World Crisis Radio live from Europe today.

Tarpley broadcasts live from Germany today;

5th Anniversary Special.


Andreas von Beulow - Thomas Meyer author of "Reality, Truth and Evil" - Gerhard Wisnewski

In progress at 4pm Central. (4-6pm Central)

9/11: Press for Truth VIDEO

Now is the time people. We MUST get 9/11: Press for truth video on Google video out to as MANY people as we can in the days leading up to 9/11.

Please flood as many message boards and e-mail address as you possible can.

WE MUST WAKE PEOPLE UP. This video can WAKE up people that won’t look at 9/11. Why? Because, this isn’t theories and this isn’t conspiracy, this is FACTS about 9/11.

We need to start with the FACTS and move into a REAL independent commission. This is painful to do (all over again.) but this needs to happen, it MUST have subpoena powers.

Please do this for this movement and this country!

Thank you for alert to 9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH on Google!

Thank you for alerting us to the availability of 9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH on Google.

I'm watching it now and entranced.

This will definitely help open some resistant eyes.

Holy cow thats a good movie

Been waiting for that movie! (a movie like that) a timeline type movie. awesome!

Let those you love

know about this video. They need to learn the truth. This documentary needs to be on T.V. instead of a docudrama.

I think all of you want to

I think all of you want to watch these.

Press conferences with NYC Mayor Giuliani, NY State Governor George Pataki and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on the day of 9/11 when the lie was fresh.

When asked whether or not the DoD anticipated an attack like this, instead of saying "No, we didn't know we were gonna be attacked or else we'd stop it", Rummy says, "we don't discuss intelligence matters."

Watch Giuliani squirm when asked about secondary exlplosions that "brought the buildings down" (in the reporters words.)

Comments are welcome.

A Critical Plea To Dylan Avery, And A Call To Action

Highly recommended! Andreas von Beulow is a real standup individual and the most recognizable face of 9/11 Truth in Germany.

BTW, please see and comment on my most recent blog post at
_______________ A must-see for the uninitiated: this video will awaken them from their long slumber A must-read for believers of the official story: David Ray Griffin administers the red pill

OT: Here is my new diary on

OT: Here is my new diary on DailyKos:

"Washington Post even-handed on 9/11 Truth, addresses Cheney's role"

A poll is included.

Vesa, register and blog here, too!

You are good with the facts.


im looking for the footage of Gypsy confronting Zelikow at some speech he was giving. anybody got it? thanks.


In my video thread.


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

nice, thanks.

nice, thanks.

John Gold please help an effort to get everyone to see

Press for 9/11 truth. I have always heard you talk highly of it and now I see why. EVERY ONE SHOULD SEE THIS VIDEO.

Stop for a moment, instead of working on what you think you know look at what we do know. Lead others to this truth.

OT: WTC rubble display

Artifacts from the WTC rubble on display at JFK airport:

Is this where that block of fused iron (i.e. thermite residue) is kept?


Rumsfeld Handshake Proves Popular

Wall St Journal | September 9 2006

With Defense Secretary Rumsfeld making “appeasement” the big buzzword of the month, the George Washington University’s National Security Archive notes that its single most-downloaded file is now the once-classified batch of documents, photos and video documenting Rumsfeld’s handshake and meeting with Saddam Hussein in December 1983. President Reagan had sent Rumsfeld to Baghdad to help restore diplomatic ties with Iraq and aid Baghdad in its fight against Iran.

“Rumsfeld meeting Saddam has now far outpaced the previous winner, which was Elvis meeting Nixon,” says Thomas Blanton, director of the archive, which collects and posts significant declassified documents under the Freedom of Information Act.

Rumsfeld last week warned of a rise of Islamic fascism and said that people should not fall into the trap of appeasement as did those who tried to accommodate the Nazis in the 1930s. The remarks led many pundits to compare Rumsfeld’s 1983 meeting with Hussein to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s meeting with Adolf Hitler in 1938. One liberal hawker of political posters is now offering one that features photos of the two meetings with the caption “Appeased to meet you…hope you guessed my name.”


Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories that indicate the U.S. government was involved?

* 18177 responses

Yes, I believe there's evidence.

