Why Professor Jones was put on "Paid Leave"

An article in U.S. News and World Report states:

"BYU's explanation for Jones's review cites his accusations about government involvement . . . not the quality of his research into the collapse's physics . . . ."

This is what I've been hearing also: that the cause of BYU putting Professor Jones on "paid leave" pending further review is not that the school has become concerned about his 9/11 physics research. Instead, it is Professor Jones' accusations concerning the involvement in 9/11 of prominent U.S. government employees and other powerful people that has BYU running scared.

Postscript: Professor Jones has not issued any requests for help. If he does so, I'll promptly post them.

It was a direct result of the slanderous accusation

It was a direct result of the slanderous accusation by Meigs that Professor Jones had called for a violent revolution. That's according to Alex Jones, shortly after talking to the professor.



I don't believe it was Meigs.

Was it not Jonathon Moseley, the lawyer, who slandered Jones?

Was it?

I think you're right... too many Agents with names that start with M. The accusation was published in a story by World Net Daily.


It was definetly moseley that slandered Jones:
It was so blatent World Net Daily ahd to post a correction at the head of the article.
Found at the bottom of the linked page.


That's the guy who needs to get his ass sued right off.



In that case

Moseley or whoever it was should be sued.


And sued hard.



Dr Jones said in the st911

Dr Jones said in the st911 forum that it was mostly due to him mentioning other byu professors in several lectures...

Did he mention them by name?

This is bullshit, any way you slice it.


a possible reason?

Professor Jones is a BYU Professor
BYU is owned and controlled by the Morman Church.
about a week before he was put on leave Bush was in Utah and meet with the Morman Church Authorities, topic of meeting is unknown.

Ok: 1) It is STANDARD


1) It is STANDARD PROCEDURE for visiting officials to meet with the church leaders. I worked the Dole motorcade in 1996 and we went there for a meeting.

There is no indication, at this point, that this decision was handed down from church leadership.

2) LDS theology is very conducive to 9/11 truth for two primary reasons, and in fact it was Dr. Jones beliefs that have motivated him as is the case with myself.

The Book of Mormon, which we believe to be a record of ancient scripture, prophesies repeatedly and specifically about a "Secret Comination" in the last days that would "seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands and nations". (Ether 8)

We are, as far as I know, the only religion that believes as a matter of specific doctrine that the US Constitution was inspired of God and there are specific prophesies regarding the role church members will play in its preservation.

I am relating all of this to you in hopes that you will resist the urge to engage in religious infighting and see members of the LDS church as people who are very easy to 'wake up' to 9/11 and the threats to the Constitution.


1)Yes, it is STANDARD PROCEDURE and Yes, There is no indication, at this point, that this decision was handed down from church leadership. There is also no information that they did not. I did say “topic of meeting is unknown.”
2)Yes, LDS theology is very conducive to 9/11 truth, I was born and raised in the church and my beliefs have brought me to this point also.

“resist the urge to engage in religious infighting “ YES!, We need to get away from associating the questioning of authorities in any organization as an attack on the whole organization or its philosophies. I'm not attacking America when I question Bush, I'm not attacking the Jews when I question Israel or the International Bankers, also I'm not attacking the LDS religion for questioning what the church leadership may or may not have done.
In fact I am not attacking anyone. In my search for truth, I am merely posing a question based on a observation. An observation made by many local people I have talked with. And the question still remains is it possible? or just a coincidence? All authority is subject to corruption

A church philosophy I was raised with and follow “Prove All things hold fast that which is true.”

WRONG! The mormon church


The mormon church does not condone treason against
ones country. No member of the church that I know of
approves of Jones's traitorous actions.

The only threat to the constitution of the United States of
America... and to the freedom of all nations is those who
seek to establish a global islamo-fascist caliphate and
thier sycophants on the homefront.

Could you elaborate

on what traitorous actions Dr. Jones has taken? Please be specific, with citations.

Diseminating enemy

Diseminating enemy propaganda (eg. "9-11 was an inside job")
for the pourpose of sowing dissension on the homefront and
among the ranks of active servicemen.

"Offering aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of war is the
literal and legal definition of treason.

When did Steven Jones say

When did Steven Jones say "9/11 was an inside job"? From what I have read of his work he has been asking questions and analyzing evidence. Assuming he did say that, how do you know his purpose is to sow dissention and not merely to find the truth?

Again, please cite sources.

Jones has publicly claimed

Jones has publicly claimed that he was threatened and offered
bribes to call off his "research" by agents of the Department
of Homeland Security.

My source?

Jihadistan Jones himself!


How is stating that he was

How is stating that he was threatened and offered bribes "Diseminating enemy propaganda"? You accuse him of saying 9/11 was as inside job, provide no source and when pressed for a source point to a completely different statement that is merely statement of fact, not speculation, opinion or, not even by a long shot, treason.

You are running in circles, MJ.

And you're being obtuse.

And you're being obtuse.

On the contrary, I am asking

On the contrary, I am asking questions that you refuse to answer. Buh-bye.

And I answered them.

And I answered them.

President Bush has committed

President Bush has committed perjury and treason by voilating the Constitution, which D&C 98 holds as inspired.

Does this duty of unquestioning loyalty that you somehow extrapolate through mental gymnastics from LDS doctrine have anything to say about treason by the President himself, or does it not apply to him?

Jones is in direct violation of ethical standards

It is not hard to see that Jones has evevry right to say anything he pleases outside the classroom. Equally, it is very easy to see that Jones has violated every ethical standard of his profession to provide BOTH sides of an an issue, clearly as everyone knows here, he doesn't.

This leaves BYU in an difficult position of having Jones blatantly violate every ethical standard in the book even when he is not in the classroom. It sends every student at BYU a, if not the entire country, a message that a professor who does not hold the same ethical standard outside the classroom as he is required to in the classroom, may be able to get away with it.

If so, so much for the value of truth and ethical standards.

BYU has no choice but to fire Steven Jones.

what motivates you to come

what motivates you to come here? what thoughts ran through your head when you saw a link for this site that compelled you to take time out of your day to come here?

Dr. Jones is not violating Ethics, what rubbish


What absolute nonsense and foolishness you speak. Dr. Jones is not in violation of anything regarding ethics or standards of any type.

Get out of your "all is well in zion" "sleep of hell" and go research Dr. Jones. He will be reverenced one day by your grandchildren and mine for having had the guts to "waste and wear out his life" in "bringing to light the hidden things of darkness" as commanded in the D&C 123.

All is NOT well in Zion. A

All is NOT well in Zion. A band of violent Al-Queada
sympathizers has taken root on american soil and
is intent on forcing the surrender of america and it's
allies in the war against islamo-fascist terror from

Even worse, "the very elect have been decieved" into
joining this criminal conspiracy against "the freedom
of all nations".

Shaun... YOU and Jihadistan Jones are a clear and
present danger to all we hold dear.

I for one, am deeply concerned at these enemy sym-
pathizers who have penetrated even LDS chapels
and temples.

holy crap youre a moron..I

holy crap youre a moron..I sincerly hope the rest of the LDS church is smarter than you

Citizen... remind me again

Citizen... remind me again wich side of this
"debate" has all the structural engineers
and wich side has all the neo-nazis?

(HINT: I see KKKilltown in this thread, why
don't you ask him about The Holocaust?)

Democrats blast Bush for 'playing politics' with 9/11


Of course Bush is playing politics with 9/11. The whole event was orchestrated to advance the Bush doctrine (i.e. PNAC). I hope people catch on to this soon.

