Mainstream Norwegian TV Covers 9/11 Press for Truth

From one of our Norwegian viewers:

I thought that you might like to know that 911 Truth is airing right now on NORWEGIAN TV2. This is a mainstream station. It is a program with the Jersey Widows, and there are serious questions being asked - not just by the widows, but (implicit) those the viewer is being asked. I rejoice! I honestly never would have thought that the media here would dare to do this! Let this be but the beginning!

Here is the program listing (sorry it's Norwegian, but it will enable you to trace the program, since the program itself is in English):-
Dokumentar Reflektor: 9/11 - fem år etter

(9/11 Press for truth) Amerikansk dokumentar. Dokumentaren stiller nye og oppsiktsvekkende spørsmål om angrepene på USA som endret verden. Etter angrepene på USA den 11. september 2001, gikk en liten gruppe sørgende familier til kamp mot dem som prøvde å begrave sannheten om hendelsene den skjebnesvangre dagen. Her forteller seks av dem, blant dem tre av de kjente 'The Jersey Girls', for første gang den sterke historien om hvordan de kjempet mot de sterkeste kreftene i Washington.

Thanks Christopher for the heads up!

Thanks for the tip

Missed the first half hour, but watching now

Is it private channel or

Is it private channel or some sort of public broadcasting? thanks


It is a public broadcasting station and the second largest tv channel in Norway. Not very far from half of the tv watching norwegians would be watching this channel.


Btw, here's the front page of TV2's website.. as you can see they have put a high profile on this program.

You guys are goofballs

I'm new to this site and this 9/11 truth thing

I've been looking through the blogs, and I see that you guys believe that planes did not hit the trade centers!!


Wow, and to think that I finally was going to take 9/11 truth seriously

All of you guys are all jokes.

I bet you guys will say that "there were not towers. It's all in your mind man. Open and do the research. The trade centers never existed"

I'm telling all of my friends and colleagues to stay away from 9/11 truth since you nutcases have the idiocy to think that the planes that hit the towers were a figment of everybody's imagination.

I bet you guys have seen Elvis lately right? And bigfoot and aliens?


Hi Mr. Idiot, yes I've seen

Hi Mr. Idiot,
yes I've seen Elvis lately. It was a documentary footage from the White House where he approached Nixon with photo op and proposal to be his "drug agent in the young community". Few years later Elvis died intoxicated with dozens of different pills, haha.

And what's the point? The elite is always sick, Nixon was proud that he got the peace with Russia and China while just few years before was one of the main coldwar propagandists. Poppy Bush likes doing business with Bin Ladins and at night dirty stuff with little boys, google the Franklin cover up..


You have friends? Amazing...

The no-plane theory is nonsense, most people here can agree with you on that.

A Troll?

Well the news was Norwegian. As I am sure everybody knows from their storybooks, that is where there are trolls. Perhaps trolls have now gotten the Internet, and like responding to what they read.... in the only way of course that they can, as a troll:P

Seriously, WHY did you write that? Most truthers are NOT no planers, and would agree that the "no plane" argument is absurd. So why did you write it?

Why did not rather pour your scorn on the ridiculous explanation - perhaps we should call it "dogma" - regarding the Great Twins' "collapse". How did aeroplane fuel reach the temperatures required to weaken the steel suports, and how did they weaken so quickly? How about the absurd idea that a bunch of fringe muslims with box cutters run by a cleric who hides in caves could pull off such a massive, complicated operation? Here is one for you if you have flight simulator.... perhaps you can try repeating the movements of the so-called Boeing plane, as we have been given them, with the realism settings as high as you can have them... if your plane DOESN't break up due to the stresses you are putting under, are you able to manouver your aeroplane such that you can hit the Pentagon in the manner described.

My that pilot must have been all too modest about his abilities! At flying school they didn't think he could even fly a Cessna! Perhaps they cheated, and did not have the "realism" settings on full that day. Perhaps they turned them off... :P Yet plane there was with the World Trade Center - but would someone please show me the plane at the Pentagon or Shanksville?

You know the US military could shut a lot of us up if it did just one thing: release ALL video footage of the plane hitting the pentagon, including the video they confiscated from the petrol station nearby. Why don't they do this?

By the way, I am very impressed with the Pentagon lawn... - now THAT'S what I call a State Secret. Every gardener in the world must be interested in finding out how they did this! :D

Oh I see

For a moment I thought "new to 9/11 truth" was actually a newcomer.

This thread has been officially hijacked. Nothing more to see.. move along.

Washington D.C. Screening of "9/11: Press For Truth" - 9/11/06

I attended the 7:00pm screening of "9/11: Press for Truth" at Landmark's E Street Cinema in DC. Although there were approximately 40 others in the audience, I was disappointed that more young people didn't turn out to support the movement. My initial reaction to "Press for Truth" was that of disappointment: there were too many core components left out of the film that implicate the government through MIHOP. Among the gaps: wargames, controlled demolition of the towers, the Mineta testimony, and insider trading. However, as my girlfriend and I discussed the scenes on our way home, I realized that "Press for Truth" is a perfect film for fence-sitters and those unfamiliar with 9/11 Truth.

The genius of "Press for Truth", what set it apart from other 9/11 Truth documentaries, is the raw emotion the film generates and demands from its audience. Unlike Loose Change, we see the human response to 9/11 in the form of the 'Jersey Girls'. We emphasize with the betrayal they received from the 9/11 Commission they helped create. Most importantly, they show that a group of ordinary, dedicated civilians can make a difference. Additionally, the incorporation of Paul Thompson's "9/11 Timeline" highlighted the money trail from the Pakistani ISI to the hijackers and proved to be particularly damning.

Kyle Hence, the executive producer and founder of 9/11 CitizensWatch, introduced the movie and took questions with Paul Thompson at its conclusion. The audience utilized the full thirty minutes and asked some good questions with Thompson fielding the majority of them.

One man, upon being called for a question, stood up and identified himself as Dave VonKleist, the producer of "9/11: In Plane Sight." After a brief call for unity for all members of the Truth movement, VonKleist described how he had been in New York earlier that day meeting with Dylan, Alex Jones, and others at Ground Zero. He mentioned a list of independent people working with him who could prove that the planes which hit the towers were not passenger jets. VonKleist also said that he had obtained several videos released on a dvd of the Pentagon attack and that they would hopefully be available by Thanksgiving. At first I thought of the FOIA request at, but there does not appear to be any updates at this time.

"9/11: Press for Truth" is an important film that serves as a preliminary examination into the complexities surrounding that day. Although it doesn't implicitly incriminate figures within the Whitehouse, the movie allows newcomers the opportunity to see that there are valid questions that remain unanswered to this day.