Washington Post on MSNBC gives exposure to 911 truth movement.

I retract what I said about the Washington Post article on MSNBC, actually is not that bad, they put all the point across and i dont see any ridiculing, I just read it carefuly, I jumped to quickly to a conclusion by assuming anything from big media was propaganda. My mistake, the article is very subtle to not sound pro 911 truth movement. they do point out the diferences of Reynold and Jones. I hope this get more people to look for the truth.


Not so fast...

Do you have any idea how many people this is going to make look into this? Any storys in the paper whether its promoting us or mocking us raises issues that should spark people to do thier own research. And isnt that what the goal of this group is? The evidence speaks for itself, it doesnt need pushed on people. What needs pushed on people is to look at the facts.
I got here trying to DISprove Dylan Averys claim that there was no plane debris at the pentagon.
Not many people wake up knowing there government just killed 3000 people for its own interests. And even fewer wake up willing to let you tell them they are wrong about something they are SURE they know. People are going to doubt and mock us. Hell I did at first too.
Whats important is that every single brief moment we get in the spotlight we push one point enough to spark one persons interests. Just look at what the "pass it on" efforts have done for our movement in the last year.
The evidence will speak for itself.


This piece is a triumph of sorts for the Truth Movement. The Wash. Post is taking it slow and careful in an effort to raise awareness about the alternative theories.

If they sided too heavily with the truthers, they would certainly lose credibility with many Americans.

Instead they get the reader reading, and have presented the story in precisely the way we need them to.

Kudos to both MSNBC and the Post for having the balls to portray both the movement and Dr. Griffin in a balanced and respectable light.

Good point

Well it will get more people interested in what truth we might be spreading, people might do thier own research. I just hope that people won't be discourage to look into the omissions, holes, failures to prove osama and al caeda did it, removal of evidence, denial that they had no idea that they would use hijacked airplanes to attack us, all those points which they dont want to mention.
I remembered that i used to support bush 4 weeks ago, I had develop hate against muslims for what they had done, I argued against people that opposed the wars, I even agreed with the patroit act cause since I have nothing to hide I thought that it might help catch terrorist, but now i realized that the patriot act is indeed against the constitution that we must protect.
I was shocked by what happened on 911 and agreed with my government that they would take the necesary steps to protect us.
There was not enought proof or motives to attack those 2 countries if 911 didn't happen, 911 was used as excuse to attack those countries, they throw in the mix claims against those countries which they couldn't prove.
What I am upset about is that we went for the wrong reasons. They are fostering hatred against muslims.
I do agree that the muslim countries have people that hated use before 911 and now even more after it.
The only thing I agree with bush is that we are not safe.
No wonder we are not safe since he has increased the amount of people that hate us by all the decisions that his administrations have done.

Government leaders from our country already made horrendous mistakes, I don't fell safer because I cannot travel with peace of mind to any country cause I run the risk of being killed because now we are the most hated country of the world.