When Time Doesn't Heal

When Time Doesn't Heal

by Daithí Mac

"...There are those few in power, however, who count on this "timeless" quality of the disaster to exploit it for their own ends. A full year prior, some of those very same individuals issued a foreign policy paper in which they overtly salivated for a "New Pearl Harbor" by which they could garnish popular support for their dark machinations..."

Some thoughful reflections at The Gaelic Starover blog

Astounded & Bewildered that Bush is still president...

I'm simply astounded & bewildered that Bush is still president after 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, & Iran on the horizon. We have to put some sort of general "impeachment election" into the Constitution if a president leads us down the road to hell like this.

Although a general

Although a general impeachment is not such a bad idea, we don't really need a general impeachment for Bush. There are plenty of crimes he has committed that he could be impeached over under our current constitution. We just need a Congress with a backbone and a prosecutor with one too to do something about the heinous crimes bush has committed. The GAO (government accountability office) said he committed over 750 felonies by using taxpayer money to buy advertising time on tv to propagandize. And that's some of his lesser crimes. But did Congress do anything about it? no. Any prosecutor come forward with any guts? no. When is Congress going to stand up to this guy?

Nobody in congress...

...has the cajones to mess with the neocons. It is up to the people.

Call for the resignation of Bush and Cheney.

I'm going to say this no matter who does not want to see this. The 9-11 attacks appeared as blowback for secret foreign policy between George W Bush and his Republican party and the Taliban terrorists and their Al Qaeda friends. 9-11 did not appear unprovoked. 9-11 happened for a reason.

What did George W Bush do between Jan 21, 2001 and July 2001? He negotiated with the Taliban terrorist government for the right for the US oil companies to buiild gas and oil pipelines across Afghanistan. In July 2001, the Taliban would not go along with any deal after months of negotiations. The frustrated Bush administration warned the Pakistanis in Germany in July 2001 at a diplomatic meeting, that the Taliban refused to attend, that The US would invade Afghanistan unless the Taliban went along with these pipeline projects, and to tell the Taliban this. When the Pakistanis informed the Taliban of the impending invasion, the Taliban did not wait, they got their friends Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin laden and Struck us first.

I doubt that the 9-11 attacks would have occurred if George W Bush had not pressured the Taliban to accept oil pipeline building contracts, under threat of invasion.

John Charles Brisard and Guilliaume Dasquie wrote a book "Forbidden Truth: SECRET US - TALIBAN Oil diplomacy and the Failed Hunt for Bin Laden" You can obtain it from amazon.com

Both Bin Laden and George W Bush bear responsibility for these 9-11 deaths and the attacks that caused them.

Consider this a referendum on the combined impeachment, conviction, resignation of George W Bush and Richard Cheney.

I report, you decide. Pass this text to the ends of the country east, west, north and south.

Resolved that we call for the resignation of George W bush and Richard Cheney for:

1. Starting an invasion of a country based upon lies and that did not attack ours.

2. Wiretapping of people within the United States without obtaining warrants for such wiretaps.

If you do not consent to this call for the resignation simply do nothing.

If you do consent to the call for resignation of George W Bush and Richard B Cheney based
upon the two charges listed above

Call each of Rush Limbaugh's sponsors. Demand they get Bush and Cheney to resign and until they resign you will not ever buy their products again until they accomplish the demand. Spread the word. This referendum shall stand or fall based upon the merits and each citizen will decide. Please spread this text throughout the net and post in libraries, town meeting, supermarkets, everywhere in the United States of America.

Rush Limbaugh's advertisers

Tell them you have called them because they advertise on Rush Limbaugh's show and they help advance the Republican agenda.

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