German 9/11 Summit a Success.

Photo credit: amman254.

Webster Tarpley, Andreas Von Beulow, Thomas Meyer and Gerhard Wisnewski had a successful summit last night at Kandern-Holzen near Basel. The event was sold out with 150 people in attendance.

On Saturday, Tarpley broadcasted his RBN show live from Germany and featured the above speakers giving their opinions and fielding questions from callers. Archived show here:

Tarpley continues his European tour with a stop on Wednesday at Trinity College, Dublin with Morgan Stack. Then he's off to Bologna Italy for a big conference on September 17th. Tarpley expects around 800 people to attend the Italy conference, and plenty of press as well.

Here's the Bologna info once again;


9/11 Global Deceit

Nature and Meaning of September 11th

First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001

Bologna, Teatro Arena del Sole

Sunday 17th September 2006

from 14.00 to 23.00

Five years after September 11th 2001, the real criminal nature of the WTC and Pentagon attacks has finally been made clear, as has the culpability of the Bush Administration in orchestrating those dramatic events.

Thanks to dedicated research activities by an increasing number of scholars—Americans and others—the truth concerning the tragedy of New York has definitively surfaced. Staged by the financiers and giant firms behind the American Government, September 11th emerges as a consciously fabricated event concocted on political grounds and aimed at the implementation of a strategic, geopolitical agenda for the realization of a new empire.

This New Pearl Harbor on American soil was devised and clinically executed precisely with this goal in mind. However, the accountability and responsibility of individual officials and political forces can now be demonstrated. The first Italian Conference on September 11th – in Bologna, September 17th 2006, at the Teatro Arena del Sole – promises new revelations and a detailed account as to how and why such crimes were perpetrated by the American political élite and individuals in high office, people who are still dominating our planet.



Introduction by Emanuele Montagna (writer and essayist, member of Faremondo group)



Stage play on September 11th. Stage manager: Gabriele Ciampichetti (member of Faremondo group)


Opening speech by Franco Soldani (essayist, member of Faremondo group) and Roberto Di Marco (essayist and novelist, member of Faremondo group)


The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Revealing its Lies

Speech by Prof. David Ray Griffin, author of the books The new Pearl Harbor. Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 and The 9/11 Commission Report. Omissions and Distortions


Giulietto Chiesa (Euro-MP, journalist, chairman of Megachip) and Webster Griffin Tarpley (researcher and journalist, author of the book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in Usa) comment upon D. R. Griffin's speech


Giulietto Chiesa and Webster Griffin Tarpley talk about the nature and meaning of 9/11




Massimo Mazzucco (editor of, producer of the video: 11 settembre 2001. Inganno globale) and Maurizio Blondet (manager of, author of the books 11 Settembre: colpo di stato in USA and Israele, Usa, il terrorismo islamico) introduce the video-conferences.


Video-conference: Prof. Steven E. Jones, physicist at Brigham Young University in Provo (Utah), co-founder of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Society and author of the essay Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?


The September 11th Attack: a staged event to create anger towards Arabs

Video-conference: Eric Hufschmid, researcher, author of the book Painful Questions. An Analysis of the September 11th Attack, and editor of the video Painful Deceptions.




D. R. Griffin, G. Chiesa, W. G. Tarpley, S. E. Jones, E. Hufschmid, M. Mazzucco, M. Blondet and R. Di Marco debate with the audience.

F. Soldani and E. Montagna moderate the discussion.

german 911 summit

well reprehensor, you beat me at posting on this event.

i was there yesterday, and it was really great. seeing 150 people in this sleepy little nest at the foot of the black forest was quite a turn out. there might have been almost as many people in the meeting as in the little town, (not really....).

and the meeting was not just last night, but all day from 10:00 am till around 18:30pm.

The first speaker was the well known german journalist, book and tv author, Gerhard Wisnewski. who spoke on the theme of his upcoming new book "Verschlusssache Terror-Wie der Globus gekiddnappt wurde." ( Closed Topic Terror - How the Globe was Kidnapped ). He left us pretty eager to get our hands on his new book when it's out this fall.

Then Webster Tarpley was on with the theme, "Am Rande des dritten Weltkrieges: Wie die Wahrheit über den 11. September zur Kriegsverhütung beitragen kann." ( On the Breach of the third World War: How the Truth about 911 can save us from War. ). I was surprised to hear Tarpley with really great German. He lectured completely fluent. His "take it easy" way of communicating, in spite of the serious topic, was really refreshing.

After lunch Andreas Von Bülow had his turn. Alone through his clear, loud, and perfectly articulated presentation, von Bülow made it clear that his near 25 years of experience as a member of the german Bundestag, and several years as Minister of Research and Technology, made him a born politician. But the kind we wish we had more of. Speaking out the truth, and calling lies by name. His experience with control commisions of the Secret Services made the things he had to say about what the governments in the states and also here in europe are trying to do, to pull the wool over our eyes, very easy to understand. His theme was "Das Imperiale Amerika und die Manipulation der Massen." ( Imperialisitic America and the manipulation of the Masses ).

And the last speaker Thomas Meyer from Switzerland, whose work as Philosophist talked about a bit more of the moral applications of the topic of the day with his theme, "911 als Herausforderung für ein neues Denken", ( 911 as challenge to a new way of thinking ).

And then at the end of the day, the four gentlemen sat together on the podium for a question and answer round. it's only a shame that the evening had to come to an end, as there were still loads of people that would have loved to drill these guys, to learn from their expertise. It was all in all, a very great seminar, and very enriching.

All of the seminars were of course held in german, and were cought on camera by a group, that will have cd's and dvd's ready of all of the speakers in the next weeks. here is an addy where copies can be ordered:
"" or thier website "".

i made a few pictures, but i don't know how to get them in this forum. if anyone wants, they can get in touch with me.

I hope we can see more seminars like this down here in the future.

Send in pix to

And we'll post them.

Tarpley calls for unity
On his Saturday, Sept. 9 show with guests A von Buelow and Gerhard Wisnewski (D) and Thomas Meyer (CH) Tarpley noted that the constructive approach taken by the German researchers compared very favorably to the chaotic battle of all against all which typifies the scene in the US 911 truth movement.
They were able to "talk shop" on differing interpretations of the evidence without invective and ad hominem arguments, and collaborate harmoniously on political and organizing strategy. They created a collaborative network and reached some positive decisions.
Tarpley pointed out that the movement has now become a mass movement with many strategic goals to work on. We need some concepts of mass organizing rather than indulging in a kind of every man for himself free-for-all, which makes it impossible to apply leverage using our gains in strength.

good to hear, and

"They were able to "talk shop" on differing interpretations of the evidence without invective and ad hominem arguments"

They also probably don't have quite as many jackass ops infiltrating them, either - running around calling people "truthlings" and "planehuggers", writing vicious hit pieces on researchers, etc.

Something to consider in the comparison, perhaps.