Impeach for 9/11

I am re-linking 9/11 Lies: Another Basis for Impeachment in light of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, though the administration tried to push such a link.

I know that there are alot of good arguments against impeachment. For example:

• The "bad guys" will just be replaced by equally bad politicians

• It will be a token measure which will provide cover and "let off steam" without actually bringing the perps to justice

• Seeking impeachment might politicize 9/11 truth, making it seem like a Democratic issue

On the other hand, "Impeach for 9/11" is a catchy phrase, which conveys in a mere 3 words that Bush and Cheney were some of the guilty parties.

More importantly, since the President and Vice President apparently cannot be tried criminally unless they are out of office, impeachment might be a good first step to get them out of office so that criminal prosecutions can be brought.

If we start impeachment proceedings based on false statements by President Bush and Vice President Cheney linking Saddam to 9/11, can we then move the proceedings to who was REALLY behind 9/11? Is this a good strategy, or a waste of time?

Impeachment and 9-11!

I know that there are alot of good arguments against impeachment.
ARE YOU NUTS OR WHAT? That is EXACTLY what needs to happen! I don't know of ANY good arguments AGAINST impeachment! There are NO,NO good arguments against impeachment, NONE! These pure evil bastards took us into an illegal,immoral warS over lies, lies and more lies and MASS MURDERED 3000+ OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS AND YOUR SAYING THERE ARE ALOT OF GOOD ARGUMENTS AGAINST IMPEACHMENT??? My God, are you nuts or what? That said, You don't have to worry about it, because gutless, worthless, in bed with them too, Congress is NOT going to impeach the bastards, as they are majority of them in bed together! And get a clue, they are ALREADY trying to politicize 9-11, Bush and others, so us pressing for impeachment is NOT going to further that! Are you insane or what? OF course, they ALL need impeachment and put in prison and YESTERDAY! But with gutless, in bed with them too Congress is NOT ,NOT going to do it! We need to get them arrested for TREASON BY U..S. TROOPS, which our troops can legally do! To prevent them from doing another false flag again, this time nuclear, which is what they are planning, I believe! And possibly biological too! To say there are ALOT of arguments against impeachment IS INSANTITY! They ALL should have been impeached YEARS AGO! But you don't have to worry given the makeup of our gutless, in bed with them too, Congress! Many of whom need impeachment TOO!

Um, impeachment is not quite

Um, impeachment is not quite enough. Bush, Cheney, and (especially) the neocons in the White House, and lots more people besides, need to be executed for treason for 9/11. How can you possibly say that impeachment is sufficient?!?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves..

Let's not get ahead of ourselves with talks of treason and war crime trials and whatnot. Our best shot at mainstream 9/11 Truth is by bringing light to the 9/11 Commission inadequacies and steadfastly supporting the 9/11 families. We need to get ahold of 9/11:Press For Truth and spread it as far and wide as possible. The families garner (and rightfully so) sympathy and compassion. People who refuse to adopt LIHOP/MIHOP will be sympathetic to the families call for another investigation. Then, all the dirty details will start to get looked into and the chips will fall where they will.

Also, you need to realize that Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) will be Chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Dems regain the House. He has already spoken and written at length on the crimes perpetrated by the Bush administration; from torture, to illegal spying, to pre-war intel manipulation, Conyers will no doubt lauch investigations and impeachment proceedings if need be.

Helping get the Democrats back in power is -- unfortunately -- our only hope.

Do what you can.

Helping get the Democrats

Helping get the Democrats back in power is -- unfortunately -- our only hope.


Yeah, a lot of good the Democrats have been. I say there's about a 95% chance that both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton knew about 9/11 from the beginning. In any case they've both supported things like the Patriot Act, War in Iraq, etc. that were among the main motives for 9/11.

yes, both parties are about

yes, both parties are about useless, but more democrats opposed both the war and the un-Patriot Act than republicans did. Cynthia McKinney is a democrat. there are SOME differences. that said i will continue to vote third party. also, to say Kerry and Hillary knew about 9/11 is irrational as hell. Bush might not have known all the details himself,he looked genuinely scared on 9/11(im NOT giving him a pass, just thinking out loud), Cheney was the man on the inside that clearly knew all but i doubt a couple of senators like Kerry and CLinton knew. they know now and are a part of the cover up but come on.

Impeach for 9/11

"Impeach for 9/11" would make a good bumper sticker linking the desire for impeachment, insinuating treason and the link to 9/11 all in one statement. I'll buy 100 bumper stickers now!

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Chicago 911 Conference Resolution.

I would point out that impeachment for misprision of treason is the first article of the resolution passed by the Chicago 9/11 conference in June of this year.

"- The Vermont Green Party is the first state party to call for the impeachment of Bush-Cheney based on their 9/11 crimes, with the first article against Bush for misprision of high treason. This approach should be replicated everywhere. Our movement is the cutting edge of impeachment, and we must guarantee that the impeachment groundswell includes the 9/11 element without which it will falter."



We have a resounding case for impeachment. They pushed this lie that they had no idea that terrorists would attempt to use planes as weapons and crash them into buildings to cause death and devistation. We have definitive proof that this was a flasehood. It was criminal neglegence!

Our President, the week prior at the G8 Summit slept on an aircraft carrier because of just such a threat. Then there was the security report entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike Within the US". The foreknowledge is undeniable.

If this is true than there would have been a much different protocall. There would have been heightened security at the airports. There would have been additional precautions taken. There would have been advisories given to pilots. Cockpits would have been secured. Air Marshalls would have been deployed. Flight manifests double checked.

Military installations would have been on high alert with planes equipped and ready instead of galavanting all over the US. Unprepared and unaware?

WTC Building 2 would have been evacuated immediately after the first tower was hit.

Our President would not have been sitting on his arse in a classroom listening to kids try to read.

We all know why these things were not implemented and now we must hold the these criminals and tyrants accountable!

Lord help this country and the world to see the complicity in this administration. We are responsible to right the wrongs of our government. We are responsible for those wrongs. We will all be judged on their actions. We can not change what happened that day but we can make sure it never happens again.

We have peaked behind the curtain and we have seen the truth.

Anyone who thinks...

...that impeachment of Bush and crew will have any lasting effect has not looked very deeply into the way things operate in this world. Yes, these individuals deserve to be booted out of office - immediately - and prosecuted. But they are expendable hand-puppets, controlled by their masters who operate behind the scenes. Real change will only take place when the people of the world realize it is those who control the finances of the world who are their real "leaders".