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Truth in NYC this weekend

this needs to be a front page thread, I'm blogging it right now

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply


Man, this has to be one of the most informative and balanced MSM pieces I've seen yet! Granted, they still didn't mention building 7, but at least were VERY respectful, not only to Dr. Griffin, but to the movement itself.

Kudos to MSNBC - maybe the tide is starting to turn...

Please get this onto the front page!

those fucking no-planers

those fucking no-planers tainted the article though. figures. fuckin bastards.

Mainstream blasphemy

What the heck? A mainstream article that isn't even a hit piece, but an actual balanced, investigative story? What is the world coming too.

Wonder what distractions BushCo will use to divert attention from this one. Another Al Quaeda video, with even better karate moves and slicker WTC graphics should do the trick.

Please do blog it, thanks!

Please do blog it, thanks!

The forthcoming anniversary...

The forthcoming anniversary on Monday is sure to be cause for reflection. There are times when events occur that have the potential to change the world, to change the way we see things.

I’ll bet $10 you think I’m thinking of the anniversary of the human tragedy we know now simply as 9/11. Surely we should each spend some time thinking about those events, how they came to pass, and what they mean for us and the world. I recall a haiku I wrote a few days later:


Ashes and soot fallen,
Petrified by blood and tears:
Whetstone for a sword?

But it is not the events in New York and Washington to which I refer…

It is an event that occurred one hundred years ago on 9/11/1906.

On that date, a meeting was convened at the Empire Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa by a struggling Indian lawyer who had been thrown off a train. At that meeting, he quoted a writer from Concord, Massachusetts and more than 3000 people solemnly pledged to disobey a proposed law, without the use of violence, despite the consequences. Thus began a nonviolent revolution that would, in time, touch not only South Africa, but India and the United States and many other countries as well.

-- --

Satyagraha is a kind of force. It changes people for the better through nonviolent persuasion. No matter how brutal and dehumanized people become, the capacity for what Gandhi calls reason (or a kind of personal sensitivity) is always there.

A friend of Professor Nagler owes her very existence to this fact. Lily's parents-to-be were Polish Jews who were in the underground in Warsaw during WWII. One night the Gestapo raided their apartment and found documents that would have spelled their death; but just at that moment their little boy went up to the Gestapo captain and started playing with the shiny buttons on his uniform! His parents were horrified, but when the captain looked down at the little boy he stopped talking and, after a long moment that must have seemed like eternity he said, in a totally changed voice, "I have a little boy at home just his age, and I miss him very much." Then he quietly added, "Your son has saved your life" and ordered his men out of the apartment. Lilian, an important peace activist today, was born ten years later. Satyagraha is a way to do consciously what the little boy did in all innocence: to reawaken another's humane awareness; that is, by acting humanly ourselves, and by refusing to overlook the humanity of the other, to rehumanize ourselves in another's eyes.

Satyagraha can take different forms in different situations - indeed, many nonviolent practitioners believe, with Gandhi, that there is no situation, however extreme, in which it cannot work. There are certain basic principles, or enabling conditions, that most activists and scholars agree make up the core of Satyagraha:

* Means determine ends: we can never use destructive means like violence to bring about constructive ends like democracy and peace.

* Evil is the enemy, not the person committing it. In Christian terms, 'hate the sin, but not the sinner.' The clearest sign that 'truth power' is at work is when your opponent ends up becoming your ally, even your friend. Indeed, activists often discover that the more they can bring themselves to accept the person opposing them, the more effectively they can reach common ground.

* Our actions have far more consequence than the immediate, visible results. In fact, it is perfectly possible that our efforts may 'fail' to deliver the immediate result we want but succeed in doing more than we may have dreamed of.

"The fact is that Satyagraha was not designed to seize any particular objective or to crush the opponent, but to set in motion forces which would ultimately lead to a new equation; in such a strategy it [is] perfectly possible to lose all the battles and still win the war."

-- Gandhian historian B. R. Nanda

"A brief history of September 11, 1906: the Birth of Satyagraha"... adapted by Nonviolent Peaceforce volunteer Derek Mitchell & Nonviolent Peaceforce staff from the writings of Professor Michael Nagler, Professor emeritus and founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies program at University of California, Berkeley.

-- --

Also of note: It was a Muslim who brought the spiritual dimension to Gandhi's initially secular plan for peaceful resistance.

Thanks to Tom Atlee for bringing this to my attention.

Tom Atlee * The Co-Intelligence Institute * PO Box 493 * Eugene, OR 97440 *
Tom Atlee's blog

beautiful, spot-on, again

thanks magmak1.

gandhi also said that we must --be-- that change which we wish to see in the world. only the truly brave will enter that rabbit hole.


It's Go Time, D Day For Change Is Near

The time is now. For any serious 9/11 Truther, anti war person, or anyone who opposes the Bush regime and the globalist agenda the time is NOW. Spare no change starting RIGHT NOW to disrupt-hijack-spam all political and non political blogs, forums, and other sites to get the word out of 9/11 Truth. Put banners on freeways, put banners on billboards, take to the streets with signs, hand out flyers and dvd-rs. Stage skits in Time Square, make some noise.
9/11/2006 will be our shining moment, to declare to the world that we are the 9/11 Truth Activist Movement, and we are no longer fringe. We are not going away. And we have half the victims families and millions of people on our side.

Unlike the anti war "Iraq was a lie" groups, we will not go out quietly like little good sheep. We will stand up, and scream from the rooftops that our government lied about 9/11, and the ONLY ONES who benefited was the US government and it's allies and financial ties.

DO NOT let ANYONE call you a "conspiracy theorist" or "unamerican", and if they do respond back that you are sworn to expose all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC...that is what being a real patriot is about.

Make some m---er f----ing noise people, as TRUTH and KNOWLEGE is our weapon, our "jihad". The government wants to use fear against us, using what's left of our 1st amendment will be our greatest salvo right back.

Between NOW and Monday JAM, JAM, JAM, JAM, JAM EVERY blog and forum you can think of, then monday take to the streets. The cover of TIME Magazine this week for our valliant efforts, the end of the Iran and World War 3 plans soon. Exposing 9/11 is the crucial key to STOPPING the march toward World War 3. Victory will be to truth.

F*ckin' right!

Gotta go dig out my Rage Against the Machine CDs...

Some pertinent messages from this incredible group:

"Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war. F*ck the norm!"

"What? The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your ENEMY!"

"We gotta take the power back!"


and of course my favorite: "It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?"

Spread the word - WAKE 'EM UP.



Digg the Washington Post article on

Reuters on ABC's 9/11 Miniseries !

ABC's "The View" just had a biased guest on their show

Contact ABC to complain about "The Path to 9/11" and "The View"

Contact them at:

and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Threaten to boycott their advertisers and to tell their advertisers why they are being boycotted.

Remind them that the Ronald Reagan TV movie was pulled because of the public's protests.

This "docudrama" is designed to encourage people to vote Republican in order to keep the Republicans in power so that they won't investigate 9/11 or any other crimes committed by the Bush cabal.

ABC's "The View" just had the writer of "Debunking 9/11 Myths" on with no one to counter any of his false claims and with all 4 of the so-called 'ladies' encouraging him with no counterbalance whatsoever.

Complain to them and tell everyone you know to complain to ABC. This is obviously a conspiracy to indoctrinate people with lies right before the 9/11 5th anniversary and perhaps before a 2nd 9/11 occurs to jutify Bush and cabal attacking Iran and Syria.

hell yeah... and drop some

hell yeah...

and drop some smoking guns on 'em

But, Rosie O just gave away free stuff

That makes it all better.

Democrat House Candidate A 9/11 Denier


At a minimum, even if the buildings fell like the official story says, that does not refute the theory that it was allowed to happen.


