My review of 9-11: Press For Truth

I went to the premiere of 9-11: Press For Truth in the Bay area Oakland, CA last night and in the words of George Tenet.....slam dunk!!!!

It makes the official story look like a cheap conspiracy theory.

Weaving the story of the Jersey girls and other family members efforts to get an investigation into the 9-11 attacks and the timeline of Paul Thompson at, the film clearly points out the outlandish nature of the official story.

The great thing is, it isn't a conspiracy theory documentary. In fact, the word "conspiracy" isn't even muttered. Not once. No "Bush did it". No mention of bombs, no-planes, holes in the ground, pentagon walls, planted assumptions or theories.

Every fact is taken from news sources just like the terror timeline. It is focused on the pre 9-11 warnings, the steps taken by government leaders to protect themselves after receiving these warnings, and the concerted effort to cover-up their knowledge and stonewall and limit the investigation once national media attention brought to light the lack of effort to actually investigate the biggest crime ever to take place on American soil.

It is also focused on Pakistan and the dubious relationship between the CIA and ISI, showing that those responsible for funding the terrorists were in fact the same people who would now be our "best friends" in the war on terror. It documents the payment authorized by General Mahmoud Ahmad the ISI chief through Umar Sheikh to Mohammad Atta and asks the question, "why was this guy, who later was shown to have authorized a payment to the lead hijacker by Indian intellignce and confirmed by the FBI doing in Washington DC ON the morning of Sept 11th?"

The movie is an 85 minute summary of Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline which of course you have probably all read before. I know I've spent hours upon hours combing through all the links that ultimately lead me to believe WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

This movie will open previously shut eyes, close-minded brains and hopefully for the sake of justice and closure for the families who lost loved ones that day, a new investigation that will finally bring the true criminals to justice.


Didn't like it huh? ;)


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

best movie so far

because it focuses on the facts, not assumptions or theories.

there is no room to say, "you just hate George Bush, that's why you have these conspiracy theories"

it can't be said. it is cold hard facts and in your face. nothing can be denied here unless you are a reality "denier"

Can't wait to see this, and

Can't wait to see this, and also see the powerful affect it should have in 911truth's favour.

yeah i loved it

just got my copy in the mail yesterday. I was very impressed by how effective it was without mentioning demolition, wargames, or fake hijackers. I think this is the best 911 truth movie ive seen since Loose Change 2.

Still waiting for my copy of improbable collapse, its been over a month and i still have not recieved it in the mail.

Improbable Collapse

i pre-ordered that in April!!!!

someone did mention last night that it was coming out in 6 weeks. Michael Berger emailed me awhile back to say it would be a few more weeks.

If in 6 weeks i don't hear from them, i may ask for my money back. An email saying it is delayed would be fine, but i had to call Michael to actually find out what's going on.

on bergers website it says

on bergers website it says it should already be out technically, who did you hear this from? I wish i would have made it out to the oakland showing, i live in fremont but luckily my copy arrived in the mail on the same night.

someone addressing the crowd

someone addressing the crowd at the beginning of the 9:00pm showing mentioned it, because he was telling everyone that this wasn't a movie about physical evidence, then dropped that Improbable Collapse would be the one to watch which would come out in about six weeks. (he did stumble and say 6 months but corrected himself with "weeks", so who knows)

if you paid Berger through paypal, his phone number is on the receipt of payment. It is his private line or something because he answered it right away.

it's good BUT...

I watched it last night at home -- got the DVD in the mail yesterday.

I'm not as enthusiastic about the film as everyone here seems to be.

I think it's too complicated for newbies, that's my main criticism. There are segments that drag on and on, obviously to prove a point, but the details require the viewer to connect the dots (especially the Pakistan ISI connections) and I understand the rationale for this, but it requires a level of analytical thinking that many people do not have.

My point is that many in our populace require things to be more spoon fed. The film DOES do this in the previous segment when showing how Bush, Condi, Cheney, Fleischer et al are outright lying about the warnings before 9/11.

But the technicalities presented verge on boring. I think there could have been a better way of presenting with clarity both the details required to prove a point, and then a much more clearly stated result of all those background details.

The film is only going to work for those of us who care a LOT about 9/11 truth. For anyone on the fence, this film just might be too long and too tedious in making its point.

