Commentary Regarding Upcoming ABC Miniseries 'The Path to 9/11'

A Mickey Mouse 9/11 from ABC -

On Sunday and Monday nights, September 10 and 11, ABC TV, which is owned by Disney, the folks who brought you Mickey Mouse in 1928, plans to bring you a six-hour, $40 million docudrama, called “The Path to 9/11." It might well be called “The Path to Perdition,” seeing as how it bills itself as “an objective telling of the events of 9/11," when in fact the film was scripted by arch-conservative writer Cyrus Nowrasteh, whose friendship is claimed by no less than Rush Limbaugh. Don’t throw up yet. There’s more . . .

The film’s point is a twisting of the facts to blame former President Bill Clinton for the so-called “terrorist attacks” of 9/11. I smell Karl Rove. You may smell something else. Fortunately, you may have received an email from ActForChange asking you to contact ABC to “Tell the Truth About 9/11.”

ActForChange notes that “the list of counterterrorism initiatives undertaken by the Clinton Administration is lengthy and comprehensive. Regrettably, the record shows that most of these efforts were watered down or abandoned by the Bush administration when they came into office. History will also record that President Bush was the one who received -- and while on vacation, chose to ignore -- a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001, entitled ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.’”

My record shows that when the U.S. Army had Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora in December 2001, it let bin Laden slip through its hands into the no-man’s land between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Media reports: “A CNN report on the search for Osama bin Laden noted that the insufficient number of U.S. forces in the mountains of Afghanistan in late 2001 allowed the Al Qaeda leader to escape capture. But the report omitted any reference to the recent revelation that the CIA specifically warned President Bush at the time that more U.S. troops were needed.” Odd Bush denied those troops to capture his arch foe. Or was that the desired effect?
There’s something rotten in America and this is it. The Empire’s attempt to perpetuate its infamy. Not only should “The Path to 9/11” be shut down. But those monies should have been used to tell the truth about 9/11, that the Towers may have been exploded by planned demolition not jet fuel, that there remains the absence of any real proof that “Islamic terrorists” did it, and that bin Laden is nothing more than a convenient patsy, playing a role bought and paid for by the CIA since 1979.

Here are two reviews of the film:
Accuracy aside, ABC's '9/11' deserves to bomb -
9/11 miniseries outrages democrats -

Thanks Carol and Nick for the heads up!

Building 7 Collapse Video Clip from Terror Storm

I didn't see this anywhere else online, so I ripped the clip from the high-quality version of Terror Storm. It shows the complete collapse of the building from a wide angle; hopefully it can be useful for those making their own films :)


should be a good episode this week:

Down for the Count
[Streaming video for this program will be available online after broadcast]

Jammed machines, rejected ballots, malfunctions that declare the losing candidate the winner...if this were occurring on American Idol, you can imagine the outrage, but it's happening with a far more important American institution: democratic elections. New election machines, as mandated and funded by federal law, may create a new election debacle instead of correcting the old one.

Philly area

also, for people in the Philadelphia area like myself, check out channel 6 action news(ABC) tonight at 11:00 to hear an "experts" opinion on why he thinks the towers collapsed.

Foxnews Just Stated that Jones has been suspended..

without pay.. They never miss a chance to take a shot at the movement..

Lots of e mails

Bomb the crap out of them with e mails....flying out tomorrow for gz, will report later, keep up the fight. Bomb the shit out of

ABC caves in under onslaught from bloggers

Hey guys, a heads up....

I comment on Huffington Post just about every day, but every so often my comments get deep sixed by the powers that be, and never appear. This is good because it allows me to discover which ideas they are scared to publish. They really hated this one.....

It is no co-incidence that 43% of Americans and more than 80% of troops in Iraq believe that Saddam Hussain was behind 911. The same lying politicians and corporate controlled media that spew this nonsense also have nearly 60% of Americans believing that Osama bin Laden was behind 911.

This one (on one of the many posts about the ABC bullshit) was also censored....

So Democrats have managed to intimidate Disney into supporting the 911 Cover Up Commission. Does this mean that NBC(GE), NPR (Ford) NewsCorp (anti-christ) will now be too terrified to stray from the official story.

Wow, Democrats commitment to “truth” is amazing. What about the FACT that it is simply impossible for 19 arabs to cause two of the worlds tallest buildings to disintegrate into powder, and a forty-seven story skyscraper to self-destruct, or for Hani Hanjour to fly a huge passenger jet, unmolested, into the world’s most highly defended airspace. Only the American military and intelligence agencies have the resources to pull this off , and you guys get your knickers all wadded up over whether Clinton or Bush is more culpable in a bloody fairy-tale.

