Dr. Steven Jones on "Paid Leave" from BYU

BYU made this statement last night (9/7).

"Physics Professor Steven Jones has made numerous statements about the collapse of the World Trade Center. BYU has repeatedly said that it does not endorse assertions made by individual faculty.

"We are, however, concerned about the increasingly speculative and accusatory nature of these statements by Dr. Jones."

The university added, "BYU remains concerned that Dr. Jones' works on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues."

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Followers of the real Brigham Young are shunning Dr. Jones???

Wow, these Mormon men of God are trying to silence Dr. Jones, a most honorable man bringing mass murderers in our gov't to justice? Brigham Young must be rolling in his grave!

Time to slam BYU with all kinds of truth messages in support of Dr. Jones!!!

that piece of trash article

that piece of trash article is the worst i've ever seen....EVER.

"Most of them aren't scientists but instructors in the liberal arts at second-rate colleges who have spent much of their careers tilting at various windmills."

this coming from Michael Shelden a professor of English at Indiana State University

he just described himself. retard.

absurd leaps of logic

The geopolitical blunders that have followed 9/11 are the best evidence yet that there was no government conspiracy, says Michael Shelden

The implication in this article is that 9/11 was NOT a geopolitical blunder, and therefore couldn't have been pulled off by the same incompetent people. What an absurd notion that is, because as we all know, 9/11 was so poorly executed that there are 1000 holes in the story, which is why there's such an outcry for truth.

And, of course, even if you want to go along with Sheldon's argument, there's the problem of how he lumps the entire government into one big group, with the assumption that ALL of the same people who conspired on 9/11 were the same as ALL the people who then blundered the Iraq war and the lies about WMD, etc.

Leaps of logic that fall flat on their face.

Let's not get carried away

I don't see any indication that they are trying to silence Dr. Jones. They have put him on paid leave and, from what I understand, have only removed him from the classroom (two classes) but are allowing him to continue his research. It is true, like the BYU representative said, his statements HAVE become more accusatory lately and he has received increasing amounts of attention, including the recent WND piece that falsely accused him of calling for violent revolution. I certainly can't fault them for looking into it.

But anyway, my real point here is that calling for people to "slam" BYU is perhaps not the best strategy, or maybe I am just not reading that word the way you intended. Let me just suggest that polite emails and phone calls to BYU in support of Dr. Jones, perhaps letting them know that you have learned important things from his research (I know I did), and encouraging them to conclude their investigation as quickly as possible a good way to approach this.

something is goin on

BYU has known of Jones's work for a while now. Why this, and why now. They are tyring to come down hard on Truthers lately, such as Mike Malloy, Barret, and now Jones. This is all about the 5 year anniversary, making 'their' story appear true when we know it's BS. Now the fight is on. I think BYU needs to hear from all of us. Jones knows we will not let him down.

Contact for support of

Contact for support of Professor Jones:

Richard N. Williams, Associate Academic Vice President - Faculty
D-387 ASB
(801) 422-3567

I suggest everyone be polite and cordial, and simply state your name, citizenship, if you are a taxpayer, and your support for Steven Jones.

Remember, they have not fired him, they have not taken away his pay, and they have not silenced him, so I suggest don't be critical of BYU. Simply state your message of support for Steven Jones and his work and leave it at that.

reposted at end

reposted at end


From the "news" article:

"The State Department has released a rebuttal to Jones' theory in a 10-thousand page report."

These morons can't get the most basic facts straight - how can you be so stupid as to make an error on this scale?!

Stupid is as stupid does...

I saw that too... I have no idea what the hell they are talking about?

Maybe it's due to this poorly worded sentence

from the Deseret News article: "Recent rebuttals to the demolition theory have been released by the State Department and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which published a 10,000-page report on the towers' collapse."

Yeah that's it

They're taking NIST's 10,000 page report on the Towers (to which Jone's original paper responded!) and confusing it with the State Dept's recent 1-page "rebuttal" of demolitions theory. Or, more accurately, the writer is attempting to type this story in four minutes and go back to a patio party. No excuse for this kind of error, which is not just a mistake but a powerful indicator that ALMOST NO WORK WHATSOEVER was done by this "reporter".


well put

Dr. Jones BYU


Check out the latest on this poll. 50/50.

Also, Dr. Jones could come work at our University.

We have guests like Gwynn Dyer. The Athabsca Peace Initiative also hosts people like Romeo Delaire and Barrie Zwicker.

There is little academic freedon in Iran. Hmmm

Put them in the hotseat

We need to get the University heads that made this decision on the record quick.
Phone calls..
Hard uncomfortable questions..
Get them on the record. Hurry.

just promoted this to the

just promoted this to the front page, thanks for the submission!

Off the subject

this is a new very specific poll questioning involvement by the govt in 9/11...http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3080261/

and heres a working link to that poll

Last I checked, the Official

Last I checked, the Official Story backers were only at 46%.