It might be more factual and less easily dismissed as Loose Change, but it isn't as compelling or as interesting as that film or even others like Barrie Zwicker's. I'm talking about my perception of the public's point of view here.

Where the film will be most useful, in my opinion, is in persuading people in positions of power, who are on the fence, to look further into the lies of 9/11. That is where the strength of this documentary lies.


but the truth ain't always "flashy".



Barrie Zwicker's film isn't flashy, but it's much less confusing, and much more direct. Some of my favorite documentaries aren't flashy either -- but, they are concise and easy to understand. "Hijacking Catastrophe" is a good example.

they are two entirely

they are two entirely different films, one is a direct implication that is an inside job false flag attack (greatconspiracy) and one lets the viewer's imagination fill in the blanks on what happened but directly implies a cover up (911pressfortruth). They have a different agenda and i think they each do the job well, however i think PRess for truth would be significantly more effective in converting fence sitters, people on the left, and even republicans that the 9/11 investigation was an obvious coverup. While i am a firm Mihopper, i think its good to see a different style of film made about 911 with high production values.

too long?

it was only 85 minutes. i thought it was too SHORT. it could have laid down the whole timeline and been 3 hrs long.

in fact, it left out some stuff that would have made it longer.

After they talk about Ahmad in DC on 9-11, there is a clip of Sen. Graham talking about the investigation, and i'm thinking..this guy was having breakfast with the Ahmad that morning, and they are telling us this guy was part of the investigation (not the commission but the senate/house intelligence hearings.)

then i thought for sure they would mention he was one of the people meeting with the Atta paymaster in the morning, but they didn't. nor did they mention Porter Goss, which to me, makes everything they do suspicious. They're investigating something that they might be a part of, and yet no mention of it. The only mentioned Kissinger and how is clients included the Bin Laden family, which is why he stepped down.

my favorite part of the

my favorite part of the whole movie was the press conference with Ari Fliescher being asked "So where is that white paper colin powel said he would be supplying to the media that shows the connection between the 9/11 attacks and bin laden"

his respons was "Powell never said he would supply one of those, it was a misunderstanding" and the reporter simply said

"i just cant.... it just seems like you want us to trust you"

very good clip.


Yes, too long on such few points. It could have been longer IF it had covered more territory.

I think the larger point about my criticism of this film is that it will be well received by the 9/11 truth insiders (people who've already been convinced), but it will be harder to capture the imagination of those on the outside.

I don't take issue with the fact that the ARGUMENTS are all totally factual. The problem is in the editing, the emphasis, the complicated details, and the overall presentation.

I disagree...

With this statement...

"but it will be harder to capture the imagination of those on the outside."

If you had said the exact opposite, you would have hit the nail on the head.


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

fair enough

and, I certainly WANT people on the outside to be moved by this film. I'm just trying to be honest about the problems I had with it -- and, I do realize I'm projecting when it comes to the outside reaction (assuming this film will even get any kind of widespread attention).

I watched it with my Mom -- who's admittedly not completely up on 9/11, but she IS a truther -- and she found it extremely confusing. Not a scientific survey by any means.... but I also found it somewhat difficult, and I DO know a lot about 9/11 truth.

There are MANY good points to the film. Don't get me wrong. The human side of the Jersey girls and others, especially the gentleman from Philly who's "pissed off" -- very powerful. The lies from the administration, clear as day. But, the Pakistani segment is long and confusing.... and it's IMPORTANT. But, there are SO MANY other important and even more compelling aspects to 9/11 truth that didn't get covered.... almost as if the filmmakers were too careful in playing it safe.

I wish I could be more enthusiastic about the film, because I had high hopes.... maybe just too high, because of all the hype here.

good feedback

Your mom's perspective is valuable feedback.

I also watched it with my parents, who are do-gooder liberal clergy people (which I say with all respect.) They are trying SO HARD not to be Truthers, I can tell. My mom has said, "but what do you DO with this information?" They really liked PFT.

The next night at a dinner party they held, which I attended, my dad abruptly brought up 9/11 and my interest in it, (and to my mild chagrin) I gave an impromptu 9/11 101 spiel, followed by a Q & A. I think PFT is going to be the catalyst for many instances where this information can flow within groups of people who are already connected.


