Cell "tower" Embedded in to Flight 93?

I recently watched the CBC News Sunday broadcast, "9/11: Truth, Lies and Conspiracy" (I think it was part of a piece they called "9/11 Fallout") and was surprised to hear the host go on record to say he had, himself, tried to use his cell phone over Washington DC--and it didn't work! Finally, a reporter who actually tried it.

That got me thinking. It's even less likely that a cell phone tower in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania was able to connect no fewer than 14 passengers to their callees. However, what if the plane was fitted with a cell "tower"? According to cooperativeresearch.org, President Bush used a regular cell phone on the day of 9/11 while in flight because his secure line wasn't working. Is Airforce One equipped with such a relay tower? Also, we know from recent work by Qualcomm and American Airlines that the technology was tested in 2004 and proved to work (search money.cnn.com).

Although the cell phone calls are weird (e.g. "Mom? This is Mark Bingham."), were they made possible by someone with a foreknowledge of the plans? Could the plane have been equipped with a cell relay technology later proved possible in 2004?

The cell calls are murky water...

and personally I avoid them. There is so much that is documented and can be proven. Remember we don't need to prove every aspect of the Straussian "Ignoble Lie" wrong. We have so much already, and what we need now is to get out there with our strongest information and get a new, objective investigation with real teeth.