No, that's ridiculous.

I'm not sure.

9/11 march in San Francisco

I just got back from the 9/11 truth march and the "Power to the Peacefull" concert in San Francisco. I notice one of the people had a 9/ banner on display! Keep up the great work guys........To Chris, here is the url to the Gypsy thing.

....."Every Dog Has His Day"

Did the 9/11 hijackers have a U.S. accomplice?

Dutch 9/11 poll / please vote people

The poll is on the right side of the webpage where it says Nieuwspoll

Gelooft u de officiële lezing van de gebeurtenissen op 11 september 2001?

Ja: 30%
Nee: 42%
Ik twijfel: 28%

Aantal stemmen: 2504


Do you believe in the official 9/11 story?

Ja = Yes
Nee = No
Ik twijfel = I'm not sure

MAIN STEAM NEWS articles...

MAIN STEAM NEWS articles...
I can't remember a better day for us.. in the M$M

The Disbelievers -- 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Are Building Their Case Against the Government From Ground Zero
By Michael Powell Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, September 8, 2006; Page C01

The conspiracy theorists -- Hamilton Spectator File Photo
Five years later, theories still abound on who was responsible for the terrorist attacks on the twin towers.
David Ray Griffin writes about a 9/11 conspiracy in The New Pearl Harbor.
Some claim massive complicity by U.S. government operatives in the 9/11 attack; the debunkers say phooey
By Michael Powell The Washington Post NEW YORK (Sep 9, 2006)
He felt no shiver of doubt in those first terrible hours

Seattle Times: The 9/11 conspiracy plots thicken By Michael Powell The Washington Post

How to Silence a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

South Africa: Was 9/11 an inside job?

Loose Change in the Press:

Thomas Meyer Book -- Reality, Truth and Evil

Thomas Meyer author of "Reality, Truth and Evil"


check this out:

September 26th, 2001
President Thanks CIA
Remarks by the President to Employees of the CIA
Langley, Virginia
1:23 PM EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Well, George (Tenet), thank you very much, and thanks for inviting me back. (Laughter.) There is no question that I am in the hall of patriots, and I've come to say a couple of things to you. First, thank you for your hard work. You know, George and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. (Laughter.) There's a reason. I've got a lot of confidence in him, and I've got a lot of confidence in the CIA. (Applause.) And so should America.

Meyer is to be congratulated for calling attention to the Bush-CIA celebration of the 9/11 attacks. But that isn't the only evidence that Bush and top CIA officials were overjoyed, not disturbed, by 9/11

Buy the book from Amazon:
Only 2 left in stock

it has yet to bee added to

Nobody has ordered this

Nobody has ordered this book from amazon.
There are STILL the same two copies.

Shows how much the truthers care about finding out new insights.

Cockburn is foaming with self-righteousness..

My goddess, thats a poison pen:

fundamental idiocy of the 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Hehe.. he will wish he hadn't said that one day

He will come round.. maybe late, but he will.

Better to mock this guy for now. Later, after he saw the light and wants to eat his hat, he will be grateful for any mockery.. to help him laugh at his former ignorant self.

Tarpley in germany

I got a couple of items of truth from the show.

1. Merkel is a Bush lover. And as soon as she took power a few Germans got kidnapped in foreign countries. There has also been some kind of attempt at a false flag operation. Something to do with suitcases/bombs and Muslims. The main point here is there is the possibility with Merkel that the phoney war on terror is in the beginning stages of instilling fear in the German people so they will give up their rights like the USA did with the patriot act. So, all of this is freaking unfortunate. I wish Schroder had stayed in power. But at least we know and can warn any Europeans we know about false flag operations.

2. Europe is against a war on Iran.

3. FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened. One of the Swiss people said that 911 is based on Pearl Harbor which we all know. But he emphasized that 911 is one gigantic MIHOP based on Pearl Harbor, a LIHOP. So, we should not only think of 911 as a MIHOP but the real pearl harbor of 1941 as an illegal LIHOP: He recommended the Robert Stettin book about Pearl Harbor. Stettin exposes FDR.

4. The dishonesty and arrogance of FDR to bring America into such a horrible war thru deception.. And today we have the same thing with 911 and Bush.