(most) Democrats are just as bad

Bush couldn't have pulled this off with out the democrats help. Notice how Rove is trying to assist Joe Liberman in getting re-elected. Remember when Condi Rice became Secratary of State, which Republican got to announce it and get tv time at that event. It was Diane Feinstein, that republican. Note that neither Hillary Clinton of John Kerry has ever raised any objections to the 911 cover up or ever asked any real questions and Pelosi has acted as a very good poodle for the neocons. There aren't 2 parties, the left-right paradigm is a fraud to dupe the people into believing they have a choice, but it's like choosing between Hitler and Stalin, that's not a choice. (Not all democrats or republicans are horrible, just most of them) We can change this with people like Bob Bowman and other candidates who proclaim to support articles of impeachment upon election. That is definetly a step in the right direction. Whatreallyhappened.com is making a list of anti-war candidates in the upcoming election, it's worth a look to see if there's anyone in your district.

Bowman is said to be at a

Bowman is said to be at a democratic rally soon, and intends to speak 9/11 truth. Neocon-media editorials have already called him "a new Cynthia McKinney", predicting his loss at the elections for being a conspiracy wacko.

Isn't it Dr. Jones' duty as a Mormon & U.S. Citizen to pose...

Isn't it Dr. Jones' right & duty as a Mormon, a U.S. citizen, and an accomplished scientist to pose questions about the U.S. gov't as he sees fit??? (Didn't Bush blatantly LIE about WMDs and about Saddam being involved in 9/11??? Why can't Bush be lying about 9/11 too???)

And what is this nonsense about Dr. Jones' calling for violence. I've never heard this slander before.

well stated

It was definetly moseley that slandered Jones and it's a proven LIE the comments he made about jones calling for a violent revolution. As soon as I heard it I went to the cspan video and watched the whole 2 hours and there was nothing remotely true about a call for violent revolution.
It was so blatent World Net Daily ahd to post a correction at the head of the article.
Found at the bottom of the linked page
link to cspan video moseley was referring to:

You people are living proof

You people are living proof that no one lies (or twists the truth)
like a "truth" seeker.

It was FETZER who called for the violent overthrow of the US
government. Moseley saw two old chubby white guys spewing
garbage and misattributed the "revolution" quote to the wrong one.

It's a mistake anyone could make, especially you people.

As for Fetzer's violent fantasies and Jihadistan Jones' suspen-
sion, the curch forbids members from joining groups whose
teachings run counter to the teachings of the church.

If the co-founder/co-chair of Scholars for "Truth" is promoting the
violent overthrow of a democratically elected government, then
Jones' membership in that group is grounds for his dismissal
from employment by the church or church owned institutions.

Fetzer did not say that, and

Fetzer did not say that, and the simple fact is that Mosely attributed it to Jones and that is Libel clear and simple. I hope he and WND are sued.

"Let me tell you, for years,

"Let me tell you, for years, I've been waiting for there to be a military
coup to depose these traitors,... There actually was one weekend,
where I said to myself, my God, it's going to happen this weekend,
and I'm going to wake up and they will have taken these guys off in
chains. Listen to me. The degree of perfidy involved here is so great,
that in the time of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, frenzied
mobs would have dragged these men out of their beds in the middle
of the night and ripped them to shreds!"
- James H. Fetzer, June 2006


Wonderful mental picture, isn't it? A stark raving paranoid loon with
violent fantasies and a history of anti-semitism drawing cheers from
an audience as he mentally masturbates over the ruins of american

Does this sound familiar to you?

I can just see it in my mind...

Fetzer: "Seig..."
Audience: "HEIL!"
Fetzer: "Seig..."
Audience: "HEIL!"
Fetzer: "Seig..."
Audience: "HEIL!"


Yes, and the other thing I can tell you this, it is his duty as a Mormon to defend the Constitution. Sadly, many of us don't do that anymore.

