Support Professor Steven Jones

Today would be a good day to send an email of support to Professor Jones. I was listening to Friday's broadcast of the Alex Jones show and AJ said that he had just spoken to Professor Jones and that he was very upset, disheartened about what was happening at BYU. Please send a message of thanks to this courageous and kind man who has been the target of a very ugly co-ordinated attack.

UPDATE: Professor Jones' email address has been PULLED by BYU. This wonderful man can't even receive the support of all of us who are indebted to his work. If you know of a working address for the Professor, please post it.

UPDATE: Here's his other email (thanks Swmorgan77)

LET the physics department at BYU know Professor Jones has your support:




Have they killed prof jones

Have they killed prof jones email address?

alot of things are cut off

alot of things are cut off right now

Does anyone have an email address for Jones?

I didn't realize until this morning that my letter to the professor had been sent back. It saddens me that I can't express my support for him. This shows how much he's being cut off. He needs our support.

The physics office address works, please let them know you support Prof Jones.

Dangit. I wish we could get

Dangit. I wish we could get in touch with someone who is in contact with thim, I am here in Salt Lake and would love to help if I can.

He has an alternate email

He has an alternate email listed on

Thanks a lot

Pretty shitty of BYU to "pull" his access to email.


Notice that the campaign

Notice that the campaign against Jones by the University occurred at roughly the same time as the campaign against Jones by the no-planes disinfo clowns. hmmm


Notice that Agent Meigs of PM has the same target as the no-planers. Agent Meigs unleashed his slander on Jones (which resulted in his being put on paid leave) at the same time the no-planers launched their vicious assault on Jones...


How can anyone take Meigs over Dr. Jones???

Dr. Jones is an accomplished scientist. Meigs is a schmuck/weasel who writes junk science articles & plays devil's advocate for a crappy magazine!

THE no plane disinfo morons are so OBVIOUS

The no plane disinfo clowns are so freaking obvious in their smear campaign against the best 9/11 researchers, as Steven Jones, that it is so funny.

All NPT disinfo clowns should be run banned from this site to protect 9/11 truth movement from the intentional sabotage.

From your point of view that

From your point of view that logically must make sense, but i have nothing to do with firing Barrett.

However from my point of perspective he was indeed taken out of radar because of what we found out about him.

After all this was a result of *him attacking us first as "junk science" and i am sure WP only mentioned me to marginalize our evidence via character assassination (dressed in black...veterans avoid Nico...if you smoke hashish there were no planes...) The media perps won with that spin.

I will quote here now another TV Fakery researcher, who said this morning:

"...all of a sudden out of no where BYU puts him on "paid leave" that makes it look like the "powers that be" are cracking down on him as if he was a legit truther. Why didn't BYU put him on paid leave before if they are trying to crack down on him? Why do it now right before the 9/11 anniversary that's surely going to cause controversy and make look Jones like he's getting censored and thereby making him look more like a hero to all the truthlings? And all of this right after other high-profile truthers were calling him out.

Yes it's all speculation, but we KNOW the gov't has infiltrated the truth movement (hell, lots of thruthlings think I'M a shill!), so we must look at ALL SIDES of the situation when it involves our so-called "leaders" in the truth movement..."

Btw, i ask everyone now, why is Dave v. Kleist's Pod disinfo all for a sudden so popular again? It was included in this latino show with Rodriguez and aired on a mainstream TV channel in Australia and made political news.

Any explanation, anonymous coward???

Also people here in NYC know that i am not a shill, so you have to think about a new label of me!

"hell, lots of thruthlings think I'M a shill!"


Local editorials on Wasatch front appear in support of Dr. Jones

I thought you would all be interested to see a couple of editorials that appeared in the Salt Lake newspapers in support of Dr. Jones.

The first is from an Engineer in Logan:

Noting the controversy over David Griffin's book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A call to Reflection and Action, I reviewed it, watched him lecture, and decided to look deeper into 9/11 as suggested.
I was unaware of the near free-fall collapse of World Trade Center Building No. 7, which had almost twice as many stories as any Utah building. Without being hit by an airplane, it collapsed into its own basement as fast as a bowling ball dropped from the sky.
From my engineer's perspective, these collapses cannot be explained by simple pancaking theories based on burning jet-fuel and office furnishings. Momentum and energy dynamics suggest that any collapses would be considerably slower than free-fall, and not symmetrically straight down.
My search led to watching Dr. Steven Jones, a Brigham Young University physics professor, present his paper: "Why did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?" and reading it. He seems sincere and mild-mannered like Griffin. Jones' analysis backs my

reasoning that jet fuel and office fires alone could not cause the observed collapses.
Many engineers have accepted the official versions of the 9/11 events, so his unthinkable conclusions concern me.
Griffin's book lead me to review the WTC collapses, which raises this perplexing dilemma: The observed collapses are unexplainable without resorting to conclusions that are unthinkable.
For the good of America and public safety, an open, impartial inquiry into 9/11 is needed.

Jack Keller

The second is my own, which appeared in the Deseret News opinion forum, but was edited down to about 1/2 of the content, and obviously the less controversial part. I was sad that they didn't include one paragraph, where I ask

"Does BYU, and the LDS church through its association with BYU really want to tie itself to the unraveling religous fable of the Neo-Con nation-state?"

On a final note, I have actually been having a productive and open dialogue with Chris Jones, the local KTVX reporter who authored the horrible story regarding Dr. Jones implying that he was anti-semetic, etc. If he gives me permission, I will post our correspondence. Anyway, here is the editorial:

Professor is not alone,1249,645200923,00.html

Dr. Stephen Jones should not have to fear for his job for following a line of scientific research simply because of the potential implications of that research. BYU officials do not have to agree with his assertions, but they can and should take a stand for academic and intellectual freedom just as the University of Madison-Wisconsin did when facing similar issues with one of their professors, Kevin Barrett.
Dr. Jones' views, while particularly reprehensible to most Utahns and Americans, do not represent a fringe viewpoint. According to an August 2 Scripps-Howard Poll, 36 percent of Americans believe "federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East." The numbers in countries outside the U.S. are even higher and have been for a long time.

Spencer Morgan
Salt Lake City