The Media Is Very Picky... I Wonder Why?

Some of you may have seen the news that Professor Jones has been placed on "paid leave" because BYU is, "concerned about the increasingly speculative and accusatory nature of these statements by Dr. Jones." in regards to Government complicity and 9/11.

If you go to, and type in "Professor Jones, Associated Press", you will see SEVERAL stories blasted across the internet.

Why is it that the media has decided to cover this story to the level that it has?

If you think about how pundits on the television "spin" information, it's not hard to see how this information can be spun.

"The physics professor from BYU that brought the so called, "9/11 Truth Movement" credibility has been placed on "paid leave". Obviously because he is considered to be a nut."

Professor Jones is not a "nut", but it's not hard to see today's corporate media go that route.

Also in the news as of late, has been mention of Nico Haupt, and his idea that no planes struck the towers on 9/11. The majority of the 9/11 Truth Movement, probably 99.99% of it, does not endorse this theory, nor do we promote it. However, the media has decided to focus on him for some reason.

Considering the experience I had at work yesterday where a friend of mine said at a lunch gathering, "Hey guys... did you see the article about Jon and his friends on MSNBC today? They actually think no planes hit the towers on 9/11." which was followed by a group giggle, it's not hard to figure out why.

Why is it when a new movie like, "9/11: Press For Truth" comes out, the media chooses to focus on the right-wing, full of lies "docudrama" called, "The Path To 9/11"?

Why is it when news like the family members stating that the 9/11 Commission was "derelict in its duties", and that they question the "veracity of the entire report", no one but Rawstory chooses to cover it?

Why is it when the family members send out a press release stating that they are going to be calling for a new investigation on 9/11/2006, NO ONE in the mainstream media covers it?

Considering the fact that this all could end if the media would just do its' job, and that the corporations who own the media are making money off of the death and destruction of the wars, and they OBVIOUSLY don't want it to end, is it really hard to figure out why?

The focus on Jones

Was more than likely premeditated--since he is a Mormon and suggests that Jesus may have visited North America before the Europeans arrived, he is the perfect foil for those who want to paint the 911 truth movement with a broad brush. Unfortunately for the MSM and the perps (ok so they aren't much different) Americans are not nearly so bigoted as to deny a man his spiritual beliefs if he is an obviously sane, rational, and brilliant person as Prof. Jones would seem to all who take the time to listen to him speak on the subject of 9/11 and the collapse of the towers.

Of course this backfires in many ways--accusations based on people's religious beliefs are nothing new in America or the world, and even Einstein believed in God and went so far as to suggest that He "did not play dice with the universe." Surely we don't judge Einstein's scientific work based on his belief in a benevolent god for which there is no proof, only faith?

What may be occuring (and this is but one of mnany possibilities) is that there is a struggle within the LDS establishment to decide on whether to take the morally correct and difficult course of standing with Prof. Jones or the pragmatic "wait and see" approach that in my opinion would invalidate once and for all the Church of LDS as an entity concerned (as it preaches) with the rule of law and the loving philosophy of Jesus.

The same goes for any church or religious person today--speaking only of the Abrahamic traditions, the ten commandments have been shredded (or smashed, as you will) by a large network of pseudo-religionists claiming Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as their inspirations. Given the choice between a man who speaks truth to power and believes Jesus may have appeared to natives of North America and atheist Machiavellians who pretend to be on the side of God, I'll take the former every time.

The fake narratives that once held so much sway over entire populations simply cannot survive in the new infosphere, and those who have made a living from weaving them are standing on the edge of a very deep and very painful abyss.

Is it any surprise they are employing desperate measures? Only they are surprised, because only they had faith in their lies to begin with. And as happens so often, those who come to believe their own false narratives become lost in a fog of confusion from which they flail about in view of the outside world that comes to see them as the depraved and disgraced shells of souls they always were.


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

"Given the choice between a

"Given the choice between a man who speaks truth to power and believes Jesus may have appeared to natives of North America and atheist Machiavellians who pretend to be on the side of God, I'll take the former every time."

 Me, too, and I'm not a Christian.

Moreover, thinking Jesus may have visited "the new world" is very small potatoes compared to some of the stuff that passes as respectable dogma. 

To tell the truth

But, Jones does NOT speak truth to power. Jones, for the most part, plagiarizes the work of others. One of few exceptions is is Jones' allegation that the WTC "fell down" due to arson. This is what undermines the real truth telling!

