Details on Usage of Recent Donations

I just wanted to say a very very big thank you for all of the generous donations we have received over the last month. We received approximately $1700 in donations and from running blogads, so here are some details as to how it was spent for those interested.

3ft X 20ft banner shipped to NYC - ~$400
8 - 1 week long blogads - $1300

Here are the sites where the new ad will be showing:
Brad Blog - not yet running
This Modern World
The Smirking Chimp
Outside the Beltway
Political Wire
Drudge Retort (not Report)

And here is an example of what the new ad looks like:

This ad should be seen by about 1.7 million people over the next week, and all of this was done by people chipping in. Thank you so much!

Props to ya! How exactly do

Props to ya! How exactly do we get you that comptroller position in the pentagon? Quite refreshing to see some financial accountability somewhere.

No... thank YOU so much, dz

That's a great ad. Thanks for getting it out there. Thanks for showing us where the funds are going without having to be asked. Thanks for 911blogger. Thanks, dz.

Nice ad, Dz you should also

Nice ad, Dz you should also link to where people can actually watch the movie here on google;

^ Because the more successful it is on the Internet the more sales they'll get etc. That's exactly what happened with loose change, and that's exactly why it's been so phenomenally popular. I don't know if you want to get the permission from the producers of 911: Press for Truth to include the google link. But it's in their interest big time. Also you should include underneath "Watch here on google video" for example, another link saying "Buy on DVD here" etc and have this link to were people can purchase it;

And check this, what's up

And check this, what's up with the text sizes on the blogs? I took a screenshot;

It's like when someone doesn’t close the code for making text bold etc, and then for some reason everything under that open field is all bold. Except this is like text size, where text is normal up until a point where someone makes it small, and then the rest of the page is basically that size.

Edit: looks like the text has gone back to normal now.

ya, i just fixed that a few

ya, i just fixed that a few minutes ago.. plz let me know when you see this.. email me..

its an open issue right now, but im trying to catch it when it happens..