Also, when I refreshed a few times, I noticed the poll numbers were growing about one person every second or two.

that's a different poll

There are actually TWO separate polls at MSNBC right now -- no idea why. Here are the links:



Get in there and vote at BOTH!

This is serious

Jones is a tenured professor, and tenured professors can molest children and still keep their jobs. It is very unusual for a tenured professor to be put on paid leave. The university I went to had a prof who beat his wife to death, and he was only put on paid leave while on trial (because he couldn't teach his classes).

The timing of this suspension is obviously deeply suspicious. Days before September 11, the primary scientific researcher into the physical evidence of 9/11 is suspended? That suggests a tremendous amount of pressure was asserted by the government on BYU.

Very scary stuff.

Have you read any of these

Have you read any of these stories, simuvac? BYU does not have tenured professors.

Here is a BYU publication

Here is a BYU publication referring to him as a tenured professor:

“The dean explained to me how he handled requests for media interviews; how he managed to give so few,” said Jones, a full-tenured professor whose controversial research into the WTC collapse has sparked national media attention.


Fair enough. I had not seen

Fair enough. I had not seen that piece, just the recent links about his paid leave where they say he has "continuing status" and specifically talk about the lack of a tenure program. Anyway, NewsNet looks like it might be a student paper, not that that excuses it.

Also, if somehow BYU's own

Also, if somehow BYU's own newsletter is using "full-tenured professor" to mean something other than "full-tenured professor," like maybe they just have "full" professors without a form of tenure (in which case I don't know what "full" professor means), then it is still very serious because "full" professor is a designation that not many professors attain. It is a relatively rare form of seniority.

All true. It is scary and

All true. It is scary and shows the kind of pressure Jones and BYU must withstand.

That having been said, it also shows that the winds are changing. Let's just keep hammering on the facts--the official theory is terrible science. It leaves out evidence, downplays counter-evidence, and contains numerous contradictions and anomalies.

These points are irrefutable and very powerful. We have to keep repeating them. In information wars, like this one, you have to keep saying the same things over and over. It is the only way to counter the other side, which has mastered this game.

In the end, facts matter. Truth matters. If people are forced to look at these, they will be convinced.


All is not lost. We are indebted to those who speak the truth and have risked their lives to pull us all into reality and out of the fog. In the '60's it was the students that brought the truth of Vietnam before us. It is the students again that must bring the truth of 9/11 before the people. They must be our main target. Fresh minds that have not been tainted by years of brainwashing. A million thanks to the boys, mainly Jones, Fetzer, Griffin, Zwicker, Barrett, and so many others who have risked their lives and their careers to show us what cannot be denied. We sincerely appreciate what you have done. Don't worry about "The Path to 9/11" movies, etc. Once you know...you know. It can't be taken away with a publicity stunt. Our job is to stay strong and EDUCATE the public. Spread the news, stay away from the too controversial scenarios, stick to the controlled explosions of WTC 1, 2 and 7 and be done with it. We only need WTC7 to open Pandora's box. Be sharp, be strong and be there.

Very Serious, Very Scary...

I'm also concerned that very few "progressive" media outlets will care to touch this story with a ten foot pole!

Dr. Steven Jones has put his career on the line in the name of truth regarding 9/11. He deserves the support of every patriotic American. Especially now, as "the powers that be" set out to make an example of him.

Hell even Drudge has picked up this story! Where's DailyKos, Huffington Post, Air America, Crooks & Liars, Raw Story, Media Matters, Mother Jones and my favorite whipping post, BUZZFLASH??? Where are they on this!?!?

They are a disgrace. Let 'em

They are a disgrace.

Let 'em know what you think.

My theory on those media is this--early on they decided to ignore the issue, maybe even for OK reasons. And now that it has become prominent without their help, they are afraid to change direction because to do that would show that they completely missed the mark on this story.

I bet many of them are wondering what to do now.

Here's what they should do--just come right out and say you blew it, sorry. And then start giving this story the coverage it deserves.

Biggest crime in US history, but it's never been investigated (not really).

Why would the US gov't not want to investigate 9/11?
Why would any American not want to investigate 9/11?

Why would any media outlet not want to do serious reporting on 9/11?

I think you nailed it!

They've committed to a position and now they know they were wrong. They've got to know it! These people aren't stupid. At least I don't think they are.

It seems to me to be an extreme example of cognitive dissonance. The truth of 9/11 is so horrible, they are afraid to let themselves go there. Because once it is acknowledged (fully & completely) as fact (not theory), then what!?!?! That is the million dollar question... and you can't get to that when you are terrified of what the answer will be.

It reminds me of when I was just a little boy. The first signs of my philospical puberty had just started. I was asking myself deep questions about the universe. One question I asked, that scared the living crap out of me (and still does) is "what would there be, if there were nothing"? No darkness, no light. No air, no space, no vacuum.

Think on that for a little while. Then contemplate the absence of nothing. The absence of a universe. Because that, in fact, would be something... so not even "universal nothingness" would be permitted to exists where there were nothing. Because, that (a universe) would be something.

