9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group


9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group
In same vain as 9/11 scholars, first action would be to distance itself from damaging unproven theories

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 12 2006

The momentum of the 9/11 truth movement is accelerating like never before after enjoying a cacophony of attention during yesterday's 5th anniversary coverage. The next stage needs to be the formation of a 9/11 Legal Action organization and commencement of criminal indictments following the likely Republican loss of Congress in November.

The dam on proving the destruction of the trade towers was an inside job has broken and the only thing that can stop it now is infiltration and misdirection towards unproven and discrediting theories about pods, missiles, ghost planes and other outlandish distractions.

Any loosely organized movement is subject to monitoring and infiltration by various government agencies, including the FBI, defense intelligence, down to local police sheriffs who then pass information up the chain of command. History provides numerous examples of this therefore it is not paranoid to acknowledge that the 9/11 truth movement, having gained widespread media presence and increased prestige following the creation of the 9/11 scholars group, would be targeted for manipulation by outside influences.

The organic nature of the 9/11 truth movement has enabled it to flourish and avoid damaging levels of interference and diversion by narcs and PR change agents thus far. This hasn't been without effort on the part of agent provocateurs and their unwitting dupes who peddle nonsense about how for example all the videos of Flight 175 hitting the south tower were edited with CGI special effects.

That is not to say the progenitors of this disinformation are all working on behalf of the intelligence establishment, far from it. Indeed, I personally courted many nebulous aspects of alternative 9/11 research before discarding them for sturdier evidence. But the romance and mystery of far-reaching possibilities has always flirted with the human mind in appearing more palatable than hardcore brick-and-mortar evidence of criminal complicity.

The pod people, CGI fakery dupes and dare I say it, Flight 77 skeptics, are harming the 9/11 truth movement.

It speaks to the laziness of human nature - if the architects of this mass delusion can openly con the watching world into believing they saw something that was never there - if they can master such heights of grand illusion - then what hope do we have of ever reigning them in? It gives us an excuse to sit on our backsides and continue daydreaming.

Controlled demolition of buildings, insider trading and criminal cronyism can all be physically and circumstantially proven in a court of law - but it takes time, money, sweat and tears.

Who is willing to give up their way of life to pursue such proceedings after the expected Republican loss of Congress in November?

We need a 9/11 Legal Action Group - exclusively formed by career experts in the same vain as the 9/11 Scholars - to specifically identify the guilty parties behind the attack, organize the irrefutable proof, and convene a grand jury to indict the real terrorists - whoever they may be.

The first motion on the part of this Legal Action Group would be to denounce any and all unproven 9/11 theories that do not form part of its body of presentable evidence.

Whether or not the inclusion of Pentagon no plane theories should be included within that mandate remains an open question - but one that could be blown out of the water if the Neo-Cons select the time when the 9/11 truth movement is at its peak of notoriety as a window of opportunity to release clear video showing Flight 77 and use it as a tool to debunk the entire field.

Legal Group, and lawful understandings.

Hello DBLS:

Legal action group, with a grin and "no thank you" attitude for costly distractions and/or overly complex rationales. (not the time nor place). Got it.

Count me in.

May I add: Momentum we may have, but a number of psychological hurdles linger just beyond a break through in 9/11 truth.......

The legal action is a clear, proper, and just desire. However, our jury system is almost broke and will play into the Rogue State favor if awareness is not raised in this matter likewise. We still have a lot of work that should be considered part and parcel with all things "9/11". Again, I recommend people investigate the FED/IRS duel cabal that is crouching in wait for the growing number of people wishing to correct the heading of our Ship Of State.

Without jurors understanding what and exactly when Jury Nullification is proper and necessary, many people will be falsely imprisoned through inequitable debtors crimes, as mass murderers and manipulators go free.

When a jury is finally handed a case to deliberate, it is less well know that the jury may disregard a Judge's attempt to intimidate through his/her "instructions". When this happens and only when this happens, is a jury to use its ultimate prerogative; to find the law AND its fair and equitable application. If the jury can NOT find the law which should incarcerate a clever "outlaw", it has the power to weigh in on such a situation (Bush/Gonzales tortured logic on how torture is Legal... bullshit!)

As well, if not vastly more important to We The People, when 40 thousand codified Laws and Statutes can be brought to bear against someone who truly hasn't infringed upon the right of another liberty seeking person, but non-the-less has run afoul of the State and/or Taxman ready to STEAL justly acquired property in the name of "Justice". Here, is where the jury has the opportunity to exercise its greatest law making and [bad] law ending prerogative. To return a verdict in-touch with simple fairness, equity, honesty and truth.

We need to spread that word too..... Forgive me for being a bore, but Aaron's film covers a very large portion of this as well. Get to know.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I support LEGAL TEAM action.

TUC radio has a talk by Ray McGovern...

its short, and makes precise points, it names names and it tells what exact crimes.


Yet paper ballot is even MORE important.

this guy can tell you why.


I listened to it for the 5th time.... it gets better.

People like me (and you) HAVE TO listen to things many times before we 'really understand'.

But don't listen to me.