Florida Democratic Hopeful Dr. Robert Bowman to Appear at LC2E Screening for Democrats

Commentary: Democrats screen movie questioning 9/11 story - PalmBeachPost.com

Five years later, the suggestion that a shadowy domestic cabal and not Osama bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attacks has gone from tin-hat chatter to an officially sanctioned way to recruit grass-roots workers and drum up a few bucks for the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

The local party's Volunteer Outreach, Information, Coordination and Education (VOICE) Committee is sponsoring a screening of the 9/11 conspiracy pic Loose Change later this month (suggested donation: $5) with a special appearance by Space Coast Democratic congressional long shot Bob Bowman, a prominent doubter of the official 9/11 narrative.

The VOICE Committee's Rick Neuhoff handed out Exposing the Myth of 9/11 fliers at Thursday's Democratic Executive Committee powwow. Neuhoff says he's convinced that President Bush had "foreknowledge" of the attacks and that the World Trade Center "didn't come down because of the planes."

The local Democratic Party isn't endorsing any 9/11 theory, Chairman Wahid Mahmood says, just trying to present "an educational process for all of us."

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Miami Herald "Hit Piece" on Robert Bowman

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Bush had foreknowlege of 9/11, says who?

Rick Neuhoff??? The same guy from that band UN1SON (see www.UN1SON.net) who sells DISH Network Satellite TV nationwide? (see MyDishNow.com).

If so, he is an honest guy, level headed and I've been doing business with him for quite a few years now. From what I can tell, he really loves America and is quite upset at what's been happening here since the Bush administration took control.

As for the current Republican administration having foreknowledge of 9/11... he does have a valid point...

You see, WHY the current administration may have had motives is not for any of us to speculate. What the public record evidence clearly shows is that the current administration did in fact have foreknowledge of the events of September 11.

- The FAA warned of hijacked airplanes being used as weapons 15 times in writing
- The FAA warned of hijacked airplanes being used as weapons 52 times verbally in their daily briefinings
- The Hart-Rudman Commission warned of hijacked airplanes being used as weapons and was then shut down by the current administration
- The FBI warned of Osama bin Laden disciples training in U.S. flight schools preparing for future "terror activity against civil aviation targets."
- Department Of Transportation Red Team on Aviation Security warned of airplanes being used as weapons as well as numerous other gaping availation security gaps.
- The CIA Bin Laden Unit repeatedly warned of impending attacks.
- NSC Counterintelligence Coordinator, Richard Clarke warned of an impending domestic attack from bin Laden.