Report on Protests from NYC

Just got a first hand report from JR Guerra as to the activities this morning in NYC.

First off, he said that the protests at Ground Zero this morning went well. He approximated 2,000 activists at Ground Zero and said there was no provocation and that everyone behaved well. He said that Korey Rowe had handed out 800 copies of LC2E, and 200+ t-shirts. He said that once they had left Ground Zero they went to the financial district to protest in front of Spitzer's office and Silverstein's office, and that the police were very nice and had blocked off all of Broadway street for them. He said that they were currently on the way to city hall and were still running strong with a very large group of protesters.

So, since I can't find anyone at all reporting on it I think this is the first report, please post other reports in the comments as you come across them.

Big thanks to JR Guerra for the first hand info!

Video of 9/11 Truth Event

See the video here

That video is pretty awful,

I guess we're all just crazy, some girl says so.

Video of protest

Here is a link for an AP video of the scene in NYC. Some footage of Alex Jones is included.


blog about trip to ground

I was there and it was a

I was there and it was a couple hundred people at the most (2 or 3), not "thousands".

That's a pathetic number.

That's a pathetic number. We need 200,000 not 200 or 2000. That's very sad to hear.

investigate 911 rally

I wouldn't feel bad about the numbers or the total mainstream media blackout. I live in NY, was there, and just wanted say--Good job guys! I suspect you have more support in the city than it seemed. There is no real reason for a normal, smart person to be in that area unless they have to work there. it's really for tourists and financial workers. I couldn't get any friends to go with me either due to work or that it seemed it would be a hassle.

I also think you would have met more resistance in another city, but I could be wrong. NYers are overwhelmingly Democrats and still despise Giuliani after living through his reign of hypocritical terror. I wish the rest of the country could see through that man...I can't wait until he runs for Presidency and has to explain how he tried to use 911 as a state of emergency, cancelling the mayoral elections so he could stay in office past his term.

I saw someone who smartly brought along a laptop for impromptu visua aids--he had a throng of curious people around him. I thought it interesting that most of them were non-caucasians...guess white people can't be bothered .

It Was Great!

AJ bull horned across the stree from Ground Zero. He lead chants involving probably 1000 plus people -
"9/11 Was An Inside Job" over and over again.

The scene broke down into 2 camps.

Those who mourned and those who were lead by AJ and the 2 coexisted quite nicely.

I watched the reactions of others there and they were basically just watching and listening. I can count on 1 hand the total number of people who reacted negatively. (Practically none) The cops were very cool. Showed a lot of respect to us all.

Just returned from Vegas. Will miss AJ bull horn the CFR tomorrow.


Still complete blackout on

Still complete blackout on the 9/11 truth protests,
what i predicted here, instead spinning politics (Chavez, Bowman) or generally degrading of 9/11 conspiracy theories (Counterspin, NY POST, Amy Goodman)

So far up at MSM about the protest in NYC,
with some rare footage at VOA:
Voice of America (VIDEO has lot of ny911truth protest): "They came to protest.."
Columbus Dispatch about ny911 protest
BBC covers 9/11 truth protest at Ground Zero
2 sec AP clip of Alex Jones with 2 protestors

and from 9/10:
LA Times about NY Washington Square Protest (09/10)
September 12, 2006
Paula Zahn (CNN) on 9/11 Conspiracies

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September 12, 2006

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Paula Zahn
doing a special about 9/11 conspiracies.
coming up , should be within this 1/2 hour (or hour maybe ?)

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