9/11 Bloglines (09/12/06)

September 12, 2006
Paula Zahn (CNN) on 9/11 Conspiracies (NOW!)
WINGTV: Ground Zero Reports
Jack Blood Coverage of ny911 protests
9/11TVF: Photo/Video Comparison shows discrepancy of Aircraft Altitude
Arbeiterfotografie on German 9/11 Doku
"Investigate 9/11" with Bush (and more Photo Stories)
Voice of America (VIDEO has lot of ny911truth protest): "They came to protest.."
CD experts supports view on WTC 7
INN World Report: James Fetzer
CNN Interviews Mike J. Wilson to Discuss Pentagon Conspiracy Theories
Totalradio: Reynolds & Wood on NPR
More reports from NY 9/11 Truth Protest
George Noory - C2C - 911 Fifth Anniversary Show, David Hawkins, AJ, WingTV
Petition to support Prof. Jones
KXMB: 9/11 Conspiracy Buffs vs. PopMech (Video of Amy Goodman)
Mickey Mouse- Co-Conspirator of 9/11 (Satire Video)
PrisonPlanet: 9/11 Truth Movement Needs Legal Action Group and Distance from 9/11 TV Fakery
AP/Newsweek: Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks 'not absurd': Venezuela
NY 9/11 Anniversary Event (own report)
Why Professor Jones was put on "Paid Leave"
NY Daily News:
NY POST Meigs Editorial: Conspiracy Cranks
AB: "we know that everything has been a lie. so why not the planes?"
Nafeez Ahmed is bashing “no planes” theory
Travelgolf: Crazy crackpot 9-11 conspiracy theories even invade golf
Daily Texan: 9/11 films stir controversy
Yelling "9/11 was an Inside Job" at Gainesville Anniversary Event
Pensacolanews: 9/11 conspiracy theories are way too far-fetched
Counterpunch: How the 9/11 Truth Movement Helps Bush & Cheney
"Appropriate 9/11 Tribute" from Bush
CTV Canada: Shooting down best 9/11 conspiracy theories
Columbus Dispatch about ny911 protest
WP about Pentz/Marrs/Hence at Kean/Hamilton...
BBC covers 9/11 truth protest at Ground Zero
2 sec AP clip of Alex Jones with 2 protestors
CBC Sunday covered 9/11 alternative theories.
Accuracy in Media on Bowman/NPC and ny911 event: Impeaching Bush Over 9/11
LA Times about NY Washington Square Protest (09/10)
MSNBC: The 9/11 conspiracy: Rubbish or reality?
Miami Herald: 9/11 paranoia breeds nutball conspiracy tales
OfficialWire: Editorial/Op-Ed: 9/11 An Inside Job?
Alex Jones reports from Ground Zero
London 9/11 Truth Protests
Rush Limbaugh: Conspiracy Kook: 9/11 Was Inside Job,
More 9/11 Conspiracy MSM reports
9/11 Anniversary Events (Updates)
Robert Bowman to Appear at LC2E Screening for Democrats
Report: German 9/11 Summit "Success"
Report on Protests from NYC
Mainstream Norwegian TV Covers 9/11 Press for Truth
UPI: Magnified by the web, 9/11 conspiracy theories abound
Australian MP attacks Channel Ten over v.Kleist's "In Plain Sight"

Late nite

Late nite Updates:

Association Of Professors Defending BYU's Jones
Discovery: Supercomputer models World Trade Center impact
10/7: First Big Japanese 9/11 Truth Conference
NY 9/11 Protest Huge 327mb video
WacoTrib: "Ah, those conspiracy theories"
Les Jamieson on Geraldo (FOX) on "9/11 Conspiracy Theory"
"The Revver Tape": Brandnew Amateur Tape: NO plane in it
Kevin Barrett: Letter from Ground Zero
9/11 Truth Movement covered in Scientific Investigation (Delft TU) on Dutch TV
911EyeWitness News: "Dylan Avery is a NPT"