CSPAN 9/11 5th Anniversary Coverage

CSPAN will be having a variety of 9/11 press conferences today and tomorrow, stay on top of their schedule here:

Press for Truth.

For those of you passing around the Press For Truth google link, please be advised that Larisa Alexandrovna (lala_rawraw) is upset about this. I don't know if we should be promoting the google link yet.

New 9/11 Info

Those hit pieces linked are almost as outrageous as the O.V.

Those 2 hit pieces linked above are almost as outrageious as the "Official Version" of 9/11!!! A cave man & his 19 flunkies pulled-off 9/11!!! (That woman who made the 2nd video is particularly repulsive, mocking truthers & all.)

Positive, isn't it?

Calling for degrees, basic reasoning and logic conclusions, whilst providing only infantile mockery completely devoid of basic reasoning and logic conclusions themselves is basically the open admission of an extremely weak position. What's not to like?

The people that resonate with this kind of kindergarden discourse aren't ready for the Truth, anyway.

She's from my hometown, and

She's from my hometown, and I can confirm that it's full of retarded douches like her.

LIHOP- Limited Hangout

The overall tone of the flick is LIHOP... IE the boogy men are real, "warnings were ignored" etc. For that I give it 2.5 stars. It's still productive in helping a blue pill sheeple smell a rat. But it's still limited hangout, which is only modestly productive.

From FTW, "Will the Real Economic Hit Men Please Stand Up?":
A "limited hangout" is a partial confession, a mea culpa, if you will, that leaves the essence of a crime or covert reality hidden. Because it includes some small part of the truth, the limited hangout is irresistibly attractive to dissidents and political critics whose thirst for such truth makes them jump at the dangled scraps. Once the system's watchdogs are busy chewing on the limited hangout, the guilty players can go about their illegal business for a new round of unaccountable, semi-secret mayhem.

From this April-04 FTW article, "Richard Clarke's Orchestra":
On rare occasions, a certain kind of limited hangout can do more than aid the cover-up; if it comes from deep enough inside the establishment, it can quietly destabilize the cover-up, sometimes more effectively than a direct attack. That position might seem like a sell-out compromise, but let's be clear: the effective thing about Clarke's particular attack is its source and its timing – not its completeness or its force (it has little of either). Finding something to applaud in Against All Enemies (and the corresponding Clarke performance in the sham hearings) does not imply that you, or I, or FTW, or the 9-11 political justice movement, should take Clarke's position. We absolutely shouldn't, because he denounces the tip of the criminal 9-11 iceberg and tacitly accepts the rest.

I'll Say it again...

I was the one that posted this film on google. I've emailed the Press for Truth guys through their website, but no one has gotten back to me.

I WILL TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY if anyone of them wants me too.

After not hearing back and reading the copyright at the end of the film, I went ahead and posted it. I want this film to be seen by as many people as possible.

But like I said, I will honor their decision IMMEDIATELY.

(p.s. i couldn't post over at democraticunderground b/c there is a 24hour grace period to post. if anyone out there can post right now, could you please post this to lala over there)

ian.u.campbell [AT] gmail [DOT] com

here's a capture of the

here's a capture of the copyright in the film


CSPAN - Noon - on the schedule


Terrorist Attacks of September 11

Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

194234 - 09/11/2006 - 1:00 - No Sale

  Hence, Kyle Co-Founder, 9/11 CitizensWatch  
  Thompson, Paul Author  
  Bowman, Robert M. Member, Scholars for 9/11 Truth  

On the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a group presses for a new investigation into the attacks. Participants include the producers of a fil 9/11: Press for Truth and relatives of victims.

Mr. Thompson is the author of The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11 - and America's Response, published by Regan Books.

Call-in Times

Correction - the NPC Meeting will run from 11:00 AM to noon


Call-in Times

8:55 - 9:30AM EDT

10:30 - 11:00 AM EDT

Noon - no end time posted


Phone #'s (for Washington Journal - Not sure if they apply to the above phone ins listed above)

Washington Journal: Support Democrats (202) 737-0002
Washington Journal: Support Pres. Bush (202) 737-0001
Washington Journal: Support Others (202) 628-0205

9/11 Truth Alliance Photos

Yesterday we had our annual Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance rally and march in San Francisco. I brought my camera and took some pictures. You can check them out here. http://www.yayacanada.com/9-11-3f.html ..........."Every Dog Has His Day"

you should be very proud...

you should be very proud...


One time GeorgeWashington had a list of historical, incredible quotes relevant to the distressing period in which we live. Does anyone have a link to that original list of quotes?

The quotes were very inspirational for those seeking to carrying on the mission of exposing 9/11 for what it really was.

historical quotes...