Well done, you must be so proud of yourselves.

hahahaha, NewsCorp

hahahaha, NewsCorp (anti-christ), hahahaha, good shit.

Awesome posts Shrapnel. My

Awesome posts Shrapnel. My sentiments exactly.

off topic, the CBS Evening

off topic, the CBS Evening News just aired a segment on Shanksville and Steve Hartmann talked to one of the fire fighters that was first on the scene. the firefighter said something along the lines of "i got there and didnt see a thing, no fuselage, no wings, no bodies. i thought, where is everyone?".

I am saddened the massive

I am saddened the massive online truth community has not done more to hijack and latch onto the big "democrats to stop ABC" movement with a zealous fervor, and use it as a trojan horse to slam 9/11 truth home.

These democrats want ABC to "show the real truth of 9/11",
yet believe in the phony commission? Ha, they can't HANDLE the real truth.

Can someone link some of the biggest liberal/democrat/anti war forums/blogs that you can comment on? Let's reign some truth on these folks.

i would try and ambush Daily

i would try and ambush Daily KOS, as they get the biggest traffic.

can somebody post the links

can somebody post the links to the 2 9/11 polls from today? last i saw, we were winning one and barely losing the other.

Anyone have David Ray

Anyone have David Ray Griffin's email? I'd like to give him a shout about Alex Cockburn's piece. As shrill as it was, this could present a real opportunity to open up a dialogue with the "gatekeepers". I'd like to exchange a few words with the learned professor. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

AP story on Jones most-read article on Seattle newspaper website

See the sidebar under MOST READ:

let's keep it that way for awhile.

also at the P-I: Soundoff:

also at the P-I:

Soundoff: Conspiracy theories sully memories of 9/11 victims

James Bennett, guest columnist: As the anniversary of these tragic events approaches, many will remember the victims, and many a tear will be shed for them. But a significant group of people wants to hijack their memories and falsify their history for their own motivations. It is the responsibility of this nation, its people and its media to insist that the truth be told, and their memories not be sullied.

threat follows:

FBI CIA NSA wrote the script

I think the most damning indictment is the FACT that
The author admits that the script was practically written by the NSA FBI and CIA

Nowrasteh: Early last year (2005) I was approached by ABC and asked if I'd be interested in writing/producing a miniseries based on the 9/11 Commission Report. I met with executive producer Marc Platt and Governor Kean, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who agreed to serve as a consultant on the project. I was provided an incredible amount of research materials and high-level advisors from the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Diiplomatic Security, etc.

Check this out: 187 pages that PRAISE this piece of propaganda: "path to 911"

BTW.. same site has 513000(!) pages spewing hatred towards Chomsky:

At least Chris will be happy to get more slander material for his Anti-Chomsky quest.

I posted a blog entry with
some news items you might find interesting.


Mark Bingham the most famous GAY victim of 911:

I trust you know about this page:

presenting INTERESTING facts from that day.

u2r2h said:At least Chris

u2r2h said:At least Chris will be happy to get more slander material for his Anti-Chomsky quest.

HA, as if thats very hard.and its not a quest(or slander), i know the TRUTH hurts since your a CHomsky groupie but your gonna have to stop making excuses for the head gatekeeper. you downplay the importance of 9/11 JUST LIKE HE DOES. why are you even here? and once and for all, why dont you tell everyone here where your from? where are you from? why the ongoing secrecy? and do you think that all americans are "idiots" as you always seem to insinuate? i wouldnt argue that most are, but you make it sound like america has the market cornered on morons. there are plenty where your from im sure.

>> u2r2h said:At least Chris

>> u2r2h said:At least Chris will be happy to
>> get more slander material for his Anti-Chomsky quest.

> HA, as if thats very hard.

well, slander is always easy. But it is very very hard to find anything that sticks on chomsky... apart from his view of jfk&911.

[snip .. Chris always rises to the task, hehe]

> why are you even here?

I don't really know. Sometimes I think its a waste of time, but then as a retired house-wife its better than watching soaps... in fact, its the best crime-story soap there is.

You did perceipve correctly that I don't take the 911 terror seriously enough. That's because unlike you I don't believe that 911-exposure will get rid of the military-industrial complex and capitalist-self-destruction. With Tarpley I however DO believe that uncovering the real 911 perps will stop them from doing more damage. On that front, however, I am a pessimist as to the willingness of US-americans to take action to stop their rulers.

Here is a great cartoon that illustrates what I think about the topic of taking terror seriously.

> and once and for all, why dont you tell everyone here
> where your from? where are you from? why the ongoing
> secrecy?

Once and for all... I gave you good hints, but you didn't
even care to guess. Also, your rulers may bomb our country next, so better you'd be given no time to find us unworthy on the map.

