Thinking beyond 9/11+5

As we all build up energy and moral force for the 5th anniversary date, let's not forget to think three steps ahead (as in a game of chess) to the afterglow.

Like any evil corporation that markets a new product, we must follow up our climactic display on the 5th anniversary with a slight but evident ramping up of our visibility and activity ON THE STREETS. The media will surely cover the "conspiracy theorist" angle and try to write it off as an emotional but misguided flash in the pan that will fizzle after the hoopla of the anniversary passes. We must show our fellow citizens that the MSM is WRONG AGAIN.

The weekend after this Monday we must be out in force with a supply of DVDs, visual materials, flyers, and most of all, a positive attitude that reflects our confidence in our movement and its success.

The stage is set, the public expect a show. Let's give them one they will never forget, and that will change their lives.

Onward truthers! There is nothing that can stop us from winning, except our own failure to rise to this historic occasion. Once again into the breach! See you at the victory ball on the other side... :)

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Ramp it up!

Wear your buttons, t-shirts, bumper stickers... carry your flyers and dvds with you everywhere you go. Speak out every day... don't stop, ramp it up. On 9/12, be louder and more visible than ever before. It's out of the bag and it's not going away.

Are you sick of it yet!? I am!

The truth will win.

Insane amount of msm disinfo this past week...

There has been an absolutely insane amout of disinfo provided by the msm this past week! I suspect it will continue next week as well, to try to squash any truth we may be getting out.

It just makes them look bad

The msm ops are just tightening the treason noose around their necks... they are behind the curve and on the wrong side.

Truth is innately more appealing to people.

Stand up and speak up.

exactly-the MSM believe their own bullshit is working on people

They're believing their own disinfo and that is what will bring them down. A big part of the 9/11 investigations and trials will need to focus on high level media complicity in the coverup. People will be jailed but more importantly broadcast licenses will be revoked, and boards of directors will be held accountable for the activities of their companies like Ken Lay was SUPPOSED to have been before he conveniently "died" .

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

The relativity of truth

The only problem with truth, is it runs counter oppositional to the fluff, and the public eats up their fluff. Show them a SewerPoint presentation and they will be mesmerized. Follow that up with telling them pretty lies, as they would rather hear that than an ugly truth, and there you have it. They want to sit back and let someone else do their thinking for them, and msm is readily available.