Australia Channel 10 Attacked for Airing 'In Plane Site'

Labor MP attacks Ten on 9/11 documentary -

LABOR MP Michael Danby wants Channel 10's programming director sacked after the TV station screened a documentary which floated conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.

The program, 9/11 In Plane Site, questioned whether a hijacked airliner really hit the Pentagon, and suggested shadowy American forces engineered the event for evil ends.

Ten aired the program late on Saturday night – two days before the fifth anniversary of the New York and Washington attacks.

Mr Danby said September 11 victims had been killed twice – once by the terrorists and once by Ten.
But Ten was unapologetic, saying that “people should be able to make up their own minds” about such material.

“The last time we checked this was a free country,” a spokeswoman for Ten said.

She said the program “merely questioned what people were told by the Government and the media”.

She said it was the second time the network had aired the program and only positive feedback had been received.

About 400,000 people watched the program, which went to air at 11pm.

Thanks Paul for the heads up!

The logical move

"Mr Danby said September 11 victims had been killed twice – once by the terrorists and once by Ten."

>> Tell Ken to emit 911: Press for Truth.

Either you believe in free

Either you believe in free speech....or political correctness.

Sack Danby. A man for tyranny. Not for freedom.

Danby should get sacked.
Why would he be so paranoid about the whole matter.

Only the guilty don't want the truth told.
Only a man for tyranny would not want the listener to decide.
He wants to decide for everyone.

Channel 10 you are heroes.
Keep it up.

Can I get to your station thru the internet.

6.5 billion people on this earth are for free speech.

Let the listener decide.

"A Plane sight" is the worst

"A Plane sight" is the worst piece of crap movie ever.

maybe, but "In Plane Site"

maybe, but "In Plane Site" has actually opened many eyes to the lies of 9/11.

They could have chosen a better video

I was thinking the same thing. "In Plane Site" is easily the worst of the 9/11 videos I have seen. If they want to address the physical evidence, "Loose Change" would have been much better. Their best choice would have been "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime," which avoids the physical evidence trap altogether and builds an excellent case on the strength of circumstantial evidence.

yeah, because, you know, the

yeah, because, you know, the Commission didnt mention WTC7, when Lee Hamilton was recently asked why on canadian tv, he looked scared as hell and couldnt give a good reason, the media regularly fails to show the collapse of WTC7 and discussion of what was in it, but yeah, your right, the physical evidence is a trap. right. come on man, even the man who made EGLS admits it was a mistake not including cntrolled demolition. the Pentagon is one thing, but ignoring CD is useless. there is a reason that WTC7 wasnt in the Comission Report. there is a reason the NIST recently put out a report saying basically it was possible that explosives may have brought it down and they were "still looking into it". they are covering their asses. WTC7 scares the hell out of them. that is why the MSM wont show it. ever. trap? i dont think so.

I wish that would happen here

Can you imagine seeing in plane site on one of our mainstream networks? To bad we don't have real freedom of the press in this country.

Thats great! I was in

Thats great! I was in Australia for the last year and Channel 10 is like the countries biggest broadcast network! Thats so huge!

Australia Channel 10 Attacked for Airing 'In Plane Site'

By the way Danby is jewish.