Even if SJ directly blamed

Even if SJ directly blamed the govt., then it was in response to the constant pushing by the MSM to answer "what happened then" on 9/11. They're just not getting that the truth remains unknown, and a bogus story about OBL does not change that.

the truth IS KNOWN

please, no more of this "we don't know what happened." we know what happened. Buildings were demolished on top of live people deliberately. Because certain people are denying that obvious truth, we know they are liars. If it wasn't they who did it, why wouldn't they admit the obvious truth and demand an investigation themselves?

and "the government" is a nonsensical term. in no way does "the government" act as a unit. plus, Larry Silverstein is not part of "the government."

the "dancing Israelis" are not part of "the government"

Mahmoud of Pakistan's ISI is not part of "the government".

what we have here folks, is treason at the highest levels. a betrayal of our country, the murder of our fellow citizens by individuals employed by the government and their accomplices.

this is NOT rocket science, and the truth is coming out NOW.. period.


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

VERY interesting article - all please read

Makes the essential point that until now, academics are punished only when they make unsubstantiated claims within their own discipline. They can hold whatever opinions they like in other areas. Jones is not being disciplined on the basis of his physics paper about the tower collapses, but because of his statements in the political field implicating the government in 9/11.

Consider that no academic is attacked for their religious views. Saying that Jesus rose on the third day, or that God created the world in seven days, or that God chose a people, or that He spoke to a prophet in Arabia - none of these is ever cited as a reason to disqualify anyone as a physicist or engineer! It's no issue to Mormon BYU that Jones might agree with the general Mormon worldview, though aspects of that may contradict the historical evidence.

This is indeed a new quality of attack.

We should respect Jones's decision about how to contest this outrage, but I would think assembling a board of tenured physicists to evaluate his physics paper is an essential element.

The obvious truth is,

The obvious truth is, someone of the Bush gang told them to "find me a way to get rid of Jones". Just like they "found a way to invade Iraq".

i find this interesting.

James Fetzer, the cofounder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, noted that President Bush met with Gordon Hinckley, head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Utah on August 31, and both Fetzer and Barrett suggested government involvement in the decision to stop Jones's teaching.

Maybe it's all staged?

Ok, I'm going to sound like a true conspiracy theorist now, but don't you think the timing is odd? Jones was starting to get blasted by Morgan Reynolds and other truthers which was making it look like Jones is really a shill, then all of a sudden out of no where BYU puts him on "paid leave" that makes it look like the "powers that be" are cracking down on him as if he was a legit truther. Why didn't BYU put him on paid leave before if they are trying to crack down on him? Why do it now right before the 9/11 anniversary that's surely going to cause controversy and make look Jones like he's getting censored and thereby making him look more like a hero to all the truthlings? And all of this right after other high-profile truthers were calling him out.

Yes it's all speculation, but we KNOW the gov't has infiltrated the truth movement (hell, lots of thruthlings think I'M a shill!), so we must look at ALL SIDES of the situation when it involves our so-called "leaders" in the truth movement.

the powers that be just suppress it ALL

If the powers really had another strategy going than merely suppressing all of the truth movement info, then why this 9/11 anniversary: Bush & Cheney can still move freely, even to the heart of the matter, Ground Zero, and never have to fear a single question about a cover-up, then editorials lash out with a bigger club than ever, insulting the whole 30% minority of Americans as complete idiots for believing it.
- Why would they continue the suppression campaign when they actually want a set-up scenario?

It also doesn't matter whether Jones is exactly right in his research - if the Bush gang is impeached, then it will be all about people, relationships, testimony: ISI financing, Able Danger, hijackers trained by US military, Bush saw the first plane hit, fake OBL videos, "pull it" Silverstein

and the dancing Israelis, greg, don't forget them

I notice a lot of people singling out Pakistan and giving Israel a pass. it's a king sized bed these criminals are in together--plenty of room for all.

now, to be clear-- Pakistan helped create the illusion, along with Able Danger, that there really were these Arab Muslim Terrorists. Fantastic--throw the book at em.

