for any visiting politician.

I was involved in the Dole 1996 motorcade during his campaign when he met with the church leadership.

There really is nothing to read into the mere fact that they met with him, because it is the normal procedure, but I must admit I wished I could be a fly on the wall :)

there are alot of mormons in

there are alot of mormons in homeland security,fbi, and federal law enforcement in general

Drudge has picked this up too...

Jones peer review paper

his paper is an embarrassment to real research, he continues to change his paper, plus his so call science paper has poets, theologians, and 9/11 truth movement nut cases as its peer review. This could be cause his paper is junk!

Dr Thermite Jones, no Thermate Jones or is it RDX Jones now, is he just doing research so he can change jobs and be a demolition expert? He has to change his story cause thermite would not do what he wanted it to do, or will it.

It would be cool if you were required to publish the truth when you call yourself a member of a truth movement. Facts and evidence would help his paper.

Guess while real scientist were fixing the problems with buildings like the WTC, which had no concrete to reinforce and protect the steel from fire, Jones and other misleading “experts” have been trying to do WHAT???

What a waste, at least he believes planes hit where they hit and has not joined the no plane no brain group!

I urge everyone to be very

I urge everyone to be very careful with this. I don't know what's going on, but we do know that Jones' paper has some serious errors, there's no proof of authentication regarding his previously molten metal samples, and he's been using unethical tactics. Again, I don't know what's going on, but we need to keep to be careful

imagine what would happen if

imagine what would happen if the government gave Jones a chance to prove his thermate evidence -- he would immediately be discredited, and so would the Truth Movement

I hope you never have

I hope you never have children for your offspring will forever be ashamed to be spawned from a human as vile as you.

Are you setting an example

imgstake, are you attempting to set an example of how decent citizens should conduct themselves, here? Let's set an example of how to conduct a productive discussion.

Now, what are the issues as you see them? What would you like to learn, here? What questions do you have that you'd REALLY like answered?

Care to point out some of

Care to point out some of these "serious errors"?

Serious errors

These errors are indeed quite serious!

I wouldn't want my child in a class taught by Steven E. Jones.

Not likely that she'll be going to BYU

but if my daughter were in a class with Steven Jones, I would be extremely pleased -- not only because of his work on 9/11, but for his facility in explaining the scientific method and demonstrating it in action.

Apparently a lot of folks aren't too familiar with it.

Why don't you demonstrate?

Why don't you demonstrate how well Mr. Jones has taught you "the scientific method?" eh?

Does "the scientific method" include making up data?
Does "the scientific method" include making up where your sample came from (if you even know)?
Does "the scientific method" include limiting your "research" to issues that are not supported by the facts?

BYU has good reason to remove Jones from the classroom.

After going through an

After going through an UNPRECEDENTED THREE PEER REVIEWS, and reading the paper myself, and I have a degree in physics I might add, I see no errors serious or otherwise. Also, he has analyzed MANY samples from MANY different sources that had received WTC molten metal, and those sources are OBVIOUSLY keeping themselves anonymous and being protected by Dr. Jones until a FULL INDEPENDENT and publicly viewed investigation into 9-11 is to be done, hopefully with a grand jury and a prosecutor. Then the names will come forward as well as all manner of appropriate proof of sourcing of the molten metal samples. These people obviously don't want to get killed, "CB_Brooklyn". CB's post sounds like a government plant.

I also will add, if there

I also will add, if there were an independent and real investigation, I think the last thing that would happen is that Dr. Jones and the truth movement would be "Discredited". More likeley, the government would be entirely discredited which it already pretty much is, and the real criminals would be convicted of treason and go to their fate

I sincerely Thank you for

I sincerely Thank you for that post.

perfect example

CB_Brooklyn is another perfect example of how a phoney pretends to be part of the 911 truth movement. Notice he only offers accusations and absolutely NO FACTS! This is the tactics of Hannity, Limbaugh and Oreilly. They'd be very happy with CB_Brooklyn. It's good to see that the aware and educated people of this blog have not fallen for this tactic and articulately call him out for the fraud he is. How can some one say they don't know what's going on and in the same thread level attacks of being "unethical", having "serious errors" and "he would immediately be discredited"? An absolute pathetic disgrace with less than no credibility is the only explanation for CB_Brooklyn. If you can't supply facts with accusations, then you should be working for fox news rather than embarrasing yourself here.

Alex Jones' take on Steven Jones...

Alex is saying today that Mosley is doing this...

