Lynne Cheney’s Flying Monkeys on the Attack

This story from gaelicstarover shows that the imperialists have tapped Lynne Cheney (and Joe Lieberman) to help out in the effort to squash 9/11 truth:

"…from Associated Press via the Portsmouth Herald News:

"A national group has suggested that a formal review of a University of New Hampshire professor's teaching is necessary, including his views that government officials orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni, in a Sept. 1 letter to the chairman of UNH's board of trustees, suggested that ‘a formal investigation is necessary’ into William Woodward.”

Unfortunately, the article fails to mention that the organization in question was founded by Lynne Cheney, wife of Dick Cheney, with Senator Joseph Lieberman, in 1995.

These folks are as relentless as they are shameless."

Somebody send that --tch

Somebody send that --tch Lynne Cheney a copy of Crossing the Rubicon.

Investigate Dick Cheney's role in 9/11 instead!

Dick needs to be indicted for mass murder & high treason; we don't need an investigation of a truth-telling professor!

They can jump up and down,

They can jump up and down, stand on their heads, spin around in circles flapping their arms. The truth WILL NOT BE SUPRESSED. The lies WILL NOT STAND. It is as simple as that. It's over.

I am still laughing...

I am still laughing at the mental picture portrayed in the headline :)

Regarding Dr. Jones, I am in Salt Lake City and I am flooding every contact locally that I can to try to help him.

I am LDS, and I have rarely if ever crticized the Church, but I think that you should all know that it is my opinion that the final decision made in this case WILL constitute a referrendum by the LDS church on the 9/11 truth movement.

I hope that they do not present me with the type of crisis of faith that will be inevitable if they sign on in endorsement and protection of the "Official religous myth" of the Neo-Con nation-state.

Morgan, here's an idea...

Perhaps, you can start up a new organisation, Latter-Day Saints for 9/11 Truth.

Dr. Jones is LDS.

Discussion of 9/11 is important in ALL circles of American life!


great idea.

Students for 9/11 Truth

Thanks, GW!

I also think that STUDENT for 9/11 Truth is also needed.

In all of these discussions about educations, we seldom here from the students.

The Neo-Crazies insist that we must protect these "children" from ideas that question the policies or virtues of the Bushling and his Neo-Con appointees.

First of all, they are NOT "children", but YOUNG ADULTS with real MINDS! Believe me, they can handle some powerful ideas and in fact have studied and sacrificed for the opportunity to do so.

Students for 9/11 would be a powerful ally that can work alongside Scholars for 9/11 Truth!


Indicted hell, he needs to be hung along with Bush and the reast of those traitors.

Lieberman's role could be Big in CT

Thanks GW, If you have any more information about Lieberman's role in this please post it. This should play well here in CT.: Lieberman and Cheney founding a group that is suppressing the academic freedom of professors.I think there might be some people at Yale that might have something to say about this. Yale : thats right: the school which is now hosting a former official member of the Taliban Government. Lieberman supported this in the name of academic freedom and the role of riguous academic scrutiny to bring forth the truth, and convert this heathen. Ha!

I'll let Lamont's campaign know about this. Lamont doesn't have to support the professors views but he can support his right to teach and express them, and Lamont could emphasize Lieberman and Lynn Cheney's relationship. Radical Pragmatist

good stuff RP. Report back

good stuff RP. Report back on any developments with the Lamont campaign.

Check this out,

just protecting the

just protecting the husband.......


Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories that indicate the U.S. government was involved? * 4888 responses

Yes, I believe there's evidence.

No, that's ridiculous.

I'm not sure.

Lynn Cheney / MSNBC

Don't bother sending Lynn Cheney any books on 9/11, I'm sure she was breifed well before the day's events.

Btw, MSNBC juts did a respectable info piece on 9/11. Alison Stewart did a short piece on "alternate theories", which was interesting that she didn't even use the word "conspiracy." A male guest speaker went through the definitions of LIHOP and MIHOP for her and didn't even sound at all condescending when he did.

He did note the "extreme far end" of the skeptics, in regards to the "no plane / hologram" theories. Which I felt was unecessary, even though I'm sure someone at MSNBC did. : )

Lynne Cheney in the PEOPS

"Don't bother sending Lynn Cheney any books on 9/11, I'm sure she was breifed well before the day's events."

Yes, and she was there in the PEOPS... with what security clearance, I'm not sure, though she sat on the board of a major military contractor.

Furthermore, the Secret Service picked her up in downtown DC at 9:00 AM and brought her to the White House, not to the VP's residence which is surely a secured location which I believe has a bunker.

At 9 AM. Stick that in your timelines.

Where was Bush at 9 AM? What was the Secret Service doing in and around Bush at 9 AM? Why is Lynne Cheney given special attention and yet the President is allowed to enter a previously-publicized venue to dawdle for another 30 minutes?


More on the American Council of Trustees and Alumni:



If you’re with Bush, you’re with the terrorists.

Hey, folks! I've posting

Hey, folks!

I've posting more about these charming characters at the American Council for Trustees and Alumni here: