Report from the Reynolds/Wood Press Conference

I went to see Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood's press conference Thursday night, (9/7/2006) at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. along with about 7 other members of There were about 50 people in attendance. The presentation lasted about two hours plus time for questions. I have to say I was skeptical going into the meeting because of the controversy surrounding the dispute between Reynolds and professor Steve Jones.

Reynolds delivered a very standard introduction to 911Truth presentation beginning with the controlled demolition of building 7 and touching on the usual themes; no plane at the Pentagon, NORAD stand-down, and so on. When he got to the controversial bit, near the end, he prefaced his remarks by saying that these are the points where he differs with many 9/11 researchers.

One controversial bit was the idea that no planes hit the towers. Clearly there are anomalies in the video of the planes hitting the buildings; in particular some video shows the building mysteriously 'healing' for a frame after the plane has morphed into the side of the tower. Another video anomaly is the point where the fuselage is seen coming out of the back side of the south tower; something which clearly is impossible. Clearly something is up with the video footage, but I was not convinced that we know what.

Another controversial bit is the idea of unconventional weapons being used on the towers. Anyone can see that the demolition of the WCT towers involved the release of enormous amounts of energy. He did not talk about nuclear weapons, they seem to be off the table, but there is room for other types of energy weapons.

I do not see these positions to be in any way in conflict with the work of professor Jones but neither do I see them as being the best arguments that we can present to win our case in the public realm. The friction between Reynolds and Jones seems completely unnecessary and counter productive. The important thing is that while there are some facts about 9/11 still in doubt, there is in fact broad agreement on the central facts: controlled demolition, NORAD stand-down, military drills as cover, al Qaeda as patsies, etc.

The bottom line is that Reynolds, Wood and Jones agree on much more that they disagree about. Reynolds should put away his petty disagreement with Jones and move forward.


Can You Link to the Video?


Thanks for this post. I am becoming more and more curious about this no-plane theory. Particularly because it will not go away.

Can you link to the video anomaly you are talking about where the "plane morphed into the side of the tower"?

I personally think the no-planes theory is nutty, but as a truth seeker, I believe the truth withstands inquiry.

If we can't explore these kinds of questions here, then where can we? I appreciate your post, now let's see some evidence to back up your claims.

Many thanks.

I think planes did hit the towers.

First, these are not "my claims". I'm just reporting what happened at the press conference. I personally think planes did hit the towers... but I am willing to look at evidence.
I do think there is the possibility that video of the events has been manipulated.

Sorry, I don't have a link to the video (again, I was just reporting what I saw at the press conference) but It should not be hard to find on Google Videos. Look at plane impacts on the south tower and concentrate on the few frames between impact and fireball


No offense but...

Matt, you're already being misled.
You assume right away that that 'nub' you see coming out the other side is supposed to be the fuselage....
impossible you say?
I agree.
The problem is, it's not the fuselage, and it's not meant to be 'projected' as a lasts so short, nobody notices until NPT comes along and says 'well what is that, could it be the airplane? well that's impossible, therefore ALL of this is impossible, etc"

It's simply nothing different than a familiar illusion. You look at something abstract and fill in the blanks with your mind to come up with what it might be...but then there's those who read into it and don't let go. The ones I find reading into this are the NPTers...then they pass off their impressions as some type of fact. More likely than anything, it's a mass of materials getting spewed out in such a fashion that it looks like a fuselage of an airplane. That's it.
You can look at other video from the head-on angle and see the same 'ejection' and clearly determine it to be just building material being squeezed out.

The only other anomaly I have seen is in the same video clip, where the plane before it hits the building seems to have quite an odd long wing and another short one...where before the wing seemed to be full.
In this I determine a simple intensifying of light on the underside of the right wing and this causing it to match the hue close enough to the background sky to only 'appear' as though it's disappearing.
Remember, it did do a bank right before it hit. As well as this there's a lot of smoke from tower 1 blocking the sun so that explains the changing light on the plane making it look like some type of flaky image being 'projected'....

I agree. Don't be misled by disinformation artists like

Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Haupt who are hijacking this movement in order to discredit us in the MSM.

Stop giving attention to the "no plane theory" disinfo agents like Nico Haupt, Morgan Reynolds, Shayler, killtown, CB_Brooklyn, webfairy, Holmgren, and others who are sabotaging this movement, either by sheer stupidity or intentionally.

500 mph planes look odd flying into buildings...

An airliner, or anything else for that matter, flying @ 500 mph will look "odd" going into a skyscraper, especially when captured on ordinary video equipment.

Why so much focus on this nonsense? Why not focus on why ANYTHING, real or fake, hit those toweres & brought them down? (BTW, if you think the planes were fake, then you are 100% controlled demolition. Why not concentrate on the controlled demolition too then?)

IMO, you cartoon planers are disinfo, pure & simple!

Good point...

(BTW, if you think the planes were fake, then you are 100% controlled demolition. Why not concentrate on the controlled demolition too then?)

I concur. Nuff said. Let's move on.