Moseley Doing This

If people think Moseley is doing this, which he probably is, everyone needs to check out my article at about who Jonathon Moseley really is. I posted a blog about it a few weeks ago with the link to the article along with some more info on him.
I also just posted some more info about Moseley on that blog just a few minutes ago.

I emailed the link to my article on to Alex Jones but he never responded or posted it. If this Moseley guy is going to be addressed again, people really need to understand where he is coming from and who he is. Especially if he is going to be invited to debate anyone again, the person debating him needs to read my article.

If anyone can get through to Alex Jones perhaps someone can point Alex in the direction of my article concerning Moseley. I spent over a week researching this guy and there is no need for people to spend the time to duplicate my work, just take advantage of what I already did.

Who is Jonathon Moseley?

Not trying to steer topic here, but this is good to be aware of.

Additional Info

Yes, not to steer off topic, but if folks are interested, don't forget to have people check the additional info I posted about Moseley on my blog as well as the article. I made references to his Latvia connections as well as analyzed his psy-ops techniques. This stuff wasn't in the article because I discovered these things after the article posted.

Mosley went on the Alex

Mosley went on the Alex Jones show and was absolutely shredded as being an uninformed, biased, hypocrite and a liar.
Moseley spewed out so many lies it was hard to keep count.

Multiple factors

As a person who works in a privately funded, religious institution, I can say that universities have their own internal as well as external political trappings. Reasons for his paid leave could be simply that someone within the internal admistration of the school has issue with his work or something else he's involved in at the university and is working to correct that.

It's also not unheard of for a professor to be refused tenure or other displanary action for a complaint brought against that professor by a student whose parents have made significant financial support the university available. I have personally seen this happen.

I'm not saying that the federal government is for sure not involved. All I am saying, however, is that something within the educational institution could have sparked this. I do, however, have no doubt that those who wish to refute and undermine Professor Jones's work as well as his credibility will site this as further argument against his investigation into the events of 9-11.

It's about damn time BYU

It's about damn time BYU stepped in and did something about Jones.

As a member of the mormon church, I was appalled to see Jones using bandwidth bought and paid for by the church to promote the writings of a hysterical neo-nazi holocaust denier.

Jones has no one to blame for his current state but himself.

Another government plant?

These smear tactics will not work. Dr. Jones is only scientifically analyzing evidence to expose who the real criminals are in a horrible crime. Dr. Jones never promoted any neo-nazi holocaust-denying writings. You are posting on the wrong blog page, government plant. If you are a Christian or any kind of religious person whatsoever, you should follow your own teachings. No God or higher power would sanction the cover-up of a crime such as 9-11 and you should be praising your "higher power" that Dr. Jones has the courage and spirituality to expose the truth. The Bible says to "fight evil with good" and that "the truth shall set you free."

As far as the "situation" Jones is in, even Christ himself was ridiculed and crucified and he was Lord and God of all. The Bible also tells us that as His followers we will be persecuted as well. If you are a true believer then you will suffer some persecution at some time in your life. If you never suffer any persecution as a believer, then you are not living your beliefs but rather you are hiding them to avoid persecution. This is true for any religious beliefs.

The truth will prevail and Dr. Jones will be vindicated. Your comments are sickening and are anything but "spiritual".

No links or backup in the hit-post above

I'll just add that in the spirit of glowforms post previously today, this hit-post above offers no links or proof whatsoever to any claims, most especially of the claim of Dr. Jones promoting "neo-nazi holocaust-denying writings." Give us some links, government plant! Just exactly what writings are you talking about that you claim Dr. Jones was promoting? I'll wager you will not respond or give any proof because you HAVE NONE.

sword of truth? more like

sword of truth? more like sword of fraud! The teachings of Jesus are overtly about the self serving lying hypocrisy of government and religious institutions. Only the truth shall set you free, unless your a government worshiping moron that disregards truth when it's inconvenient. You appear to be exactly the type of person Jesus warned us about in the scriptures. Notice once again there are NO FACTS just accusatory buzz words. Another audition for fox news. Why does the government hate Jones? (why did the government persecute jesus?) Too much truth that threatened their power.
The government Lied about WMDs in Iraq, Lied about knowlege of hijacking planes, lied about the air quality at 911 ground zero, lied about wire taps, lied about torture, lied about secret prisons, lied about the black boxes at the wtc, Lied about Iraq being involved in 911, and the list goes on and on. You claim to be a mormon, a follower of Jesus, an adherent to the scriptures, all requireing you to be a seeker of truth, but your words expose you as none of these, just another hypocrite. Jesus warned us about people like you:
# John 8:44
You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Unless you trust government more than physics and ignore facts that are inconveient, the truth is obvious. If you want to confirm these FACTS (which you probably don't or you would have done it already without being prompted) there is a video and audio course (you don't even have to read, just watch and listen) where these have all been documented at:

# John 8:32
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

You can verify the scriptures from the bible, try reading it sometime.

This PDF was formerly hosted

This PDF was formerly hosted on BYU's servers.

On page 36, it mentions one R. Rajter. "R. Rajter" happens to be Rick Rajter of the
"Hammer of Truth" blog.

Here, Rajter not only openly denies The Holocaust, he also provides links to the
BIGGEST nazi site on the internet.

"I don’t deny that people don’t have tattoos on their arms and actually had to stay
in the barracks… but there’s absolutely no proof of gas chambers being used to kill
- Neo-Nazi Rick Ratjer, from the post linked above.

Steven Jones used church paid for servers and bandwidth to promote the writings
of a known white supremacist.

Perhaps you could put me in

Perhaps you could put me in touch with this person, as I am in Salt Lake City and would like to offer my assistance if needed locally.

I can be reached via my myspace page at:

Pardon my inquiry, but who

Pardon my inquiry, but who is it you would like to get in touch with?

I was referring to the

I was referring to the "resident of Salt Lake City" that GW referred to in the Original Post.

I didn't know if you ment Dr

I didn't know if you ment Dr Jones. I did some work for him on the thermite video clip at I'm planning on moving to SLC/Logan in early november. (ski season) I hope to be able to contribute to his efforts by making video presentations that'll make his work more accessable to the public. If you're know of or are part of a 911 truth activist group in SLC please feel free to give me any recommendations where I can network with others. Thanks for your reply.

My take on a local news broadcast re; Dr. Jones

I would go with Logan instead of SLC, they have passed a resolution against the Patriot Act up there :)

I am involved in every way I can, but I haven't been able to successfully network yet with other 9/11 activists here yet. There is a 9/11 memorial event happening in Sandy which will be covered by the local media, Monday night. If we can get SLC people together for some sort of show of visibility and solidarity that would be good.

By way of update, I just watched a local news broadcast by KTVX channel 4 that was about the worst piece of propaganda I have ever seen. The did not even show any footage of Jones explaining his statements, even though they had footage of their reporter speaking with him. Then they dug up some University of Utah professor (unfortunately my university) to talk about how 9/11 truth people are anti-semetic and "world bankers" is just code for "jews".

I think a show of massive response to KTVX 4 in support of Dr. Jones and in response to their ridiculous treatment of this serious issue would be appropriate.

Here is the web site and video:

I tell you guys this place is a total nexus of Orwellian 'crimestop' mentality, at a level beyond even the rest of the nation at large.

ministry of truth spreading

ministry of truth spreading government propaganda, anti-semetic labels for 911 activists, Orwellian Nexus practicing newspeak,... well well well, It looks like I'm heading to the right place. Tell Winston Smith that Immanuel Goldstein is on the way to wage peace against war, fight ignorance with strength and conquer slavery through freedom. I can't wait!
you wouldn't happen to have this teachers name and phone number, I wanted to give him a call and just let him know that mindless racists propaganda labels are no match for physicists with facts and proof.

I don't remember the name

I don't remember the name off the top of my head, but he is a University of Utah professor that the tv station interviewed and aired audio of, saying that "world bankers" is just code for "Jews".

His name is given in the news story at the page I linked.

His name is Bob Goldberg

I saw the news footage and it was a professor named Bob Goldberg from the University of Utah who said ," bankers is code for jews..."

He is supposedly a conspiracy "expert" at the University of Utah.

I suggest the University Of Utah fire Professor Goldberg for espousing such unprovable, racist propaganda that is meant to smear anyone who questions the New World Order or 9/11.


College Of Humanities-Dean

Here's the University of Utah Administrative Leadership Team so we can demand Mr. Goldberg be investigated for using taxpayer dollars to spread lies and distortions - :


blatant progaganda that permeated that report

Well Done. I'm working on a short video exposing the blatant progaganda that permeated that report. Stay tuned. I'll post a link to it when I'm done.

