Just Checking In From New York.

Myself and about forty other spread out in groups of 8 to various parts of the city and handed out excellent flyers createed by Truthout, called take the 911 quiz

Last nights speachs by policeman, first responders, family members, and national gaurdsman was incredibly powerful, I hope it becomes availble soon for pod cast, its a must see.. I filmed the whole day of speeches but won't be able to get them up until Tuesday.

Lots of talk about Bush coming to ground zero to give a speech on 9/11. I wonder what the secutity situation will be and how this will effect our presence on on and silent pr

I also gave my ticket to Amy Goodman's Book signing and dinner reception on 911 to Barry Zweicker, he was very appreciative and I felt his presemnce there would be more important than my own. I can't afford another ticket to join and film the encounter, but I mentioned it to Dylan, and suggested that he might want to send participate or atleast send someone with a camera. He didn't seem to interested but who knows . I'll keep working on getting someone to film this...Barrie can't wait to talk with Aamy and the other guests.

(sorry about puncuations and spelling...working on a computer with no correction option)

thanks for the report man!

thanks for the report man!


Thanks man.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Someone should try and get a

Someone should try and get a camera into that democracy now event! That's mega selfless of you to give your ticket to Barry like that dude, that's the type of action that's going to help actually win this thing. Huge respect!!!


Just realized the Amy Goodman event is being held at Coopers Union Great Hall..........the same place that todays's day long Bust out The Truth Event !!!!.........I definately will get some fellow truthers to attend.

(Ps....I 've looking for the friendly faces of the 911 blogger family.....dz,Jon, Sbg....are you guys coming in??? There's a whole city of Truther Bars here! (smile)!!Radical Pragmatist

Gotta get someone to film this

Props for making sure Barry is there.


excellent flyers createed by Truthout

Come again? Please explain. I can't imagine Truthout having anything to do with 9/11 truth -- they've been a left gatekeeper all along. Were you referencing some other organization?

It wasn't Truth Out , it was

It wasn't Truth Out , it was NY911Truth.org, When I posted this I couldn't even read or correct about half of what I was typing. Sorry for the onfusion.Radical Pragmatist

Update: I accompanied Barrie as camera man and Gonzo journalist

I'll be posting the video's as soon as I can get them up. A big thanks to all of those at St. Mark's church who contributed to the " get a camera man to join Barrie Zwicker in confronting Democracy Now" fundraiser. ( which consisted of me walking around with a paper cup and explaining our need for a camera man) As Barrie said, " It is a living sermon, your first act of generosity to me has multiplied for the benefit of us all. Like turning water into wine and creating bread for hundreds from a single loaf." We both commented on what a great sermon that would make, but we passed after I started to preach from a near by rock and decided to head straight to the event. I hope my video does all of you justice. Thank You. adical Pragmatist


I can't wait to see it. You done good, RP!