9/11 INN World Report Features Fetzer Interview.

INN World Report did a good interview with James Fetzer yesterday. Also a short report from Ed Haas on the FBI's lack of "hard evidence" on Bin Laden re: 9/11.


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Feingold strikes again.

Feingold decries creation of term 'Islamic fascism'

Bush description flawed, insulting, critics say

Sen. Russ Feingold said Monday that President Bush and his administration should stop using the term "Islamic fascism" when describing the fight against al-Qaida, saying it is a flawed description, is "insulting" to Muslims and damages American efforts to make friends in the Muslim world.

Feingold said he planned to address the issue in remarks to the Arab-American Institute this morning in Washington. James Zogby, the president of that group, said Monday that "conflating Islam and fascism, which is Hitler and Mussolini, is not a good thing. . . . There is no understanding of what fascism really is (and) of what Islam really is.


CD Expert on WTC 7

This is an incredible clip:

The controlled demolition expert is shown a clip of WTC 7 coming down for the first time, and he confidently says it was demolished. Then they tell him that it was also on 9/11 and a look of total confusion comes over his face. He askes three or four times, "Are you sure it was on 9/11?" before finally concluding "They must have worked very hard...".

i saw that, it was

i saw that, it was hilarious, the guy was SHOCKED and had to ask like 5 times if it really fell on 9/11. great video.

That's great.

Thank God for the rest of the world.

This video is excellent.