I have written him, and I

I have written him, and I simply pointed out the historical reality of the world financial powers, and the fact that there are many credible researches and historians who have broached the subject but do not attribute it to some sort of worldwide Jewish power monopoly. I expressed my opinion that, given that fact, Dr. Jones deserved the benefit of the doubt with regard to his "world bankers" comment.

For those of you who also do, make sure to cc some or all of these people in the University of Utah public relations dept.

Coralie Alder, Public Relations Executive Director
Office: (801) 581-5180

Ann Bardsley, U of U Public Relations, News and Communication Specialist
Office: 801-587-9183

Remi Barron, U of U Public Relations Specialist, News and Media Relations
Office: 801-581-7295

Colleen Casto, U of U Community Outreach for Diversity
Office: 801-581-4250

Jones radio comment?

the news hit piece referred to a radio interview calling out the international bankers, does any one have a link to that interview?

I also wrote U. of Utah/Mr. Goldberg

I wrote Mr. Goldberg and cc'd the list of people you provided as well..

I do not suggest anyone copy my letter (not that anyone would want to), but here's what I wrote:


Dear Mr. Goldberg and Univ of Utah staff:

I recently saw a news report on a Salt Lake City station about the fate of BYU's Professor Steven Jones due to his scholarly work surrounding the events of 9/11. In the report, Mr. Goldberg (supposed conspiracy expert) stated that, "world bankers is code for 'Jew'".

(see video of report):

Mr Goldberg is not fooling all of us out here with trying to associate those who are exposing the truth about 9/11 and/or the New World Order with anti-semitism. The University of Utah should consider investigating Mr. Goldberg for espousing such unprovable, racist remarks. He, of course, is spouting such unsubstantiated hatred while representing the University of Utah, at taxpayer expense.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email.

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

conspiracu expert?

Some one in utah should interview this guy and ask him if he believes Oswald acted alone. If he says yes he'll be exposed as a fraud, if he says no then he'll be admitting the government had to be involved because they were the only ones with the resources to pull it off and cover it up. If he admits that then he has to admit the possibility exists today.

Anyone in the Wasatch front...

I also have noticed this upcoming 9/11 memorial being held on campus at BYU on Monday, per their web site. I think it would be great to get anyone here on the Wasatch front who appreciates Dr. Jones' research out to a demonstration of solidarity (not a protest) at this event.

I am scheduled to work but I will find a way to get there if others are interested...

9/11 Commemorative Service
Monday Sep 11, 2006
Brigham's Square, BYU Campus (Provo, UT)

BYUSA will host a commemorative service with music and poetry to honor the five-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The theme will be "Remembering the Past While Building the Future."

I'm in Provo, UT

Spencer, I can't seem to contact you via myspace. Please email me at and let's talk. (support Dr. Jones, the truth movement etc.)

email sent, sorry about

email sent, sorry about that.
Anyone else on the Wasatch front who wants to get involved with this, contact me at

Check this out:

On another, very ironic note...

If you go to the home page, click on "faculty and staff" and then click on the link titled "Academic Freedom" you will notice that it is down :)

Probably a coincidence, but the irony is just too thick.

In the Griffin story posted

In the Griffin story posted today, it was written:
>Griffin advised UK 9/11 activists to write to BYU to express their concern which I thoroughly agree with.

Also, Friday Alex Jones urged us to contact BYU and express support for Steven Jones.

I believe that it is NOT productive to argue with or complain to BYU because they have NOT done the worst: they have not fired him, they have not taken away his pay, and they have not silenced him.

So there are many blessings to be thankful for. I believe that COMPLAINING to BYU could have an unintended negative consequence (they might get defensive and resentful of the protests, and more incllnded to try to justify further action against Jones.

On the other hand, a very short, polite, calm message that "I support Dr. Jones" is what I did. I called BYU and said my name, citizenship, and voting status and said that I support Dr. Jones. When they asked if I had anything else to say, I told them that was all that I wanted to say.

Now, George Washington on this board a day or two ago advised us against ANY contact with BYU, even of the type above which I described. He promised Friday to get back to us soon with an update. I have not seen an update from George Washington on this issue. Has George Washington issued an update here, and if so where? If not, why has he not yet issued an update, and when will he? I want to know exactly why it George Washington is advising us NOT to contact BYU under ANY circumstances about this.

It seems to me that a very short, very polite, non-complaining expression of support for Dr. Jones to those at BYU would be nothing but positive. Maybe I am wrong, but at this point, George Washington, I think it is time for you to explain to us exactly why such a polite expression of support would not be helpful to Professor Jones.

