Movie - 9/11: Press for Truth

9/11: Press for the Truth

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This is THE best 911 Truth documentary to date, this is something that all those people who haven’t woken up yet absolutely need to see. 9/11: Press for Truth needs to be at the top of google video!!!

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It's excellent

I bought four copies of the dvd after the premeire the other night and have sent them all out already. I would have gotten more but they sold out. As soon as I figure out how to get around copy protection I will be making as many as possible. I'm hosting a showing of the film today.

I won't tolerate anyone calling this movie "limited hangout" - it's 100% fact, it's a story that needs to be told and building 7's destruction is shown three times in the first 15 minutes.

This film can and must be shown to everyone of ANY political persuasion ASAP.

Here dude, this is an

Here dude, this is an excellent guide on how to rip DVD's etc;


I've still got time to burn a stack of these for today's activities. Already got a newly burned stack of 9/11 Revisited. Thanks, Styles.

I downloaded it and watched it yesterday.

Today I ordered two copies on DVD.

I do wish it had included something about the wargames, even just a little teaser like Cynthia McKinney's attempt to question Donald Rumsfeld. The video (linked from that page) is at