5 yrs later - hardly anyone believes the BIG lie

Five years after they pulled it off, hardly anyone in the world believes the ridiculous story about 19 hijackers with box-cutters
and hundred-story buildings magically collapsing into their footsteps.

They miscalculated big time.

When they took the towers down, they never anticipated that this many people would question their version of reality
and work so hard to demonstrate, unequivocally, that they lied. But, we did.
And to those who think that the truth was buried at ground zero, think again. It's only a matter of time.

Just as the towers collapsed into their footprints, so will the lie.

The Truth Will Set You Free | September 12 2006

You are so right. The media

You are so right. The media knows. Foreign countries know. Unfortunately, many citizens in the US do not know but many do -- I'd say maybe 30/70 among adults. One needs to realize that polls showing 58% etc are international and people could vote twice so are not 100% accurate.


Europe, etc.

It was very carefully laid out by everyone. Especially with the spreading of information in foreign countries where they actually have a FREE PRESS! Just from today's readings, it appears that the next step is some intense organization. Great article in prisonplanet by Paul Watson on forming a legal group to protect the 9/11 movement from other damaging theories. Also, Jones is being supported by The American Association of University Professors. The media is finally coming out with a few pieces of information. The beauty for a lot of this will be watching people eat their words. I for one, will be the first one staged in front of the television when O'Reilly is on his knees.

terrorists on airport security camers

Mohammed Atta and his accomplice were caught on security cameras before boarding one of the planes that hit the world trade centers. Also an eye witness who appeared on Oprah who personally delt with Attab and his helper while getting their tickets. This man knew who he saw he new the face he did not make this up. And also maybe your "experts" are the real "so-called experts"! And did you know that Osama Bin Laden is an ex-Islamic he does not follow the religion as such he will fight for it but not necessarily follow all the rules of ring wearing and such. Did you also know that many Middle east companies pulled their stocks out totally out fo the NYSE because they knew of the impending attacks and saved themselves from losing billions of dollars. That truth is in the book "War on Terror" where it explains that Osama Bin Laden has controlled and planned these attacks for years. he planned the 93' attacks on the WTC and then decided to go for a second round in 01'. And how come we only see this footage of a "fake" Bin Laden on this video and his quotes saying he had nothing to do with the attacks? Don't tell me this stuff has been on American television or even Al-Jazeera. If it was there would be an even bigger uproar in the United States. You have found no real truth to anything and of course the FBI and CIA will come and take security tapes right away for analysis. Remember this is a terrorist attack it is suppossed to be top secret until it is eventually told to the public. And who is this guy saying that he has never seen a plane where a blackbox has not been recovered from the plane? Blackboxes are hardly ever discovered because they are either blown up or burned to a crisp. Has he watched the new lately? When you hear of plane crashes on tv they usually say the blackboxes were destroyed in the explosion. and of course they would be because the explosion was in such a confined space theres no way the boxes would surivive. The phone calls from passengers are real. Don't think the US would find out peoples families names and initmate things that were said in the phone calls that only the ligitimate family members would recognize. This show is looking for a fast buck, and get their faces on tv. Someone really needs to show these boys some respect. I'm surpirsed no one from the secret service had charged them or quietly taken them away.

Out of curiosity

I missed Oprah. Was the person who checked Atta in at Logan or the airport in Portland?

Do you know what a patsy is?

Guy who checked in Atta and accomplice

The guys name who appeare on Oprah was named Michael Tuohey who was a US airways ticket agent. He checked them in at the Portland airport in Maine . He did not give them a non stop ticket so he only gave them a ticket so they would have to go through security in Boston because he suspected them he knew there was something "evil" about them but he let them through because he thought he was probably just another middle eastern passenger. The ticket agent who dealt with them in Boston committed suicide after the attacks because she knew that she let in Atta and the other accomplice who im not sure what his name was.

is only that what you know?

$100,000 had been wired to Mohammed Atta only a month before the attacks from Pakistan by Ahmad Omar Sayed Sheikh at the instance of Gen Mahmoud Ahmed who was working for INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE .
Guess what? General Mahmoud Ahmad was in the U.S. on September 11,general just happened to be having breakfast with Florida's senator, Bob Graham of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Also present at breakfast was Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi..
If you wanna know more about wtc in 1993 go to this link and educate your self http://911review.org/Wiki/FirstWTCBombing.shtml

The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls,go to this link and educate your self again :) http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO408B.html

Do you know Michel Chossudovsky ?
Michel Chossudovsky is a Canadian economist. He is a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa.
Very smart person, you can read his article from the link above.


I have a colleague to maintains that WTC 7 was not felled by implosion. He states that the squibs were subsequent to the collapse.....

In my reply I state:

So, how do you account for obvious explosions running up the face of WTC 7? Have you not ever observed the controlled demo of a building. Exactly the same. They do the central columns first and the outside structures to facilitate the collapse. Obvious. And the speed of the collapse in controlled demo? About freefall speed. And the speed of the collapse in WTC 7 ....... free fall speed. No other collapse of any non-demo'd building even comes close. You can rationalize all you want. But you can't change physics.


I need help making my argument more cogent. Please Help me out here. I want to present my argument in the most sensible way possible.


Molten steel is best :) Try

Molten steel is best :)
Try to find pics psecific to WTC7

Also, if it really fall over it fall towards the damaged sides where supports were weak.