Peter Dale Scott followed by Kevin Ryan on Alex Jones today.

Alex Jones talks with Canadian-born poet, author, and anti-war activist, Peter Dale Scott about 9/11, his "deep history" research, and his book Drugs Oil and War.

Will be followed by Kevin Ryan.

"This is absolutely central to understanding 9/11. Which is, that the American government, the CIA, have been using Muslim fundamentalists for 30 years." - Peter Dale Scott - 9/8/2006 - Alex Jones Radio Show.

In progress.

Another Insulting Alternet Hit Piece

9/11 Conspiracy Fantasies

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New America Media. Posted September 7, 2006.

President Bush's policies of deception are breeding an increasing number of fringe theories about the 9/11 attacks.

One Commenter's Thoughts

One commenter has this to say at Alternet:


Posted by: angrylefty on Sep 8, 2006 5:11 AM:

So I get this email yesterday asking me to donate some money to Alternet. "We're running out of money", they say. "Where else can you get this type of news coverage?", they implore. So I dutifully donate some of my hard-earned cash because, of course, I agree with them.

Cut to today. By way of thanks, Earl Ofari Hutchinson is now telling me to shut up, get in line, and buy into the "official" fable of 9/11? I am to believe the steaming pile of "facts" that are being shoveled down my throat by one of the most corrupt administrations in history? Well, I could have gotten this type of coverage at, couldn't I? For Free.

Kevin Ryan just joined Alex and Dr. Scott. !!!! 1:50 est

Good stuff!

Peter Scott Dale's "Meta

Peter Scott Dale's "Meta Group" theory on 9/11 is one of the bravest and honest theories I've read about 9/11, and makes a lot of sense. It shows the US and Pakistan werent the only ones who got something out of 9/11's planning.