Israel on the other hand had scores of agents running around the US, including experts in explosive ordinance, and 5 Mossad agents were found getting jiggy while filming themselves in view of the burning towers. they also were in a white van with boxcutters in it, and coincidentally enough someone had called 911 to report PALESTINIANS in a white van. Now, again, this is not rocket science. Connect the dots and they spell something close to LAVON AFFAIR, and if you don't know what that is, google it!


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

"Morgan Reynolds and other truthers"

As if.

"Jones was starting to get blasted by Morgan Reynolds and other truthers which was making it look like Jones is really a shill"

Absolutely FALSE, Revisiontown.

It was a big fat clue that Morgan and his no-plane goons are running a big fat bullshit disinfo op.

Nice post, buddy... quite telling.

Killtown, we might ALL be shills

But that's irrelevant. When one of us is hit, we all have to stand up for them, regardless of whether or not we think they are shills, because shills or not, people will wonder why the movement doesn't stand by its own. I should say of course that this only applies when one supports the person's contributions to the movement. In other words a shill may be a shill but to the extent that they act like a real truther they should be treated like one. As soon as they start hurting the movement (as shills tend to do once they've built up enough "movement cred") we can toss them off the boat. This movement is not about any single truther (truthling is derogatory, eh?) for it to succeed it must have a life of its own. It must be able to shed malignant growths that turn on it and absorb new and energetic real supporters. Only a true meta-organism can survive each of us single truthers' passing on into disgrace, the afterlife, nirvana, whatever. We who have all contributed to its birth and infancy must furthermore care for our movement more than we care for ourselves or for our heroes. Only by being selfless will we imbue this living movement with the essential qualities that will preserve it in the long run. So remember--if it ain't good for the movement, drop it. Until something, shilly or otherwise, becomes a liability, it is an asset.


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

"(hell, lots of thruthlings think I'M a shill!)"


Let me see if I got this right. You haven't posted here in about a week and you just pop by to suggest Professor Jones is a fake who is staging his problems with BYU? Can't imagine why anyone would consider you a disinfo peddler.

Of course it's staged.

The truth had caught up with Jones. Why else did he choose to not show up in NYC or DC for any of the events? He was even on the schedule in NYC.

let me guess


Why don't you explain exactly what the fuck you are talking about you slanderous nameless fuck. Why don't you speak up if you have something to say? Come on, shithead... let's hear more about how Jones is staging all his troubles with BYU. LET'S HEAR IT!

Morgan Reynolds and other truthers

"Maybe it's all staged?"

"Jones was starting to get blasted by Morgan Reynolds and other truthers which was making it look like Jones is really a shill..."

Submitted by Killtown on Tue, 09/12/2006 - 10:14am.

All about the money

It's all about the money flow. Steven Jones was being pressured to shut up by bribing and threatening him with grant money. It looks like BYU is being pressured to shut Steven Jones up with the same tactics. In the LA conference Steven Jones talked about the way he was being approached in this manner and his response was to not give in and speak out even more. Looks like BYU sold out for the money. Another Religious institution exhibiting blasphemy and hipocrisy. No wonder the teachings of Jesus are filled warnings about the evil of the scribes and the pharosees, BYU is a modern day scribe serving Bush, a modern day pharosee, and their seed is hypocrisy.

AAUP Defends Prof. Jones

Let's leave mormonism out of

Let's leave mormonism out of it. BYU has been more patient with Dr Jones than most colleges have been with others in the movement. I don't know why they decided to up the pressure on him now, and there's little evidence pointing to their reasoning at this point.

I know those in this movement are prone to rampant speculation, but let's try to stay rational.

I agree

I agree wholeheartedly.

Professor Jones will pay a price for his crimes, if not in this world then definately the next.

But if the truthseeker cultists wish to pit thier religion against ours in a jihad of thier own,
it would be the biggest in thier long littany of mistakes.

The mormon church takes a dim view of those who commit treason against thier country
in a time of war and we will not foot be footing the bill for Jones's traitorous actions any
longer. He has betrayed his country AND his faith.

To the rest of the truthseekers, back off. When we were last set upon by religious bigots
the world saw how we run. The next time devotees and pawns of a violent ideology based
on religious hatred come after us, they will see how we fight.

Don't be the first to learn this the hard way.

And are you speaking for all

And are you speaking for all mormons?

Just the ones who love thier

Just the ones who love thier country and care about freedom, democracy and TRUTH.

So then, to you, the fact

So then, to you, the fact that the buildings fell at freefall speed is irrelevant? By the commissions own words they fell in 10 seconds...what is your explanation for how this was possible? If I may ask?

First, the towers did NOT

First, the towers did NOT collapse at freefall speed as debris fragments wich broke
free can be clearly seen falling well ahead of the main collapse wave.

Second, the floors below the fire zones had a 120,000 ton sledgehammer dropped
on them. The mass of debris smashing down on the remaining floors got bigger
wich each succesive floor that it ate. Though it did not collapse at freefall, a relatively
rapid rate of collapse is exactly what one would expect.

Is that a sufficient explanation, traitor?

one would also expect to see

one would also expect to see 110 pancaked floors surrounding a steel core made up of nonburnable things...like elevators...stairwells... what happened to the core? and the floors?

All smashed into oblivion by

All smashed into oblivion by a 120,000 ton sledgehammer that hit
the ground at 175 miles per hour.

I should add that you don't have a clue what one would expect to
see, you aren't an engineer.

ok bud..you convinced

ok bud..you convinced me...many thanks for the enlightenment...now go back to your bible and continue being clueless.

It's called "The Book of

It's called "The Book of Mormon".

I'm sure that Brother Jones has one he's no longer using if
you're interested in reading it.

no..Im really

no..Im really not...especially if it leads me to be as ignorant as you seem to be. But thanks anyway.

When I see a building

When I see a building collapse, I ask a structural engineer
what happened.

How is this ignorant?

when you only hear the

when you only hear the answer you want too...that makes you ignorant...the very fact that you deny WTC7 fell at freefall speed tells me you have either not looked at it. And Im sorry but the Commission report to which you hold so true stated the towers fell in 10 seconds...1352 ft tall diveded by 10 sec equals 135 ft per second...I suggest you maybe google"law of falling bodys"

You're the poster child for

You're the poster child for only hearing what you want to, traitor.

When only one structural engineer (one with only a BSc and no
experience in skyscrapers at that) out of all the SE's in the world
will endorse a particular theory of a buildings collapse, that should
send up warning lights.

That you adopt and push the lesser theory effectively acting on be-
half of the enemy during a time of war makes you a traitor.

I consider it treasonous for

I consider it treasonous for my elected officials to Lie ...over and over and over again...

Translation: "He's right,

Translation: "He's right, and I don't have anything
to come back with."

I can only hope that in time, Jihad Jones's islamo-
fascist cronies will be as easily defeated.

"And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he
took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it—In memory
of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our
peace, our wives, and our children—and he fasten-
ed it upon the end of a pole. And he fastened on his
head-plate, and his breastplate, and his shields,
and girded on his armor about his loins; and he took
the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat,
(and he called it the btitle of liberty) and he bowed him-
self to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God
for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren,
so long as there should a band of Christians remain
to possess the land"
- The Book of Mormon, Alma; Chapter 46, Verse 12-13

Remember Captain Moroni, Remember 9-11
For all mankind.

wrong..translation is, in my

wrong..translation is, in my opinion you are uneducated on the issues of 9/11 and I really find it hard to believe with all the names Ive been called by you, for merely raising the questions still unanswered sufficiantly in my mind, that you best represent the LDS church. And since you seem to have all the answers already and are not in fact here to collaborate with others with the same questions but rather call them names for asking them, I question both your patriotism, and your logic.
As I said before, Ive grown bored with you. I disagree with you and I still have a right to do that.
With that I ask, since you are satisfied with the official story, what exactly are you doing here other than calling people that dont agree with you names?

frankly, youve bored me

frankly, youve bored me enough..Im done

You Profess a Belief in the Book of Mormon?

