Site Outages

Bah. The site was down for about 5 hours tonight. Unfortunately this was due to a glitch which was out of my control.. I do have a solution, but making use of that solution would cause a site outage for about 72 hours.. Right now I am going to keep my fingers crossed that my current host can keep us running through at least a week after 9/11, at that point I will make the necessary hosting changes. I am very sorry for the site outage, it is just really really bad timing.

In the mean time however.. We have a completely redesigned theme which will be going into affect in the coming days. I would appreciate it if some of our users could give it a test run. I personally have been using this new theme for a little over a day or so and I can't stand to look at the old site layout after using this new one. You can switch to this new theme by visiting 'My Account' and then editing your profile. Change your settings to make use of the 'TestTheme_DoNotUse' theme. Please try it out for a few hours before posting any feedback, you should find it a ton better to use once you get the hang of it. Please post some constructive feedback in the comments if you test it out, and unless something major comes up I would expect us to make the switch tomorrow night.

Sorry again for the outages, I wish it was something I could fix instantly. If anything these outages show how quickly this site is growing.

Best wishes.


Whew...thought the NSA had decided you were making things difficult.


I thoght the same thing, since the new Bin Laden Tape and all thier worry of the exposure I thought they might have hired a hacker and crashed the site.

Hopefuly we have counter-measures against hackers.

Very nice!!

I'm really excited about this new theme. WTG! Can't wait to see it as the default. Looks great, and is gonna be very user friendly.


It really looks great !

Every banned no-planer = 1000 new Truthers !!!

if yall see this please let

if yall see this please let me know what OS you are using and what web browser and version..

i've tested it on IE6, IE7, and Firefox so far.. all on XP..

thanks for the nice comments!

I was one of the naysayers...

but now I love the new site! Especially the ability to post and read Blogs! Sorry for giving you grief DZ. You did a great job!

My wife almost had to sedate me last night when the site went down. I was sure Bush's new Strategy to go after the so-called "conspiracy theorists" had kicked in.

Anyway, I'm using FireFox on XP and I'm having no problemo's!

did you test out the new

did you test out the new theme? i posted how to do it in the blog entry.. the new theme is pretty damn bad ass i think, give it a whirl.

oh, and no hard feelings, just dont do it again ;)

BAD ASS is Right!!!

I'm sold.

The new theme looks

The new theme looks beautiful, huge thanks to the person who did it!! I really love the sleekness of it, looks extremely neat and professional, very cool! For suggestions I'd say because the "recent headlines" "recent media" "action items" etc are a great way of quickly condensing key info. And because their one of the sites best focuses, I think they should be sticking out just a bit more, maybe just by making them bold would fix that.

Also the new comments are really well done as well, I love the subtle style of them. Although I think the parts that shouldn’t be so subtle are the posters names etc, because it's hard to work out who's saying what. And the "new comments" should stick out more, which would be easily done just by making "New" on the new comments a better more eye-catching colour. Another thing I noticed is that the "enable rich text" makes the text box a dark brown, and the actual text black etc, which makes it impossible to read and use basically.

Finally I think the colour of the grey boxes for "recent blog posts" "911 sites/blogs" etc should be changed to something just a little more fresher, and that goes well with the great new colour scheme.

Over all really really impressed!!! Looks fabulous!!!!

thanks for all the detailed

thanks for all the detailed feedback, we will be looking into some more changes to the layout over the weekend.


Hey dz

Also LOVING the new look and format. My feedback so far:

It would be great it the word "new" next to new comments was a bolder color -- the red in the old version made it very easy to quickly scroll through a thread and see where the new ones are. (The "tracker' feature is fan-freaking-tastic -- when it was down last weekend I suffered mightily.)

I personally had no use for the shoutbox, so I feel like it's expendable. The "recent comments" box was a useful way to draw attention to a reply, but I can certainly live without it.

Text in my reply box is light blue and not the easiest to read against the gray background. Not a biggie.

I'm using the newest Firefox (whatever number that is) Windows version.

Also one other thing, the ad

Also one other thing, the ad fundraiser figure is difficult to read, for me it looks like light pink text on green. I think it would be cool to change it to like a thermometer or something (like a small similar version to what has), with a bar that increases and has a goal etc.

ya, this is one of the

ya, this is one of the things left to be done..

I can't get over how good

I can't get over how good that new look is, it makes sites like Daily Kos seem left behind appearance wise.

Also I just noticed little blocks poking into the threads, here’s a screenshot;

is this happening at the top

is this happening at the top of the page, or is this an effect that is materializing when scrolling? get a pic of the top of the page for me if you can..


btw, stop using the aol browser, use firefox!!! :)

The top's fine dude, and it

The top's fine dude, and it seems to be only on the blog page, it starts about one quarter of the page down. And I agree AOL is stoopid lol.

Love the new suggestion

My one suggestion:

increase the "line height" in the CSS. It creates more room between each line of text. This small adjustment makes it SO much easier to read the paragraphs.

Keep up the great work!

your talking about the

your talking about the comments section right? noted!


hey dz, the new is quite impressive - everything from the layout to the features. As a fellow web developer I could understand all the hard work that you definately put into it.

The site outages are unfortunate, and if it comes to paying for a dedicated webhost, you can count on my donation.

keep up the great work!