Washington Post Article on 9/11 Truth (With 2 Polls)

The Washington Post has written a fairly balanced article on 9/11 truth entitled "9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply: Many Americans suspect U.S. government involvement or complicity".

Read the article and vote on both of the online polls.

Write Mr. Powell and the WaPo

I wrote a note of thanks to Michael Powell (powellm@washpost.com) to let him know we appreciate his even-handed article.

Also, I called Jim Brady, the WaPo editor, and left a message of thanks.
Call 800.627.1150, press "0" and ask the operator for Mr. Brady's office. You can leave a voicemail message.

i was reading that thinking

i was reading that thinking it was incredible---

why didnt they mention building 7 though?


what is with this fake msm coverage that talks about nico (wtf??)---and never mentions building 7??

still seemed like a nice article ---but really

what the fuck

Yeah, this was a really even handed article...

"they produce hip-hop inflected documentaries and scholarly conferences. The Web is their mother lode. Every citizen is a researcher. There's nothing like a triple, Google-fed epiphany lighting up the laptop at 2:44 a.m...."

The above quote clearly demonstrates a high degree of "even handedness". Yeah, the author is really being quite balanced here. We should thank Michael Powell for his wonderful, incisive, journalistic style ...

Is this the Michael Powell,

FCC chairmen and son of Colin Powell?

He is a gentle person:

@ Michael Powell:
Gesendet: Sa 09.09.2006 00:44

Thanks for your covering

perhaps it was not your purpose to do the 911 truth something good, but you do "us" conspiracy "theorists" a great advantage by bringing attention to the contradictions in the official conspiracy theory.

Kind regards

Dirk Gerhardt
aka Sitting-Bull


Dear Sitting Bull,

It was a long strange trip, and interesting.



Michael Powell
New York Bureau Chief
Washington Post
212 445 5298

Morgan Reynolds...

... Man, he really pisses me off. His job seems to be to dip himself in a pile of poo-poo and run into a crowd of 9/11 Truthers, waiting for the journalists to approach.

I hope he's at least being well compensated for his efforts.

Between this and the MSNBC

Between this and the MSNBC poll Im starting to wonder if there is some serious infighting going on behind the media scenes. Almost like theyre trying to wake people up. Remember, they may have thier hands tied too. They have to do this in a cretain way..give credit and support where its due and force them into the next move.


yeah, it sure makes you wonder, because this article is nothing like the previous hit pieces the WaPo has published.... and even though the article could have been even MORE even-handed (include WTC7, subtract Nico), it was much more fair than I expected. Makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Join in the comments at WaPo

Join in the comments at WaPo
Lots of Non-believers, kool-aid drinkers.


they got "request for

they got "request for removal" on each
of the posts---

you could post a negative reaction
to the sheeple posts and the site
owner reviews it

Big schedule in NYC this weekend!!!

Big schedule in NYC this weekend!!!

The "other"

Subliminal sideline on the 9/11 poll spot

Under "most viewed":

"False 9/11 accusation landed student in jail"

Whoops, that should have

Whoops, that should have been on the "other" poll at MSNBC instead