BYU results showing here

When I get depressed or discouraged I come hear and read your blogs. It reminds that I am not alone, but part of a community. And part of a responsibility. It's troublesome to think of Dr Jones suffering for seeking real answers, but it also encouraging to see what it has done to the 9-11 truth movement. The results of BYU's decision can already be seen by reading this blog. It already has begun and only will continue to bring educated and knowledgeable 911 truth activists together with greater commitment and re-energized effort. Because of this, unmet people are cooperating, planning, organizing and uniting on common grounds. Paid propaganda puppets repeating lies like sheep have no chance against the relentless human spirit of committed individuals demanding truth. Their lies are being exposed, their failure has become manifest in most polls, and the sound of their voices have become shrill with desperation. But it is to be expected that the government propaganda machine should lose the information war. When truth is on our side, our numbers can only grow. Once some one has realized the horrible truth that is 9-11, they can never go back to their comfortable ignorances and convenient misconceptions, even if they wanted to. At least not the people that matter. We are winning. They thought they'd never have to fight this battle. Point to the Arabs and start a war and they'll patriotically shut up. But costitutional patriots continued to ask questions and demand answers. They thought Another Warren Comission was needed to move on. They were wrong. They tried a staged phoney left-right diversionary bickering campaign and then go back to business as usual. But that didn't work either. The probing questions, contradictory facts and logical accusations became more common and more fervent and more popular. Their problem just won't go away and it keeps getting bigger. And that trend isn't going away either. We are approaching the critical mass of public opinion needed, it's near, very close, you can feel it. This attack on Steven Jomes will only propel us to achieving a greater gathering. Attacking him was a poor tactic. The response to intimidation is defiance, the more you try to to shut us up the louder we respond. They want sounds of silence, we want the stimualtion of dialog. When facts are brought forth we all know who wins this debate. That's why they want our silence and refuse to debate the facts. Our silence is their greatest weapon. Speak out and disarm them. Communicate and conquer.
The key is to stick to the facts, accept nothing less and don't get side tracked. Stick to the facts and the facts will stick. I saute you all.

Will BYU students stand behind Prof. Jones?

What will the student body and the other faculty do to show support? Will they stand behind him? And if so, whats the best way to go about doing it?

student support

could be anything from protest at the admin building to wearing 9-11 truth/we support steven jones t-shirts constantly around campus for the rest of the semester. wear them to every class and every meeting you have with an administrator or college function. if you have this goldberg guy as a teacher at your school be sure to hang out at his class room when you know he'll be entering or leaving. If you're engaged let them know it's physics and facts that have formed your opinion (I personally recomend the free fall time of WTC 7). If all they wnt to do is call you a conspiracy kook, tell him it's better than being on the brainwashed brigade, and then throw more facts at him and watch him squirm. Remember to stick to the facts and be aware many times you are not trying to reach the person you are talking to if they are stubborn, but are reaching to people watching and observing. Hand out compilations of Steven Jones' work on cd or dvd to fellow students. Hand out videos all over campus, making a special effort to solicit goldbergs students.

Letters to the Editor in Utah Media

I'm right here in Utah, a member of, and have known Steven Jones since last September 22, 2005, when I attended his lecture to BYU Faculty (some 50-60 professors).

The meeting had a hostile feeling at the outset, but by the end, all there conceded that the official version of what happened did not make sense, even the most vocal opponent to Dr. Jones throughout the presentation watched the video of WTC 7 Collapse, and admitted it did not make sense, that fire surely was not the culprit for this picture perfect demolition. All but one voted to support an independent investigation with subponea powers such as were had in Watergate.

I thought that day that Dr. Jones would be fired and told him so, for I knew to come out with such research would bring down the wrath of the Establishment, which we see it has.

Utahan's are asleep in most cases, and this has stirred up the most red, most republican state in the nation to anger, with a CFR Editor-in-Chief of the Deseret Morning News, and hate attacks by talk radio such as "Bob Lonsberry" who broadcasts out of New York into the Salt Lake City Market.

The Media in Utah is controlled and very little truth is put out there, mostly these neo con fascist madmen dominate the airwaves as well as Big Corporate Media propaganda.

These guys get the people stirred up to anger, such as Bob Lonsberry who attacks Dr. Jones calling him a "dangerous fool" and an "idiot" This wicked perverse man doesn't tolerate any posts to his website with links to Dr. Jones paper, nor anything sustantive in Dr. Jones defense. He doesn't address any of Jones' arguments.