What a disapointment to find you professing a belief in the Book of Mormon, then find you hostile to Dr. Jones and his excellent research.

If you were truly a student of the Book of Mormon, it would seem you would have familiarized yourself with Ether 8:18-25, and have a clue what it all means.

It deals with a "gentile" based monstrous conspiracy that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all nations, lands and countries. It's not an "Islamo-Fascism" or Arab conspiracy.

Would you "awake to a sense of your awful situation" and understand these prophetic words by a man you perportedly claim to believe in.

Ezra Taft Benson stated this:

“One of the most urgent, heart-stirring appeals made by Moroni as he closed the Book of Mormon was addressed to the gentile nations of the last days. He foresaw the rise of a great world-wide secret combination among the gentiles which ‘seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries.’ (Ether 8:25.)” (Conference Report, Oct.. 1961, Improvement Era, Dec. 1961, p. 953; as quoted in God, Family, Country, p. 348.)

“. . . . each gentile nation of the last days [must] purge itself of this gigantic criminal conspiracy which would seek to rule the world.” (Ibid.)

"Moroni seemed greatly exercised lest in our day we might not be able to recognize the startling fact that the same secret societies which destroyed the Jaredites and decimated numerous kingdoms of both Nephites and Lamanites would be precisely the same form of criminal conspiracy which would rise up among the gentile nations in this day. . . .

"Moroni described how the secret combination would take over a country and then fight the work of God, persecute the righteous, and murder those who resisted. Moroni therefore proceeded to describe the workings of the ancient secret combinations so that modern man could recognize this great political conspiracy in the last days. (See Ether 8:23-25.) (Conference Report, Oct.. 1961, Improvement Era, Dec. 1961, p. 954; as quoted in God, Family, Country, p. 349.)

For professing a Belief in the Book of Mormon, it seems you have not yet developed the discernment to fully comprehend the warnings given, and that we must look at the fruit, not the rhetoric of wicked and scheming leaders. In the case of the current gadianton robbers who have filled the judgement seats of many nations, most notably those of America, you would do well to understand this.

Ezra Taft Benson said this, and for statements like these he was not popular with many pathetic LDS people:

"The sad and shocking story of what has happened in America in recent years must be told. Our people must have the facts. There is safety in an informed public. There is real danger in a complacent, uninformed citizenry. This is our real danger today. Yes, the truth must be told even at the risk of destroying, in large measure, the influence of men who are widely respected and loved by the American people. The stakes are high. Freedom and survival is the issue." (Ibid., p. 582.)

I would recommend you go do some research on the teachings of a Latter-day prophet, a man "mentally stoned" by most in the church such as yourself you could not deal with the truth, or perhaps just have never been introduced to it. Go read this document:


ummm..... Im not at all

ummm..... Im not at all hostile towards Dr Jones or the Mormon religion. Dont care much for this guy "mormonjihad" but I dont blame the LDS church for him. Not sure if this was supposed to be directed at me or Mormonjihad here but I just wanted to state my opinions on both Jones and Momonism for the record

I am quite educated on

I am quite educated on 9-11.

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In addition to the above, I have also asked, in person,
an engineer, a 747 pilot and a firefighter about various
claims made about the "offical" version of events. They
each confirmed that the "official" version is the correct one.

It's always amusing to hear

It's always amusing to hear someone who isn't of my faith
try to tell me what my beliefs are.

Maybe you can explain to me why the only publication to re-
view Jones' work is a MARXIST website? And what would
President Benson have to say about this?

Maybe you can tell me why the truthers are marching along-
side those who the leaders of the church called "the most
satanical threat to peace, prosperity and the spread of Gods
work amongs men that has ever existed upon the face of the
earth" (see the April 1966 General Conference Preisthood
session) ? Your guess at what Benson would have said
about this should also be amusing.

