Sculptor's Tribute to 9/11 victims and families

a celebration of life

"Ascent" is a tribute to the lives lost on September 11th. It represents a celebration of life, a release from tragedy, and the process of healing. It is a marker of sacred memory and a testament not only to the lives we lost but to all of us who remain. Most of all it represents love. If you have lost someone close to you on 9/11 we can arrange to have your loved one’s name etched into the base. I have also put prayer boxes on all 4 sides for anyone to place private words. —Mark Pilato Pilato Studios

From December 14th of 2005 to April 6th of 2006 "Ascent" resided at Saint Paul's Chapel overlooking Ground Zero. Now, it moves uptown to Saint Peter’s to serve family members and anyone who was touched by the tragedy on 9/11.

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