Simple Message

Use these simple logos if your so inclined. They may just trigger the appropriate reaction.  Inspired from our friends in the UK!

911-insidejob.pdf14.41 KB
911-insidejob-inv.pdf14.36 KB

Great 'Job' on those!

Excellent design – simple, provocative, effective!

Would make great stickers to plaster everywhere...

all I need

is "INSIDE" in bold over the O

then I would make stickers of those


I don't know about making it too obvious...

I think it's more intriguing - and rewarding for the viewer - to prompt people to figure it out.

I'm a graphic designer by trade and I think the design is great just the way it is.

Actually, now that I think about it, it might be good to have it slightly ambiguous. Say you have it on your vehicle bumper and a cop pulls you over and asks you what the sticker means, you could just say it's your buddy's band "Job 911".

yeah... different strokes

Personally, I'm done with ambiguity... I've got deception dollars for that (gave out about a thousand of those today, btw). Anyway, I'm a graphic designer too... I'll just slap it on there myself. :)

its completely editable in

its completely editable in any vector application...