> and do you think that all americans are "idiots"

Well, lets say bragging is socially acceptable in the USA.

> you make it sound like america has the market
> cornered on morons.

Now that you say it...

> there are plenty where your from im sure.

Plenty, indeed. Sorry to disappoint you about
Where I'm from... I know it is important for you.
Maybe I can make it up with some noteworthy quotes
from my collection.

Only two things are infinite,
the universe and human stupidity,
and I'm not sure about the former.
-- Albert Einstein

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt.
-- Bertrand Russell

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common.
Instead of altering their views to fit the facts,
they alter the facts to fit their views
... which can be very uncomfortable
if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.
-- from Doctor Who

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
-- Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

In the choice between changing ones mind
and proving there's no need to do so,
most people get busy on the proof.

-- John Kenneth Galbraith

and don't forget:

Its bad luck to be superstitious.

thanks for proving my point

thanks for proving my point yet again. you wont say where your from. suspect. you stick up for the most notorious gatkeeper on 9/11(and other black ops) Chomsky. suspect. you talk in circles and deflect regularly. suspect. you bash americans on a regular basis. suspect. where are you from and why are you afraid to tell us? why are you here if 9/11 is as unimportant to you as it is to your hero Chomsky? what is your purpose? why are you obbsessed with a man who does nothing but preach to his cult like choir while ignoring important topics to hang onto his spot?

I think at this point

she's baiting you and enjoying making you mad. It's getting tiresome, frankly, from both you guys. And before you freak out on me, Chris, please note that I'm saying SHE is irritating me too.

cass, it didnt take up very

cass, it didnt take up very much room and i think your overblowing it. yes, shes annoying, i may be annoying you too but scroll past it, its not that painful.


I'm not overblowing it. I'm just telling both of you that your Chomsky war has outlived its usefulness. When a little ideology war migrates from thread to thread like this, there's a good chance you're boring the shit out of other users.

Do a blog and call it "Chomsky is a stupid idiot gatekeeper" and the two of you can go at it to your hearts' content.

John O'neil Slandered in "The Path to 9/11"

Just watching Olbermann. He has a former FBI guy on that resigned from the project after only three weeks. But here's the bomb shell.

One of his main problems was that they made up a scene that was a totally inaccurate representation of John O'neil!!! He said it wasn't right that O'neil was slandered and isn't here to defend him self.

I don't know what the fake sceen shows, but the FBI guys said the whole thing was fake.

F77: hijackers were in 5-E and 5-F (Fingerprint of God!)

He has seen the Fingerprints of God in 9/11.

"Something positive has to come out of
this. Simply put, we can't let the
sacrifice of the 184 victims here at the
Pentagon, nor the 3,000 victims who died
on that day. We can't let it go in
vain," he says.

Yeah, we get the oil

It's the same feeling that drives
Rosemary Dillard. Her husband Eddie was
aboard American Flight 77.

"He was sitting in seat 5-B and the
hijackers were in 5-E and 5-F. We were
married 15 years.

Shanksville sacred ground...

J & J Svonavec Excavating,

Men of few words, they admit it's difficult returning to
this site, where they dug through soil that contained pieces of the aircraft, personal items that belonged to those on board and human remains: No whole bodies were recovered.

it took a while to identify the exact location of impact because there was no plane visible. Sally remembers Jamie phoning them from the site and saying, *There is no plane there, believe me.*

.. screening helped locate many body fragments ...

"We found the knives [the terrorists] used, too"

Although only fragments of bodies were
recovered, everyone was identified, including
the hijackers, explained Emily Jerich.

... coiled snake that appeared *petrified* ..

.. Bibles that had been on the plane were found
aboveground, unburned and opened to passages
that seemed prophetic. ...

... scorched samples of human tissue totaling less than 600 pounds, or about eightpercent of the total. ...

The Santa Barbara Independent UNANSWERED QUESTIONS

2 more newspaper snippets


Then, something that has never before happened three times in the same day: Three steel buildings fell from fire. The centers of the buildings lost all their compressive strength at the same, exact instant, falling in the time it would take a rock to drop. Massive center columns collapsed into Tinkertoy pieces exactly the length to be trucked off on trailers and carried into the global scrap metal market, never examined. WTC 7 wasn't even struck, yet "no steel was recovered from WTC 7," according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a federal agency that researches building safety standards.

The plane hit the Pentagon as he was walking back to the office. He heard the crash and "in a nanosecond" the concussion and fireball knocked him down..

High velocity explosives?

Mr. Sigmund has been undergoing treatments similar to Col. Birdwell's since a pipe bomb planted in his father's SUV nearly killed him in Washington on July 12. No arrests have been made.