Plagiarize your stupid shill!

Go worship your NeoCon masters, you disgusting shill! Haven't enough innocents been murder yet, you vile piece of garbage? (I'm at the point where I can smell shills like you from a thousand miles away.)


It appears that you do not understand the meaning of this word, "plagiarism." I suggest you find a dictionary and look it up.

Plagiarism is a very serious charge and BYU is right to investigate these charges.

Mass murder is a far more serious charge, you sickening shill!

Mass murder is a far more serious charge, you sickening shill! I suggest you read U.S. history, you blithering idiot!

While you're in learning mode, look up "High Treason."

Because that's what the NeoCons are guilty of.

Murder more serious than Plagiarism

Are you saying that Jones is also guilty of mass murder? Golly! No wonder why BYU has removed Jones from the classroom!

I hope your' child wasn't in his classroom!

More proof the the msm is under "their" control...

Fine post, Jon! This is just more proof that the msm is firmly under the control of those who perpetrated 9/11. They rarely cover Dr. Jones, but his "paid leave" is plastered all over the place.

The neocons probably spent years putting key moles in high msn places. They seem to "own" stations from CNN to Democracy Now!


Operation Mockingbird is an Central Intelligence Agency operation to influence domestic and foreign media, whose activities were made public during the Church Committee investigation in 1975 (published 1976).


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Great Post Jon

I made some of the similiar observations on a recent rant I posted over at BUZZFLASH:

Nominee for GOP Hypocrite of the Week!

Submitted by Chris Rose on Fri, 09/08/2006 - 10:15am.

I hereby nominate BUZZFLASH for GOP Hypocrite of the week. Surely BUZZFLASH must be operated by some secret cabal of right wing neocons. Its all clear now... lure us in with your light weight liberal outrage, all the while ignoring the BIG LIES like the fact that 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound. Feign outrage over dubious mockumentaries, all the while simultaneously directing people away from more substantive news stories such as the fact that 10 year BYU professor Steven Jones has been forced on administration leave by BYU for having the temerity to voice the truth of what actually brought down the Towers on 9/11. Oh yes, BUZZFLASH represents the worst kind of HYPOCRITE. The one who pretends to be your friend, but slips in the back door to bed your wife while you're off at work. So BUZZFLASH, as we enter the 5th Anniversary week of the 9/11 attack... I hereby name you the GOP HYPOCRITE OF THE WEEK. Congratulations you left-wing gatekeeping shills! You've earned it!!


Jon mad.


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Dr Jones

Dr Jones has changed his story over and over. First is was Thermite. Next Thermate. Now he has added RDX. Could his lack of evidence be indicative of his failure in his fusion work? He is a very nice guy, a great guy, but his paper on 9/11 lacks credibility. None of his peers would agree on his paper or conclusions in the entire United States (no you can not count what he calls a peer review). He was wondering about the sulfur present, but ignored the tons of sulfur in the wall board of the WTC.

He presented in his early papers a photo of a cut steel beam, but had to drop it because it was cut during clean up and not proof of Thermite. As five years approach it is sad to see so many wasting time trying to prove 9/11 was some giant conspiracy theory. Dr Jones paper lacks any credibility in the real world, but seems to be the bible to some in the conspiracy world, even as it changes as time goes by.

At least his fusion work would help the world, his present obsession is just a waste of time.

As an engineer I have written him to help him, and if he had anything thousands of engineers and physicists would help him prove his point.

Has anyone copied his old papers and watched the evolution of his paper?

You disinfo shill who's launching a smear campaign against

one of 9/11 truth's best scientific researchers, Steven Jones. Steven Jones has put out top-notch work. He has helped the 9/11 truth movement so much.

Go to your neocon masters, you character assassination/smear campaigner piece of shit. Why don't you and Morgan Reynolds/Judy Woods go and plan more of your smearing attacks against 9/11 truth, you shill.
Stop giving attention to the "no plane theory" disinfo agents like Nico Haupt, Morgan Reynolds, Shayler, killtown, CB_Brooklyn, webfairy, Holmgren, and others who are sabotaging this movement, either by sheer stupidity or intentionally.