Chris, I'm glad you're

Chris, I'm glad you're interested in the evidence. We should not "move on", but instead focus on the science behind it. Keep in mind the Technology Review article I mentioned that says the TV networks and military do have this technology and that they could use it to alter politics to suit their agenda. This is the reason I consider this so important. People must understand that ANY live footage, such as from Iraq, could all be fake. The Techonolgy Review article also explains that video authenticity could be on its way out.


You NPT's can't seem to remember anything

Did you forget about sound?
Or about how there's millions of people watching at least the second plane?
What about all the charred airplane parts on the street? did they just dump that stuff off without anyone wondering why?

Also, while it may be believable that footage can get manipulated....
that's saying everyone in new york saw a missile...and that they're too dumb to make the distinction between a missile and an airliner.
or...they're all agents right?
if they didn't see a missile and thought they saw a plane, then for you to say it was projection, then what would there be purpose in manipulating the footage?

If it's a projection, there is no technology out there that could possibly make light stop in midair and be seen as a 3D object from multiple camera angiles or cast shadow upon itself or anything else.

Why is there such a fervent vigor to promote this shaky stuff? What possible good does it do besides making people distracted and ignore the much easier proven material?
Even if it's true, nobody is believing any of it unless they find this to be a hobby and simply could care less where 9/11 truth goes as far as justice.

Who is the most insane

Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood's ideas on no planes. Clearly make them leaders of the tin foil hat CT "experts".

Yet how do you rank these "experts"? Who is the biggest nut??? Inlcude Dr Jones from BYU, the fusion non starter...

My list would be:

Morgan is the top nut
Jones in not far behind
Wood is just plan dumb, her momentum paper is so far off

Not one of these experts is able to come up with any facts - sad to see people who believe them - what has happen to education

If you believe anything Jones, Reynolds or Judy say about 9/11, you qualify for entry into the tin foil hat club of clowns, in the no plane no brain group of CT dolts, relax u r 2 stupid to know you r terminally stupid

Dr Dolt

Give some facts. Pure opinion is BS. Plenty of that going on around here. Being a Dr and all. You should know that.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


""Anyone can see that the demolition of the WCT towers involved the release of enormous amounts of energy.""

The release of energy was in the building itself. Each building had the energy due to gravity of 248 tons of TNT. Like the energy of 1000 500 pound bombs. More then enough energy just in each buildling to destroy each building and register a 2.1 earthquake as it hits the ground.

Of course you also have the energy stored in the fuel, equal to 630,000 pounds of explosives as it burned.

And of course the planes hitting had the energy of a 2000 pound bomb,

Too bad the conspiracy theorist are not capable of simple energy calculations but just make up stuff about no planes, bombs, and no terrorists.

The only conspriacy theory questions to ask are why are these people telling so many lies???

Energy can

Make the buildings fall down really fast (by obviating resistance from undamaged parts of the building,)

Eject lots of heavy debris outward.

Pulverize concrete and produce a pyroclastic flow out of extremely fine debris.

Cause measurable seismic activity.

Prove to me that there was energy enough to do all these things the way they were observed to happen.

this is what happens when NPTers spew their bs

When NPT (no plane theorist) fools go around with their flaky pet theories, they get people like you to come around and conflate them with the rest of us that believe fully that the planes did hit the buildings but that it's still entirely an inside job.

You have no energy calculations of your own of how a building simultaneously pulverizes itself in radial symmetry away from the building...leaving very little in the center to crush the building and continue this process to the ground. Conservation of momentum with the impacts of the floors slows this down considerably to prevent it collapsing at near free fall well as providing enormous resistance and inducing a topple instead of a telescoping collapse.
That doesn't work without extra energy sources to break up the building as it was falling and simultaneously shoot it out in all directions with there being no substantially tall pile at the bottom other than a few short walls sticking out.
On top of that is the cherry of molten pools of metal below the rubble....where's the energy that created this? None in a collapse of any kind without some type of melting agents/explosives.

That's all there is to it.

Again...controlled demolition has zero influence from fake/real planes. Those who claim there's no planes don't speak for us, as it's already provable rather easily that with real planes there's still control demolition.

Film footage

thanks for posting matt. I Was at the press club sept 11 06, in front of the white house on sept 11 and went to the citizens court and Morgan presented. Judy was there too. I was glad to see that some one else saw the psysops job i have figured out in November 2004. the planes always looked to weird to me then it hit me. they were faked. pull apart the footage get a big screen is you can and slow it down, stop it at intervals an look real close. nothing comes apart, one of the films a plane is missing half a wing before it even gets to the building. we were spoofed! Even former MI5 agent sees it. and guess what the Brits aired what he said on Sky news. I was jumping up and down.. wooo hoo.
now you also can go have a frame by frame fixed up to see. and you will see the snapshot detail.
Oh and BTY. Dr SJOnes can been seen in a video called

HEAVYWATER-GATE The war against cold fusion jones 11 minutes into the video. DOE ring a bell?
the psypos that day was incredible.
Never fall in love with the establishment, they are good at their game.

Well, props to them for

Well, props to them for making a distinction between
his opinions and opinions of others. That very comment leaves both sides of this inter-arguement
with respect and credibility.

Judy Wood is the ONLY 9/11 Researcher INVITED to Present Her....

9/11 Research at an Engineering Conference...


which was excepted by PEER REVIEW