What would Benson say about the meeting going on in the
communist capital of Havana between fascist 9-11 truther
Mahmoud Ahmidinejad and communist leaders Fidel Castro
and Hugo Chavez (also a truther).

What would Benson say about a BYU Prof. who promotes the
writings of a white supremacist on church owned web-servers?

The overwhelming majority of members of the church stand
AGAINST islamo-fascist terror and WITH Israel. Jones can be
remembered for his betrayal or his repentance, it's all up to
his free agency.

Hi Shaun

Good to see you on here. Great speech Saturday btw.


From the Petition Site:

Dr. Steven Jones has done extensive scientific analysis on physical evidence pertaining to the attacks of 9/11/01. The importance of such work cannot be overstated. BYU, where he has been employed as a physics professor, has placed him on paid leave while it reviews his findings. This petition is in support of Dr. Jones, his work, the thorough examination by qualified professionals, and subsequent peer review, of physical evidence pertaining to the attacks of 9/11/01, and whatever conclusions or implications that are rationally derived from such data.

Go here to add your name to the petition:
Source: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/525834923?ltl=1158069199

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Letters supporting Dr. Jones appear in Salt Lake newspapers

I thought you would all be interested to see a couple of editorials that appeared in the Salt Lake newspapers in support of Dr. Jones.

The first is from an Engineer in Logan:

Noting the controversy over David Griffin's book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A call to Reflection and Action, I reviewed it, watched him lecture, and decided to look deeper into 9/11 as suggested.
I was unaware of the near free-fall collapse of World Trade Center Building No. 7, which had almost twice as many stories as any Utah building. Without being hit by an airplane, it collapsed into its own basement as fast as a bowling ball dropped from the sky.
From my engineer's perspective, these collapses cannot be explained by simple pancaking theories based on burning jet-fuel and office furnishings. Momentum and energy dynamics suggest that any collapses would be considerably slower than free-fall, and not symmetrically straight down.
My search led to watching Dr. Steven Jones, a Brigham Young University physics professor, present his paper: "Why did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?" and reading it. He seems sincere and mild-mannered like Griffin. Jones' analysis backs my

reasoning that jet fuel and office fires alone could not cause the observed collapses.
Many engineers have accepted the official versions of the 9/11 events, so his unthinkable conclusions concern me.
Griffin's book lead me to review the WTC collapses, which raises this perplexing dilemma: The observed collapses are unexplainable without resorting to conclusions that are unthinkable.
For the good of America and public safety, an open, impartial inquiry into 9/11 is needed.

Jack Keller

The second is my own, which appeared in the Deseret News opinion forum, but was edited down to about 1/2 of the content, and obviously the less controversial part. I was sad that they didn't include one paragraph, where I ask

"Does BYU, and the LDS church through its association with BYU really want to tie itself to the unraveling religous fable of the Neo-Con nation-state?"

On a final note, I have actually been having a productive and open dialogue with Chris Jones, the local KTVX reporter who authored the horrible story regarding Dr. Jones implying that he was anti-semetic, etc. If he gives me permission, I will post our correspondence. Anyway, here is the editorial:

Professor is not alone

Dr. Stephen Jones should not have to fear for his job for following a line of scientific research simply because of the potential implications of that research. BYU officials do not have to agree with his assertions, but they can and should take a stand for academic and intellectual freedom just as the University of Madison-Wisconsin did when facing similar issues with one of their professors, Kevin Barrett.
Dr. Jones' views, while particularly reprehensible to most Utahns and Americans, do not represent a fringe viewpoint. According to an August 2 Scripps-Howard Poll, 36 percent of Americans believe "federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East." The numbers in countries outside the U.S. are even higher and have been for a long time.

Spencer Morgan
Salt Lake City

much appreciated