lest we forget dov z.

dov zakheim was comptroller for the pentagon when over 2.3 trillion dollars was -- lost --.
ryan thurston, in 'who killed john o'neill' says the 911 trail keeps coming back to jerome hauer . . . it also keeps coming back to zakheim and the neocons in the pentagon.
two articles focus the spotlight on this key behind-the-scenes player.



Yea very relevant individual,

Yea very relevant individual, this is the guy from memory who actually wrote the "new pearl harbour" quote in rebuilding America’s defences. He's also the guy who was Comptroller at the pentagon when all those trillions went missing. And he apparently runs a business that sells remote control ground operated guidance systems for manned, and unmanned aircraft such as the global hawk.

the ex cia guy that alex

the ex cia guy that alex jones
interviewed the other day said that
at least part of the 911hoax
was as a diversion
to the 2.3 trillion embezzlment.

Probably the mastermind

Ive never understood why this isnt a more damning peice of knowledge. A PNAC member with ties to both the pentagon and remote controlled airline technology coupled with the Marsh/AIG insider trading accusations and the fact that flight 11 specifically hit the Marsh offices is what makes me believe even the planes that hit the towers were remotely controlled.
Add in the incriminating data found on Marsh harddrives by CONVAR and the subsequent aquisition of Convar by Kroll which is now a subsidy of Marsh and the fact that Paul Brehmers last job before going to Iraq where he was lucky enough to find Saddam was as a CEO of Marsh.
Anyone else smell "intelligence oeration"?