New York Attorney General Candidate Will Investigate 9/11 When Elected

Rachel Treichler, the Green Party candidate for Attorney General, announced today at her home in Hammondsport that she will conduct a full, independent investigation of 9/11 as soon as she is elected. She expressed surprise that current Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has not already done so.

"Numerous investigators have presented Spitzer with evidence over the last five years showing that our understanding of what happened on September 11, 2001 is incorrect," Treichler said, "and still he has not acted. Evidence has been presented showing that the twin towers were brought down by a controlled demolition, not by burning jet fuel. If this is true, it radically alters our conception of what happened that day and in the days that followed. It means that people other than the people in the planes were responsible for the deaths and destruction that occurred that day. Who were these people? Are they in a position to harm us further?"

"The Attorney General of New York needs to investigate what really happened on 9/11. There is no more important task the Attorney General can perform in protecting the people of this state," Treichler said.

For more information about Treichler's campaign, visit her website,

A modest proposal

I've been kicking this idea around for a while. This seems like a good time to bring it up. What about reviving the 9/11 Truth Statement from 2004? It specifically calls on Eliot Spitzer to conduct an investigation (among other things).

The list of signatories is quite impressive. By my quick count, 1 in 5 of the 100 names have been guests on Democracy Now.

Lets raise a hell of a lot of money!

Lets raise some serious cash for this candidate. Couldn't ask for better PR. 100,000 of us give 5 bucks and our candidate will be in sirloin city.

Raise Money

1/2 a mil was off the top of my head. Not sure how much it costs to become the chief law enforcement officer in the empire builder state.