Utah media outlets could greatly be helped with you folks nationally and itnernationally to write letters to the editor to help the hostile in this state who only get spin about Dr. Jones realize that in fact he has legitimate research. The media here don't represent his arguments, never mention WTC 7, nor the molten metal pouring out of the South Tower just before collapse.

In Utah then, we have the

Ogden Standard Examiner
Salt Lake Tribune,
Deseret Morning News,
The Daily Herald

ABC News
KSL TV and Radio
Fox 13 TV

These guys hearing from us might help to awaken the sleepy neo Conned people of Utah to realize Dr. Jones is on to something, something the media here would have them not know about, such as WTC 7.

steve jones must ask gordon b. hinkley to know the truth

the only way we will know the truth of september 11 is if Steve jones presents his research to Gordon b. hinckley and surely the Lord God will do nothing unless he reveals the truth unto his prophets "RIGHT"
AFTER ALL THERE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE IN THE BOOK OF MORMON WHEN A PROPHET OF GOD REVEALED WHO MURDERED THE KING IT WAS HIS OWN BROTHER'S CONSPIRACY STABBED IN THE HEART. I challenge you all who believe in the living prophet to ask him to recieve from the Lord a revelation concerning 911..... if you believe that is???? that gordon B. Hinckley can receive modern revelation for our times surely the Salamndar letter was only the weakness of the flesh i am sure Gordon B. hinckley has sharpened up his power of discearnement since his terrible error in Mark Hoffman's fraudualent papers. I think will we get the answer from God about whether or not Professor Steve Jones paper on september 11 is fraud or true. I would also be as bold to say that God will tell the Mormon prophet who really killed JFK if we ask him with a sincear heart doubting nothing. Afterall thats what prophets are for RIGHT!!!! to expose the mystery of iniquity the man of sin and lead us not into the darkness but to the light of all truth so we might not be lead astray by false leaders who conspire to take away our freedoms a liberties.

LDS love public image

This wouldn't be the first time that the LDS church or BYU has suppressed those who have presented valid research that puts them in a bad light in the public eye. In most cases, it is regarding their tarnished history (D. Michael Quinn is a good example of this). The LDS church is all about public image, PR, and recruitment. Take for example their 1890 "manifesto" that supposedly abolished polygamy. This was done so Utah could become a state in a world of increasing opposision against their 'sacred' practice. However, they continually practiced polygamy secretly (approved by LDS authorities) all the way through 1905. Another example of many? How about the numerous times that the founding prophet, Joseph Smith, lied to his own church members about his own collection of spiritual wives (40+ in number), telling him he can only see but one wife. He never to his death bed ever admitted in public that he lived (and invented or 'restored' by his words) the law of plural marriage.

I have no doubt in my mind that Bush put in a word to Hinckley about the 'nutcase' who was tarnishing their reputation, who in turn put in a word or an order to the BYU presidency to put a stop to him. As I said, they are all about public image. Once the 9/11 gains more momentum, and is less looked upon as crazy, I wouldn't doubt that they would take back what they did, or make up some lame excuse for it.

Why wouldn't they take action on removing Jones at a more appropriate time? His paper had been published for quite some time, his theories known by why right after Bush met with Hinckley? It can't be mere coincidence.

With the amount of control that the LDS church has on its members who are constantly reminded to "follow the prophet" despite the consequences, this kind of control could easily be used by a government official who has an 'in' with the leaders.

By the way, I am a former Mormon, and I have no doubt that my information above is accurate.

Prof. Jones Vindictated As Bush Now Admits Explosives Used

"Since they can no longer deny explosives in the building, they're trying to set up a shift in tactics that says "okay, there were explosives but it was Al-Queda that put them there." Get this information out to everone now! Those who already are part of the 911 truth movement need this valuable tool in waking others up. Those who have lived in denial or try to claim there was no demolition will have to take notice. "

Listen to what Bush says on the following link (same as the above web page applet). This is a good one to save for the record.

So there we have it, end of story? No, Bush will be trying to explain how terrorists got into the building to plant the explosives he mentioned - and some very dim people will believe even that.

Vindicated? Who are you kidding?

They're part of the same coverup! It's a distraction. They don't want you to know thay they've already weaponized space. And, we'll soon see who else doesn't want you to know that, either.

Poor US-Americans

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