Attention Chicagoans!

Attn: Chicagoans!

Free Screening

9/11: Press for Truth

September 13, 2006 

Portage Theatre, 4050 N. Milwaukee

Doors Open 6:45, Film Begins 7:30

watching it online now... MUST SEE

I can't believe anyone would criticize this--it is an incredibly important contribution to the movement. of course we have to keep the ball rolling and growing. I don't think the LIHOP/MIHOP distiinction is relevant--the film is a devastating indictment of the coverup commission and its treasonous members. this film is going to play an important role in softening the blow of the full truth for many Americans.



"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers