What are you doing today?

I was wonderin' what y'all are gonna get up to today.

I'm gonna head out with a bullhorn, a boombox, a sign, some flyers and cards, a stack of deception dollars and a stack of dvds... and hopefully meet up with some friends and do outreach in two different cities. After all that, I'll probably head over to the Grand Lake in Oakland for the premiere of the new David Ray Griffin video.

What are you doing today?

I'm handing out truth flyers

I'm handing out truth flyers and stuff here:


This event is sponsored by the pentagon! See here:



That looks like a choice event... my friend was gonna do the same thing at a similar event in Louisville today. I'd love to hear how it went.

Today was exhilarating

My second time using the bullhorn. I was at the corner of 13th and Broadway in Oakland for four hours, telling the truth. Very good response, a lot of great interactions.