A Load Of Dung, Piled to High Heaven

Judaism has been tainted by the war-making actions of people who hide behind a religion and scream "anti-Semitism" to anyone who challenges them about their war-making.

Christianity same as before, but I have a hard time thinking of some one else who's given christianity a worse name than George W. Bush. How the ever so slowly lifting silence of Christian-Americans has not demanded that George STOP tainting their faith... is completely beyond my comprehension.

Since I'm out here shooting my mouth off.... I'll continue. It appears that Muslims are doing a double fine job for the most part, first trying the best they can to distance true faith from the actions of fanatics, while also demonstrating overall restraint of retaliation for the bombing of them as a whole.

It would seem that faithful Jews and Christians would want to do the same thing; Distance themselves from war making fanatics in the name of the Israeli State, as well King George of Christ-o-America fame.

But what the fuck do I know..... religion has never been my trapping.


it's the "opiate of the masses".


With so many people whacked-out sucking on God's crack pipe... doesn't seem to leave much room for those of us who enjoy humble hand-rolled agnosticism (can also me thought of as "My private relationship with god is none of your business").

I never thought I would ever hear myself say such things.... but if these mother-f*ckers (forgive the crude language, but that is a most accurate description) if these mother-f*ckers blow up the world "in the name of God", they deserve what they get, no world to live on because they poked their own mother-earth in the ass one too many times.

What logic is there, in trying to calm such waters?

What logic is there, in the delusion that such idiocy would ever be remedied by pointing out its idiocy?

What point is there, in pretending I can do anything about such crap?

Have your Great War For God...... dumb fucks, one and all.

And a farewell "FU", to all that refused to heed the warnings not to fixate on arguments of no real consequence like exotic weapons, digital manipulation, and cigar filled rooms cooking up the next great mind-fuck. Take responsibility for yourself.... and end this kind of "Government" once and for all.

Singed: Mr. Not Happy Today.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

this isn't really 9/11

this isn't really 9/11 related..

understood, dz.

I would feel absolutely not offense if you remove the material. Can you find a way to likewise balance the quantity of other less applicable speculations?

I attended dc9eleven (an enjoyable group) last night, and was again taken aback by the ease with which this movement can descend into impotence and very possible obscurity, as focus upon the dangerous short comings of this Government, are so easily distracted by speculative theory.

Make an example of me, and begin to separate wheat from chaff. We must begin harvest as winter is fast approaching, the silos are low, and The Man is stomping to collect a tax he does not deserve.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Hey, Erin

You might not be the right guy to pester about this, but I'm going to run it past you.

I was watching network news with my parents tonight (who are LIHOP-ish) and some representative of NORAD was carefully explaining that pre-9/11, the government did not use radar or other means to track objects WITHIN US airspace -- only stuff headed in from "out there." This led to me spewing some choice words tv-ward, but my parents got all bent out of shape, asked me how I knew he was a #*&^% liar, and expressed disbelief (because this guy was evidently at work ON 9/11 so MUST know.) I had to ask myself, how DO I know this? "I read it on the internet" is not my preferred source to cite. Is there a common-sense rejoinder that sort of obviates the need to cite a source, in the context of a casual family spat (and not an academic paper or whatever)?

I have found your explanation of transponder stuff very illuminating in the past, although it has lead directly to more eruptions of obscenity, recently directed toward the newspaper and several magazine articles.

Expansion on NORAD and ATC


Further expansion on NORAD and ATC. Old stuff mostly, just re-worded again and again. Hope this helps, and good luck.

That we "read stuff on the internet" is not the best of answers when being challenged on our world view, for sure I agree. However, meeting people by aid of internet, conversing with them, counter arguing, requesting proof or presenting citation seems that the internet has a few notable advantages.... print journalism has been slacking off, and TV is looking more and more like a fix from day one. Print and TV is mostly one way, while the internet is demandingly "interactive".

As for transponders, should you be interested in more material... go to new or used book stores, search for sellers on-line, even the library. Look for excellent transponder clarifications in the VFR and IFR (Visual and Instrument Flight Rules) instruction sections. While reading those sections, you'll also see material on the basic principals of radar, both ATC and DOD. Also, something rarely brought up (yet), but will also stick in the craw of the cabal, the issue of ELTs. (Emergency Locator Transmitters). Keep an eye out for Jeppesen Sanderson, a big name that's been publishing manuals and text books for a long time.

The twist of logic at play, is the half truth of NORAD "looking outward". NORAD, as a defensive institution, spends the majority of its day paying attention to "parameter" airspace and "incoming"... this is true. It's their friggi'n job. The most well now focus of their attention is the ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone). Clearly marked on flight sectionals (maps), these areas (just outside of official U.S. airspace) are where Identification Friend or Foe is most important as air defense in these areas is the most hair-trigger like.

This is where the utmost care is taken by pilots ENTERING U.S. air space to make sure their flight path, plan, radio, and identification is 'tight', as the window of authorized entry is particularly narrow, as it should be. This window of entry is narrow in both physical flight path dimension (like staying in your lane on the freeway) as well as time constriction. By THAT measure of narrowness used to allow foreign aircraft entering our airspace, YES, by that comparison NORAD focuses its attention "out". However, its ability to view the entire world, including every square meter of airspace (approximately 200 feet altitude, and above) over the entire United States, and shift attention instantaneously, "looking outward" becomes a hair splitting phrase.

Now for the rest of the truth. NORAD looks "out", as ATC looks "in". (with all the same equipment, resolution and attention to detail). And allow me to note, that ATC does an extraordinary job of it..... VASTLY more involved, engaged and responsible for domestic airspace traffic control and safety than NORAD considering the number of lives on the line with every day of passenger air service. ATC "saves" more lives every day than NORAD has done in its entire history. NORAD EXISTS for the explicit purpose of "guarding the gates with drooling snarls" and otherwise waiting.... endlessly waiting.... 24/7.... 365..... decade after decade..... to be asked by ATC to "check this out".

By the terms of the arrangement, ATC is the traffic signals, road signs, and security gate I.D checker.... and all else, except when there is "a problem".... Mach2 Hot Rods are standing by just itching to chase down any strays or those with any "communication" problems. Communication literally takes many forms by design, for redundancy and triplicate+ conformation of "intentions". Pooled together.... a wayward or emergency situation stands out clear as day from "straight and level" vs. "questionable intent".

Two-way radio with live and talkative people on both ends, is just about the best Friend/Foe first line EVER. A change in personality, could easily be the ATCs first clue. But of course this is only the beginning... many more checks and re-checks are to follow. Transponders, as we've pointed out, are not necessary in any way what-so-ever for an aircraft to be tracked by ATC, and ever IDENTIFIED by NORAD. Transponders serve the same function as a person willingly offering a security guard proof of identification... a willingness to be interrogated. Changing the settings or ESPECIALLY turing it off... is like trying to drive through a security gate without even stopping to say hello to the guard, let alone, actively HIDING your credentials. The guard is going to be on the phone instantly, to let other more well equipped and armed personnel chase you down. The clock starts ticking the moment you blast through the gate (same as changing or turning off the transponder), the difference is that ATC and NORAD, if they had so chosen, would have ended the computer games, stopped chasing phantom bogies, and the hijacked jets would have stood out like sore thumbs among the swarms of otherwise behaving passenger jets.

If the will had been there (to stop playing the games and get to work), locating, tracking even identifying the aircraft out of all the other aircraft in the sky would have been effortless for ATC and Air Defense Radar. The only reason otherwise, was through criminal negligence... or intentional confusion.

I'm going to toss some cookies now, see you in a little bit.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.