And the NORAD stand-down not only proves it was allowed to happen, but that willing cooperation must have taken place. No hijacker would attempt 9-11 unless they KNEW the planes would not be shot down, it would be a completely futile attempt.

(But since there were probably no "hijackers" on those planes anyway, this is a moot point.)


The real problem is goverment lying and obstructing justice.
911 has to be reinvestigated!

Read an article in the Daily

Read an article in the Daily Mail I think from the UK (photcopied it aswell but can't find my copy right now!) Explains how airliners are only just getting hotspots installed insdie, making the top of the plane act as a huge mobile phone mast. This would enable people to make mobile phone calls on planes at around 10,000 ft. This techonology is new apparently. Weren't the calls made from the hijacked planes made from 30,000 ft? Magic huh :)

Steven Jones ALERT!!!!

Just heard on KSL radio that BYU proffessor Steven Lones was suspended.
Funny Ol GW was here in SLC this past week.
Alot of talk on the radio concerning 9/11.
Also heard GW to address the nation on 9/11 in prime time.

Will Stone step up this time?

Stone weighing up second 9/11 movie

Staff and agencies
Thursday September 7, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

Fresh from the success of his controversial World Trade Center, Oliver Stone plans to make a second film about the 9/11 attacks.,,1866573,00.html

Bin Laden Tape Betrays

Bin Laden Tape Betrays 'Phony Hijacker' Contradiction
Target is "U.S. home audience," as with fake Al-Zarqawi propaganda campaign, to reinforce 9/11 myth as 5th anniversary nears

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 8 2006

A new tape showing Osama Bin Laden meeting with September 11 hijackers days before the attack has served to boost the Bush administration's war on terror agenda as the fifth anniversary of 9/11 nears, yet one of the hijackers who appears in the tape is reported elsewhere as still alive and completely unconnected to the terror plot.

Jones Under Review

BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave,1249,645199800,00.html

Jones put on "paid leave"??? Time to bombard BYU w/Truth emails!

Dr. Steven Jones put on "paid leave"??? Time to bombard BYU w/Truth emails!

Complain to BYU's President

Write to the President of BYU to complain at:

and tell everyone you know to do the same thing.

NO, don't complain. If you

NO, don't complain. If you feel you must contact them, do it politely and positively. Here's what I wrote:

President Samuelson,

I just wanted to send a quick note expressing my support for Dr. Jones. I am very grateful for the research he has done regarding 9/11; I learned several pieces of information from his paper that I had not encountered before.

I understand if the University feels the need to investigate given the amount of attention Dr. Jones has received, including the recent op-ed on World Net Daily that falsely accused him of advocating violent revolution.

BYU's decision to put him on paid leave is not inappropriate, although I am somewhat disappointed that his paper was removed from the BYU website. I only ask that you and your staff conduct your investigation and restore Dr. Jones' status as quickly as possible.

What's "CGI"?

I feel kind of silly for having to ask, because it seems to be commonly understood already, but in the past few weeks, I've seen the abbreviation "CGI" a multitude of times. It particularly seems to apply in the context of the no-plane theory (often abbreviated NPT). Could somebody please spell out "CGI" for me? Thanks.

computer generated image. im

computer generated image. im so sorry that you even know that term. its the current tactic of "them" to take down the 9/11 truth movement. making it seem like we dont think any planes hit the towers and all the people in Manhattan are "in on it".

Much more simpler photoshop

Much more simpler photoshop graphics do still fool sheeple with every new "Bin Laden Video".

Chris is an orwellian supporter of the Media Matrix.

Nothing is "taken down". The MSM doesn't even take much care about 9/11 TV Fakery and the latest article in WP was pretty harmless on this as well.

Nico, you need to get a new

Nico, you need to get a new put-down. that "orwellian matrix" one is getting tired. maybe you can go back to using "butterhead'? fucking moron. go back to Germany, we dont want you here you piece of shit agent.

those who promote it have

those who promote it have one objective. to slow down and ultimately stop the progress of the 9/11 truth movement.


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