Immortal Technique and 911 Truth



Immortal Technique and 911 Truth... (From Technique's blog)

I will be there Sunday to stand with others who have serious questions about 9/11 on this 5th Anniversary.

Although me and Alex Jones have ideological differences when we reference the "Immigration Debate" we are going to be at this event pushing for the truth to be brought to light about September 11th. I am not a conspiracy theorist as some people even listeners of my music would contend. I simply have never believed the censored and edited story that the government has been telling people about 9/11. Another clear indication of their lies was exposed when the Giuliani Administration and the EPA's decision to have people down there without full gas masks and respirators has resulted in over 70% of the Ground Zero workers developing breathing illnesses and some cancers. We can trust in nothing they have told us, and especially not in that they hide things from us for national security. They hide it for their own security, to protect themselves from being accountable to who they must answer to in a real democracy....The People.

"The Immigration Debate" another convenient little tool like gay Marriage that has nothing to do with civil liberties government spying, the War in Iraq and the push by global corporations to exercise more control over this nations policies. Race and religion are easily used to divide people, even those that consider themselves agents of truth and believe their own course to be the right one. A perfect example of this is traditional conservatives like The Minutemen and that deluded fuck Pat Buchanan claiming that blacks and whites share a common culture not known to Latinos, that they are one people and that Latinos are outside of this. As if we are not ALL one people. I am a man and human being before I am an American or anything else. Then this moron goes onto say, Blacks are as American as Apple pie. Maybe if you stole that apple pie and mixed poison into it while lying to everyone who saw you with it about who made that pie, about where it came from, and who it used to belong to. Ray Naggin wasnt talking about Mexicans taking over chocolate city he meant rich white developers that gentrify communities all over America, by kicking the Black and brown out raising, housing prices exponentially and move in rich whites who are the only ones that can afford to live there I have never backed down from any disrespect to my people, and this will be no exception. We will be there in force all of my supporters, fuck fans...Supporters, people who see the use of race and religion to divide class, My people from the hood who are tired of the commercial world saying you gotta be stupid cuz you're Black and Latino and you can't like some hardcore Hip Hop that speaks about what really goes on in the streets and doesn't just romanticize "The hood." Being from the hood don't make you tough pussy, it just means your parents are poor. It's time for us to speak out as one people and to face the nation.

Come by and see the movie at 7:45PM and the speech about 9/11 right before it if you can.

And stay for an Immortal Technique show at 9PM.
It will be a warm up for the big show...

thanks for submitting this.

thanks for submitting this.

Demonizing "Ilegal Aliens"

Demonizing "Ilegal Aliens" is a nice little trick; classic divide and conquer; you point the finger at the dirt poor person working two jobs trying to support his family in some slum back home instead of the corporate psychopths who make it IMPOSSIBLE for these people to earn a living in their native lands. It's what the elites in a capitalist society have always done: maintain a surplus pool of unemployed workers and make sure there aren't enough jobs to go around so people will be willing to work for peanuts and hate the very people who are their closest allies. Thatcher's folks described this frankly, saying that unemployment served their ideological agenda of class domination.

If you want to stop ilegal immigration the answer is simple: make damn sure your country stops raping and pillaging the third world. Point the finger where it belongs, at gross wealth disparity and corporate "free trade" agreements and government stooges who support these policies. When people in "developing" (yeah right) countries can afford to raise their children in the country in which they were born, they will gladly do so. Nor is this "impossible": most of the scarcity in our society is artificial. There's enough go to around if we start behaving resonsibly.

According to the tenets of capitalism, labor should be mobile, capital fixed. That way the worker can seek out the best "bargain" to sell his labor. Of course, the opposite is now true, and pretty much always has been, even in mercantalist or pre-capitalist societies, and some people think people shouldn't be forced to 'sell" themselves in any way whatsoever.

If you really believe in a 'free market' you must place the rights of people above the "rights" of property and capital and even nationhood, otherwoods we're just slaves to mammon.

Anyway, kudos to Immortal

Anyway, kudos to Immortal Technique (perhaps the best hip-hopper going these days) for not allowing ideological differences on social subjects to prevent his forming alliances with other members of 911 truth. I'm quite certain this one of the main reasons that some on the "left" are not onboard: they consider themselves on the opposite side of the politica spectrum than Alex jones' audience when it comes to social issues.

We have to be mature enough to welcome constitutionalists, socialists, anarchists, liberals, conversatives and every other label people ascribe to themselves We might even learn something from each other. I tend to draw the line at Marxists, fascists and racists, who believe in primitive ideologies I want nothing to do with.

Well said, Danse. I have

Well said, Danse. I have been emailing Alex to possibly have Immortal Technique as a guest on his radio show to talk about "Immigration" and hopefully they'll both come out with a better understanding of each others views. I was very amazed that this Alliance for truth even fell through and i was very lucky to capture pictures of it cause even when i was seeing the event @ Cooper Union i couldn't believe what i was seeing. Very powerful men using their leadership to unite and create more leaders for the Truth Movement. Here's some videos fellow truth Activists managed to record of the protests that the mainstream media white washed.

Immortal Technique Video clips

RADA Tha RebeliouZ

It speaks to the urgency of our mission

and the integrity of those two men.

"Very powerful men using their leadership to unite and create more leaders for the Truth Movement."

God bless Alex Jones and Immortal Technique.