The thought of that kept me up for many, many nights. Much like I think the thought of 9/11 being an inside job keeps many of these left-wing gatekeepers up at night.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at some of these editorial meetings. But regardless of their "reasons" for ignoring the crime of the century, you are right! It's a disgrace!!! And that's really something!

Hey Chris, Looks like as a

Hey Chris,

Looks like as a kid you were channeling Rene Descartes "Ex Cogito, Ergo Sum"

I call it the theory of doubt. Doubt everything, including your own existence and everything that seems to exist and then start adding up what you know to be true and innate within your your being.

Step One -- I think, therefore I must exist.

Step Two -- What am I?

Steps 4 thru 387,456,854 -- Figure it all out fresh and new, kinda like critical deja vu all over again.

Step 387,456,855 -- Controlled Demolition brought the towers down

It's how I find truth. The Cogito. Cogito = Think!

Dig that hole

Like the country western song I wanted to write, "Everytime you throw dirt you dig the hole a little deeper."

Democracy Now

There is a news conference in NY where a parent talks about all the kids at his school who have to wear breathing masks because of the "neighborhood" air quality.

Made me cry and I'm really just a happy clown.

Democracy Now will be onboard soon. Sink or Swim in the ocean of truth.

link to heart breaking video

Hundreds of residents gathered last night at New York's St. Paul's Chapel - across the street from the former World Trade Center site -- to demand the federal government stop ignoring the health effects from 9/11. We hear some of their voices. [includes rush transcript]


theyre just paying him to

theyre just paying him to work for 911truth

this was just posted...BYU

this was just posted...BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave

st911 statement


It's Up To Us





this is all pretty

this is all pretty incredible

we all got together through the
internet---now it's really happening

the implications of how awesome this
could be for the world is staggering

it seems so american
so in the spirit of being a
true patriot---

spirit of 1776
spirit of 2006

in memorial of the victims---we can
break down the pnac

and lay the groundwork for true freedom
peace, and the american constitution
for all time----

down with the haters

Amen to that.

Amen to that.

Anyone have a phone number?

for the Dean or Provost or whoever?

wonder if the Uiniversity of Wisconsin

wonder if University of Wisconsin will continue to stand behind Prof. Barrett.

BYU Contact Information

BYU Contact Information

Richard N. Williams, Associate Academic Vice President - Faculty
(801) 422-3567

I suggest people be polite and nice and simply voice your support for Steven Jones. You might also mention your name, citizenship, and if you are a voter.

Remember, BYU has not fired or taken away the pay from Professor Jones, nor have they silenced him. So I don't believe criticism of BYU is productive from a diplomatic point of view. Voicing support for Prof. Jones should be a message they can understand without resentment.

BYU has removed his paper

BYU has removed his paper from their URL.
It's gone.


I can't believe they removed his paper too. Wow.

This is a very good move

The investiagation of Dr. Jones can only bring more attention to the subject. I know dozens of BYU faculty who are behind Dr. Jones so I think this kind of attention can only help him. The truth will prevail.

BYU results

When I get depressed our discouraged I come hear and read your blogs. It reminds that I am not alone, but part of a community. And part of a responsibility. It's troublesome to think of Dr Jones suffering, but it also encouraging to see what it has done to the 9-11 truth movement. The results of BYU's decision can already be seen by reading this blog. It already has begun and only will continue to bring educated and knowledgeable 911 truth activists together with greater commitment and re-energized effort. Because of this, unmet people are cooperating, planning, organizing and uniting on common grounds. Paid propaganda puppets repeating lies like sheep have no chance against the relentless human spirit of committed individuals demanding truth. Their lies are being exposed, their failure has become manifest in most polls, and the sound of their voices have become shrill with desperation. But it is to be expected that the government propaganda machine should lose the information war. When truth is on our side, our numbers can only grow. Once some one has realized the horrible truth that is 9-11, they can never go back to their comfortable ignorances and convenient misconceptions, even if they wanted to. At least not the people that matter. We are winning. They thought they'd never have to fight this battle. Point to the Arabs and start a war and they'll patriotically shut up. But costitutional patriots continued to ask questions and demand answers. They thought Another Warren Comission was needed to move on. They were wrong. They tried a staged phoney left-right diversionary bickering campaign and then go back to business as usual. But that didn't work either. The probing questions, contradictory facts and logical accusations became more common and more fervent and more popular. Their problem just won't go away and it keeps getting bigger. And that trend isn't going away either. We are approaching the critical mass of public opinion needed, it's near, very close, you can feel it. This attack on Steven Jomes will only propel us to achieving a greater gathering. Attacking him was a poor tactic. The response to intimidation is defiance, the more you try to to shut us up the louder we respond. They want sounds of silence, we want the stimualtion of dialog. When facts are brought forth we all know who wins this debate. That's why they want our silence and refuse to debate the facts. Our silence is their greatest weapon. Speak out and disarm them. Communicate and conquer.
The key is to stick to the facts, accept nothing less and don't get side tracked. Stick to the facts aand the facts will stick. I saute you all.