A Critical Plea To Dylan Avery, And A Call To Action

Please see my latest blog entry at
_______________ A must-see for the uninitiated: this video will awaken them from their long slumber A must-read for believers of the official story: David Ray Griffin administers the red pill

You Probably Would Have Told Dylan Not to Make Loose Change

I think you are freaking out for no good reason. It is true the stakes are high for this debate, but the future of the 9/11 truth movement will continue REGARDLESS of the outcome of this debate, because we do have the TRUTH on our side.

Each of the leaders of this truth has strengths and weaknesses, but I think Dylan is perfect for this role, because he has confounded the conventional wisdom that you espouse many times over, and the GREATEST victory of all will be when David slays Giolath, and after knocking him down to ground, severs his ugly head.

The Double Standard of the Reich Wing

The news today that Prof. Steven Jones has been put on "paid leave" by BYU, when compared with the current ABC propaganda piece, illustrates the double standard employed by the Reich wing in the US with regard to 9/11.

Let's start with Prof. Jones, who has fought a tremendous battle to force America to consider alternate hypotheses to 9/11, and in the process has pretty much rubbed the official story line into the dirt: one only needs to look at the scholarly glee with which he refuted the desperate and absurd theory floated by NIST that the orange color of the ferric material cascading down the side of a WTC was due to conmingled pieces of carpet. And what is one of the biggest hypes against Prof. Jones ? It is that this studies have not been adequately "peer reviewed" ! Just think about it: the NIST claims it has conducted 8,777,333 interviews, evaluated 832,199,203 photographs, and consulted with 6,233,001 experts in publishing it's worthless crap, but as far as we know, HAVE NOT BEEN PEER REVIEWED.

So how does the Reich wing make it's case ? In looking at their success, we must acknowledge how their 9/11 stunt converted an AWOL cokehead who had just stolen the US Presidency into the most powerful man on the planet, and how they swiftboated John Kerry to keep the POS POTUS in power, we should understand that they don't have to play by the same rules: THEY MAKE THE RULES !!! This allows them to farm out their "dramatization" to 20,000,000 Americans, who won't have the brains to worry about whether this ABC hit piece has been "peer reviewed".

What can we do to combat this ? First of all, there must be a tremendous outcry to defend and protect Prof. Jones, who has done so much to defend and protect all of us. If BYU does what Bushitler wants, and ejects Prof. Jones, let us make sure that this will be a Pyrrhic victory for the Reich wing, a hint of the the death rattle for them on their path to disgrace and oblivion.

Popular Mechanics was on 'The View' today

Popular Mechanics was on 'The View' today pushing the 'Debunking 9/11 Myths' book and 'debunking' the 9/11 truth movement.

Did anyone see it ?

from 'The View' website, I see that ABC is even selling their book...

Pathetic interview by Kristin Breitweiser (Jersey Girls) on CNN

I just saw a pathetic interview of Kristin Breitweiser on CNN by Larry King. What a waste of my half-hour! I'm sorry, but Breitweiser is a poster girl for 100% incompetence theory!!! She was so weak & lame. She basically had no complaint about anything, except that it took so long to get the "investigation" stated. (King stated that she's an attorney, no less!)

There is definitely something very wrong with Breitweiser's refusal to touch upon any aspect of 9/11 truth whatsoever! (She plugged her new book, but if it's just more useless fluff like this interview, I can't waste my time buying or reading it. I want & need truth, not someone who should know much better, but is totally content with the incompetence lie.)

investigation started not stated

sorry, investigation started not stated^

ABC Changing "Path to 9/11"?


America, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grow up..
You fail yourselves at every turn with your behaviors and ignorance towards self preservation.
Here are calculated realities you face now:
1: Was 9/11, The london bombings. Vietnam, Both World Wars all propaghandized by politicians to a willing dumb public for the benefit of a secret society of which we know the last two presidential candidates were members of the same cult that represents death.

2. Why is Bush so afraid of "conspiracy theorists" that he has to publicly call them al queda, thats called a liar, who is afraid that we are all learning truth, the truth of his tyranny, and the militaries and subsequent involvies.

3. If we are a nation of justice, why is there a war on potheads- harmless stoners? And why does free thought threaten a free republic so much? Unless it's not free, unless those that have stolen your land, are treating you all like guinea pigs, testing harmful chemicals. kidnapping your young, and swaying your ignorant minds until your tired of thinking about something.

4. 9/11 reality is that all evidence found so far has pointed the finger towards an inside job, from Bush not being moved from the school to the payoffs to the widows with tax dollars. And yet Americans still can't admit that the guy they thought they elected but who still stole the elections, colluded in or committed a vile and unforgivable sin against our nation, and should be in prison or sentenced to death like any mass murder, tyrant or dictator. To bad its truth get over it...