Democracy Now!

Watch the debate between some Pop Mechanics Tool and one of the Loose Change Guys on live right now!

My thoughts on the LC vs. PM debate

First off, Amy Goodman did a good job of remaining fair, balanced and objective. Those who think she was biased against LC need to go back and watch Hannity vs. Kevin Barrett. Now THAT'S bias!

Amy was calm, composed and directed the debate well. I especially like the fact that she exposed her audience to so much of "Loose Change 2E", the movie. This ALONE should encourage many in her audience to at least view the entire movie on their own.

Dylan and Jason definitely had their facts straight. They were well prepared to go up against Popular Mechanics and (in my view) Dylan and Jason dominated the debate.

A few comments from a previous blog suggested that PM won. I disagree. PM did remain a bit more calm and composed than did LC (particularly Jason). LC seemed to be getting agitated and at times they would smirk and laugh in response to the comments from PM. At other times, they would interrupt the PM guys. This does not play well. LC needs to allow their words and their arguments to convey their exasperation. The heavy sighs and snickering just looks childish. In all fairness, I think Jason & Dylan should be commended for not choking Jim & David. I know what they were feeling.

The witnesses Jason named at the Pentagon site was extremly powerful. I had never heard about these people before but I assume they will be interviewed in LC: Final Cut. This will be powerful!!!

(I must have been really into this interview because during the candle light scene I actually got chills. Or maybe that was because John Coltrane was playing underneath)

The PM guys came off smug and condescending. I also got the sense that they were being extremely careful to "stay on message". They appeared extremely well coached, but they did not come off as credible.

Most POWERFUL moment: Jason to Jim, "I'm calling you a liar sir!" I loved that! It was entirely appropriate and I'm glad he did it. Please, please, please put this in "LC: Final Cut"! Jim looked like a deer caught in headlights. This clearly shook him up!

I think Dylan lost a point or two bringing up the Willie Rodriguez testimony. This is NOT one of the more compelling pieces of evidence and was easily debunked by Jim. Not sure why Dylan went there.

Amy saved it by quickly moving to WTC7. Dylan won back his points with his excellent argument. Dylan was clear, thorough, factual and extremely credible.

Jim comes back with his "holocaust denier" comment and Dylan & Jason almost lost it (control guys, control). Jim filibusters the rest of his WTC7 response instead of addressing the strongest points of Dylans argument. This only reinforces that WTC7 is our strongest SMOKING GUN. We need to focus on hammering this home! PM was at a lost when it came to WTC7. Anytime they bring up the holocaust, you know you got them on the ropes.

Lastly I do wish more focus could have been placed on controlled demolition but the cut-in shots from "Loose Change 2E" filled these holes rather nicely.

All-in-all, fine job Jason & Dylan. You are both Patriots in every sense of the word. Thank you BOTH for your courage.

Rodriguez not credible?

"I think Dylan lost a point or two bringing up the Willie Rodriguez testimony. This is NOT one of the more compelling pieces of evidence and was easily debunked by Jim. Not sure why Dylan went there."

Hmmm. I'm not sure why you say this. It is easily demonstrable that stairwells and elevator shafts in the buildings did not go straight down -- they were discontinuous with, I believe, one express elevator and a freight elevator going straight up and down. This undermines the "jet fuel down the shafts" line that PM promoted and it is certainly not a fact which they make clear.

They also cited the Naudet Brothers' film, in which "people on fire in the lobbies" (God rest their souls) are mentioned. Could this not just as easily be proof of explosive force coming UP from the basement levels?

On the Contrary, Rodriguez is Highly Credible

Don't get me wrong. I say let William Rodriguez tell his own story from his own perspective. That way when someone (like Meigs) tries to say, "skin hanging off the body is evidence of a fire", Rodriguez can then respond, "no sir, I was there... it was a bomb! I witnessed the event. I was there. You were not." Obviously Dylan is in no position to say this, so he should stay away from it.

BTW, is'nt William Rodriguez doing somehthing for Univision or Telemundo today? Anyone have some info on that?


Dylan & Jason were awesome!!!

I just saw Dylan & Jason vs. the Popular Mechanics con-men & the Loose Change guys cleaned their clocks!!! Amy Goodman has no excuse now to shun 9/11 truth any longer! (I'll comment much more on the whole thing later, but it was great!!!)

Well done,

considering Goodman lobbed the predictable straw man targets. Interesting that when she finally came around to WTC7, the gentleman from PM, so fond of "the facts", quickly invoked "Holocaust Denial"--the last refuge of a failed apologist.


Yes, Chris Rose, it is true Jason and Dylan got a little snarky and reactive to the antics of the PM tools, however, all in all, those boys TOTALLY OWNED the debate! They were talking FACTS, and while the PM men kept insisting their approach was based science, all they did was talk about how they were so empirical and scientific and never proved it. You'd really have to be an idiot to believe the guys who keep telling you that they are being more scientific and realistic, versus the people who point for point keep proving it. Today I am a proud 9/11 truther, being as we are represented by such fine young men! And Amy also won back some points, she embodied fairness and reason, and as our boys were winning the game of reason, she treated them well, with the respect they were earning and deserving minute by minute. All in all a huge step forward! Just think of all the generally sheltered DN listeners (sheltered from 9/11 truth, that is) who will be watching the whole gorgeous length of Loose Change on google video because of this positive exposure.

Yes, Michael -- I completely

Yes, Michael -- I completely concur with your comments about the "holocaust denial" last ditch taken by the PM fellow. Personally I thought it looked desperate and that it actually backfired. The D.N. viewership/ listening audience is more educated and nuanced than say, Hannity's fans. They wouldn't be the sorts to fall for that transparently emotive and cheap kind of crap. Amy's audience prefers intellectualism, empiricism and fairplay to rhetoric (especially the irrational, hot-headed kind). I am actually glad the PM said it. It showed what he was. His handlers may admonish him for that -- it was too drastic and antagonistic a move in such a forum.