And, that's really interesting about your parents and their reaction -- plus, your father bringing up your interest in 9/11 truth at a dinner party. I was put on the spot at a similar event -- a neighbor's party a few months ago -- and, I stepped up to the plate and talked at length with a couple, one of whom had previously said she thought Cheney was a monster (without knowing about 9/11 truth). I don't know if I convinced them, but at least they listened, and maybe they've gone on to give more credence to news stories like the one in today's WaPo.

But, back to the film, it sounds like your parents had a good reaction to it. Were they convinced? Sounds like it.... but, I can see why they'd be scared too -- what to do with this information. Revolution doesn't sound too appealing to most Americans. Even peaceful revolution, because it requires sacrifices and danger.

I leave it there.... thanks for sharing, casseia. And, btw, I've enjoyed ALL of your postings I've read here. Very much in sync with my thoughts/feelings.


Yup, convinced

Yes they were convinced -- of the "they lied, they all lied part." And I'm sure they were also convinced of the ISI role and the CIA's connection to the ISI. I'm pretty sure it got them from imcompetence to LIHOP and I think their main obstacle to MIHOP is their paralysis when faced with the facts. Another guest at the party reacted that way -- I think some people just "don't want to go there" unless they have an idea of what they're going to do when they "get there." And I didn't have much to tell them on that count. A new investigation of the government by the government just ain't gonna work. International war crimes tribunal, maybe. Invasion and occupation by Venezuela, possibly (jk).

And thank YOU for sharing. The feeling is mutual.'


Yeah, MIHOP is hard to swallow because there are so many myths that that realization shatters -- 9/11, mainstream media cover-up, alternative media cover-up, Democrats and liberals covering-up too. Pretty shocking, especially if you still want to believe in the American dream and need to hang on to stuff we were all raised and brainwashed with! OMG, nobody represents us after all, and we really don't have a democracy after all.

i think with the right

i think with the right marketing push and distribution chain this film could get just as popular as some of the recent liberal/left leaning documentaries like Freedom to Facism, Why we Fight, and Who killed the electric car. I wonder what the disinformation people are doing beyond these initial screenings. I firmly believe we could see something like this at sundance or even cannes


"Where the film will be most

"Where the film will be most useful, in my opinion, is in persuading people in positions of power, who are on the fence, to look further into the lies of 9/11. That is where the strength of this documentary lies."

exactly, i think it will have the same effect on people as Farenhiet 9/11 did. That movie while being extreme left gate-keeping woke up a lot of people who were previously sitting on the fence.

I'm surprised

No one talked about the footage from outside the Commission hearings. When Lorie Van Auken said, "we gave them questions for the people testifying today, and they're not asking them", or, "We want Philip Zelikow to resign", or "it's a stonewall, its' a cover-up. I'm very angry, I'm very bitter", or, "it's a bunch of people giving accolades to each other..."

It doesn't get any better than that.


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

There's another Lorie van Auken scene

I'm blanking on the exact details, but somewhere she says something like, this information leads to bad places, and we don't know just how bad -- but the look in her eyes says "Oh, yes we do." She's comin' for you, Dubya and Dick (and freaky shadow government people.) Her facial expression just says to me, "I've got my fingernail under the poptop of my can of whoop-ass."

Press for Truth in DC

This movie is showing in Washington DC, about two blocks from the FBI building, on September 10 & 11. DC911Truth is going to be there on both nights, distributing flyers inviting the punters to Barrie Zwicker's presentation at the DC Library (also in the immediate neighborhood)on September 14. From these comments it seems our time will be well spent.

- This movie makes the

- This movie makes the administration look like fools over and over with news footage. The best is Bush absolutely freaking when asked about needing to testify with Dick. Looking back on the cuts of Bush give his "with us or against us" speeches is a little freaky. I bought all of these lies a few years ago and was pumped up by him. But when you look at those videos now, it is obvious that he is lying out of his ass. When Congress stands up and cheers him during speeches right after 9/11, it honestly looks like a Nazi rally.

- For MIHOPers, there is a minute or two hinting at demolition stuff, and some healthy footage of WTC 7.

- This movie does a solid job exposing the conflicts on the 9/11 Commission.

- It gets an A+ for explaining who the ISI is and how they are a wing of CIA and all work together to mainpulate Al Qaeda.

- My only beef is that there was no mention of wargames, Sibel Edmonds, Able Danger.

- Bob McIlvaine is a god and put me in tears at the end.