blatant ignorance

blatant ignorance is obvious in your comments. A REAL scientist continues to conform his theories to fit data. At first the evidence was thermite, then greater sulfer concentrations was found so the data now suggested thermate (which is simply thermite with sulfer added).
The accepted structure of the atom has changed vastly of time time as new data became available, by your thinking (or lack of) this means that it must be ridiculous because it changed over time. And of course medicine has constantly evolved with new data so it's so much more unreliable than if we had stopped and stuck with bloodletting because then it wouldn't have changed.
Notice how this guy tries to buy credibility by saying he's an engineer. I've seen many morons make it as engineers, I even worked with a few in the nuclear power program, we never let certain engineers touch any of the equipment because they were just arrogant idiots with degrees (sounds like you). I also studied engineering, electrical and engineering physics, after being a math major and befor becoming a computer programmer, but that doesn't mean I get a free pass from having my facts straight and applying logic. Maybe if you were a little less full of yourself you'd actually make sense.
So mister know it all engineer: At what temperature does sulfer become embedded into MOLTEN steel? jet fuel could not have caused sulfer to become embedded into the molten steel since jet fuel cannot melt metal. So your comment about sulfer just exposes you as pathetic in the area of logic and understanding. I would also point out that you exposed youself as a pathetic cheap shot wimp when you said "Could his lack of evidence be indicative of his failure in his fusion work?" What failures? Gee, all smack and no facts, sign of a loser. Clearly to a all discerning readers it's obvious you have no credibility, but show this blog to the right people and you can probably get work with Bill Oreilly or Sean Hannity. It's good to know the people who are completely without credibility, it gives us a chance to practice deconstructing the mindless arguments of morons and exposing them for the real losers they are, so thanks for the exercise.
Just to put an end to your stupidity:
- wtc 7 fell 100 meters in 4.5 seconds (verified by 911 eyewitness video)
- the free fall time for an object falling from rest to 100 meters is 4.5 seconds (verified by first semester physics)
- the only way for wtc 7 to have fallen 100 meters at free fall speed is for the crusing and pulverizing of multiple steel support beams to have no effect and cause no resistane to the falling structure. (also verified by first semester physics)
- this is only possible through a controlled demolition. (verified by common sense and material science; stress strain load)
accept the facts (easily verified with physics since your such a knowledgable engineer, although you were to stupid to figure this out on your own) or contine to be an arrogant moron living in denial.
You're the kind of engineer that'll hopefully spend the rest of his carrer shuffling papers so you won't screw things up, You coulldn't even figure this out and all it takes is 1 semester of mechanical physics!!

video of Steven Jones on

video of Steven Jones on thermite

youre an obvious shill

Get the hell out of here, you disinfo agent. It's so obvious to spot disinfo ops like u because you morons always cite the worst sources for your disinfo claims, like webfairy and "in plane sight".

Youre citing "9/11 eyewitness" as your source, which most legitimate 9/11 truth researchers know that it is a flawed, sensationalistic, and speculative movie.

Stop your stupid smear campaign, and tell your neocon masters, it isnt working you dishonest shill.

You can always spot shills like because it is so obvious from their blatant smears against the most serious/scholarly researchers like David Ray Griffin, Jim Hoffman, and Steven Jones, and these shills always cite shitty sources.

Get the hell out of this cite, and bring Cheney his dinner.


he only cited 911 eyewitness as showing the free fall speed of wtc 7, 100 meters in 4.5 seconds. note that he didn't use in plane site or webfairy as any sources. This "anonymousguy" was too stupid to realize this even though it was right in front of him. Just another moron with no facts, unlike the person he was responding to that used physics and facts to prove wtc 7 had to be a demolition. the entire comment supports Steven Jones but "anonymousguy" is too stupid to know what he's reading. This looks like another government worshiping moron. lies, no facts and too stupid to understand what he's reading, no wonder he wants to stay anonamous. The hardest part of spreading the truth is wading through idiots like this. Read it again retard, physics lesson was showing MSEE EE ATP that the work of Steven Jones is legitimate. He was calling MSEE EE ATP blatently ignorant. Man are you stupid.

You Guys...

Are missing the point of this entire thread. This isn't about Jones' hypothesis of controlled demolition. This is about the media focusing on something "bad" happening to him, and exploiting it to bring a bad light onto the movement. Not to mention the fact that this shows the media is going to be our enemy for a long time to come.

Where's the media coverage of the press conference held by the family members yesterday? I've seen two articles so far, and neither explained in detail what was said at that press conference.

Watch it, and tell me whether or not you think it's newsworthy.

Real Player
Click Here


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

You are right

Maybe the purpose of this attention is to send a warning to all other scholars who are considering speaking out. Like the warning that was sent when kevin Ryan was fired.