Are there any Utah truthers out there?

I live in Provo, UT--Brigham Young University's home town--and wonder how many of us there are out here who support Dr. Jones and the 9/11 truth movement in general.

Has anyone been actively meeting as a group? Would you like to? If so, contact me ( and let's get something started. Spencer Morgan (in Salt Lake City) can also be contacted at

Dr. Jones presentation at SLC Library

Well guys, I went to a local screening of Dr Jones presentation on Saturday at the SLC public library. By the way, if you have not seen the actual high-quality camera shoot DVD of thispresentation is is great. It is up-close and the slides all come through well and the high-res pictures. I will try to rip it and get it up on google video if its not there already.

Anyway, I went to this screening and was thoroughly dismayed. The man that organized this, who I will not name, is in effect and in my personal opinion, perfect disinfo. He ranted to a small and alarminly believing group of followers (there were several well-informed, awake people there who were not buying it, and who I am trying to network with), about nuclear explosions at the WTC and about personal conversations with CIA etc, of course nothing documented. The guy was the perfect picture of a nutjob conspiracy person, with a beat-up old suit, neon green tie and his shirt half-hanging out. I almost didn't even believe he was for real, and still don't in a more sinister sense. I was also alarmed to learn that this individual was out on the sidewalk during the LDS general conference spouting his unfounded theories. I corrected him on several points of fact but eventually began ignoring my attempts. He also stopped the video on several occasions and 'corrected' Dr Jones with several ridiculous assertions.

I am LDS and I can tell you of a surety there is literally no more effective way to discredit this movement than to have it associated in people's minds with an individual like this. If i had been a noobie truther wanting to come find out about 9/11, that experience would have turned we away very quickly. Now, as it seems it is even more incumbent on me and all of is in this area to get out and be active, and wrest the movement and the spotlight away from those who would harm it by intent or their own stupidity.

I am not in the business of silencing people, but we can not let this be the fate of 9/11 truth on the Wasatch Front and I KNOW there are more of you out there, particularly in Utah County. Please make the trip up to Salt Lake. There is a screening of Loose Change 2nd Edition this Friday at 2:15 at the SLC public Library (200 E. 400 S.) in basement meeting room A. Please attend this, bring your friends and most importantly let's energize this movement here and make voices louder than those who would discredit 9/11 truth in Utah.

Utah 911 truth site launched

I have launched a Utah 911 truth web site at

Please check it out if you are in Utah, or even if you aren't

I have a huge list of links to 9/11 video and audio, as well as a 9/11 FAQ section that will be adding to.