Can anyone tell me anything about...

This clip:

It appears to show over a dozen flashes going off as the North Tower collapses.

Almost seems too good to be true.

Can anyone provide any further information on this?

9/11 Mystery Flight 93


Wow that's HUGE!!! I've never seen this clip??? Can this be authenticated??? That definitely appears to be a bunch of charges going off. If so, THIS IS THE SMOKING GUN WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!

ISN'T IT!?!?!?

No, it's not.

I am sure 9/11 believers can rattle off numerous possible explanations for what they could be. I can't, but then I'm not invested in supporting the official story.

The bottom line, I think, is that video like this is only valuable as a small part of a large case, a case that includes WTC 7, wargames, foreknowledge, etc.

Take a look at the following link...

Looks like flashes to me! Compare the two videos!!

Just because the two videos

Just because the two videos have similarities does not mean they are the same thing. It may seem obvious to us but I will say this again, in response to your original question: this is not "the smoking gun we've been looking for." That's all.

i dont even see these

i dont even see these flashes? i see different parts of the powder cloud being illuminated by the sunlight as they poof out. i'm not saying that they aren't there, just that i don't see them.

the flashes are obvious in

the flashes are obvious in this one:
a classic demo but they weren't trying to hide anything.
but the wtc1 w/spire?
the flashes still look like sunlight on powder poofs to me.

Judging from the position of the sun...

In order for these to be sunlight on "powder poofs" the sun would have to break through from behind the pyroclastic clouds in some kind of flash or "poof-like" fashion. The clouds are too thick for little bursts of sunlight to poof through in this fashion.

I understand you and BCS are playing devils advocate, but at some point, Occam's razor must kick in. Unless the "smoking gun" you two are looking for is a confession by Bush & Co... which ain't gonna happen.

Occam's razor states, when given two equally valid explanations for a phenomenon, one should embrace the less complicated formulation.

Here, the "less complicated formulation" is the flashes we clearly see are charges going off. Just like in the comparative video.

I'm not playing devil's

I'm not playing devil's advocate; I really don't think this is a smoking gun, which I am not really looking for. When I said "we" I was just quoting you. :)

I think you're right, a real smoking gun, such as a confession, does not exist or will never see the light of day if it does.

I'm all for Occam's razor but we need to be careful when invoking it. It gets abused and thrown in our faces by 9/11 believers. I think this video clip with the sparklies showing up in the debris cloud may be somewhere in the neighborhood of the video of WTC 7's collapse. It may be good for piquing interest in people (like myself in 2004) and cause them to get over the hump and look deeper for themselves but in and of itself it does not prove anything.

By all means, if you think this is a smoking gun, show this video to anyone you want. Maybe you'll find it's even more effective at recruiting newbies. But I'm going to leave this subject there. Feel free to take the last word, Chris.

I'll leave the last word to you sir...


occums razor

Unfortunately, its hard to litigate "occums razor". And frankly as far as "smoking guns" go there could be a video showing a nuke going off and it wouldnt help us. The entire process of entering any film or video evidence in court is heavily dependant on the proof of ownership of the video and chain of custody scrutiny.
I agree with you, as I am a "looks like a duck, quacks like a duck" kind of guy and thats how I got here. But Im just saying we need a smoking gun that will stand in my opinion, this isnt it.

no i'm not playing 'devil's

no i'm not playing 'devil's advocate' - i just don't see the flashes - what i see is sunlight (coming from the left) on poofs -
i'm not trying to discourage you either my friend, if you see the same flash effects as are seen in the clip of the regular demo then truly i am glad and in a world of real justice it would probably be a smoking gun - but i have to agree with justacitizen: ""there could be a video showing a nuke going off and it wouldnt help us.""

As a newbie to the 9/11

As a newbie to the 9/11 truth scene, I find this video extremely compelling. I can't believe this has not received coverage... strike that, of course I can believe it.

To be honest, James and BC sound like defeatist. Not that I blame you, I voted for Bush twice and never thought for a minute I'd be blogging on a site like this.

WTC 7 was the "evidence" that finally got me to open my eyes. When I found out it wasn't even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, I knew something was not right.

Looking at the flashes in this video has me absolutely convinced that these towers were brought down by bombs. This video needs to be more widely distrubuted.

Just my two cents.

Off the subject

Can someone tell me where exactly on the June 1, 2001 memo of the Joint Chiefs it states that Dick Cheney is to be placed in charge of NORAD?

anon mechanical

anon mechanical engineer

send this to Dr. Jones. Some structural steel can be seen collapsing last - after most of the building has fallen. Might be useful....

Very interesting! But

Very interesting!

But strange, that we havn't seen it before. Gotta know more about this clip.

It is taken by Rick Siegal

It is taken by Rick Siegal from the Hoboken side.

As can be seen from this larger clip. From the same site.