Loose Change Covered on Paula Zahn Now on CNN - Video Download

Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas were featured tonight in a 4 minute segment on Paula Zahn, click the image above to grab it. Big ups to Neil for the hookup! Thanks TT for the google video link!

luckily mrs. pretentious

luckily mrs. pretentious herself only did the introduction. yet another talking head suffering from narcissism.

for the record, deborah was

for the record, deborah was a real charm off-camera...we had an interesting conversation to say the least...

Dylan, say the most or somewhere in between...

Did Paula show an understanding of this movement off camera?

she didn't NOT understand

she didn't NOT understand the movement...how's that? hehe...

Didn't NOT

means to me that she did....

so I guess, off camera, Deborah agreed that the official 9/11 story needs to be challenged?

Pugh Film


You must challenge the world with the Pugh footage from LC Final Cut.

This segment has those involved more scared than anything you've done thus far.

The Truth Movement must rally around this segment.

Seeing is believing.

What is the Pugh footage


Here is the Pugh footage...

What is so electrifying about the

Pugh Footage, elaborate please.

Dylan...I'm sorry...but you

Dylan...I'm sorry...but you can't go around insulting The Three Stooges like that.

That is, I mean Deborah


of course

Of course she was nice and cool, this is how journalists work.
They make you feel confortable to talk.

But after the nice chat she makes a 1min subject with statement's fragments and ridiculise you, you should ask to see the final version and then approve it or refuse the interview.

This is bad publicity.

Dylan: re: yesterday's DN interview

It's interesting to consider who WASN'T there in Democracy Now's firehouse studio:


Another debate perhaps?

DN interview

I thought you guys looked like angry concerned citizens and the PM guys looked like sociopaths out of casting central.

LC Guys Please stay away from NO PLANES

Even if it is true It's hard to debate. And there are many points against it. There are aspect of the pentagon and fight 93 that are questionable that do NOT involve NO PLANES. Post here if you want me to outline some. Thanks.

Good job

I found the segment to be pretty fair to both sides of the story without too much biasedness on the part of CNN. Good job LC in presenting yourselves and the search for truth in a good light!


even the 'fair' reporting

even the 'fair' reporting ALWAYS ends with the official story refutation as the last point made.. no matter how fair, they always get the last word ;)

Wow! Have you all seen this?


9/11 Mysteries...Part #1. By far the best doc on the CD of the WTC.

Must watch!

DZ, or anyone..

Can you post the above as a news item?

Thank you, Dylan, Korey, and Jason...

Thank you, Dylan, Korey, and Jason for doing such a good job in the segment aired on Paula Zahn Now. The work you are doing is incredibly important.

Thanks to Paula Zahn and CNN for airing a respectful piece instead of an outrageous attack piece.

Thank you, Jason and Dylan, too, for the excellent debate on DemocracyNow with the scoundrels from POPULAR MECHANICS. You did a beautiful job.

Although it has been slow in coming, thanks to DN and Amy Goodman for finally having some respect and now approaching the 9/11 truth community with decency.

It's out on DVD

who realy is the fake the goverment or this site

Iv'e watched the tape just as i have watched tons of coverage on 911, and im not going to be one of these far right people and start saying you people are all just crazy, yet their are so many holes in your movie, such as all these claims of highjackers being alive yet none of them have ever come out and said hey im alive and im not a killer. Also i have a brother who works in the Cleveland Airport and nothing happen like you claimed in the movie, Also if the fire was hot enough to bring down 2 buildings do you not think it could melt these boxes, the person you spoke of that said he has never heard of not being able to find the boxes, my brother told me their have been other crashes were boxes were lost our distoried. You talk about all these drills that took place just weeks before 911, in the world trade center, but if you dig further you would also find out that these drills have been taking place for years. Now the pass port that was found, their was a gas fire here in my town a few years ago the report talked about the flams being so hot that firefighters couldn't even get close enough to the house to put the fire out, yet when it was all done nothing left but ashes a family photo was found almost unharmed, now how is that even possible, i can't say but don't tell me a pass port couldn't last, as far as these so called flashes of lights that were bombs going off to bring the towers down any middle school kid with a small computer could add things to a video, yet your tape is the only copy that shows these so called lights, maybe the people i should be asking about 911 is you not our goverment, If Osama is not the one responsible why hasen't he come out and said (not in some so called written statement) it wasen't me??? Now in closing im not going to say their wasen't any cover up cause I would be lieing to myself, but would you want to come out and tell the country hey sorry for your lost i f-up, no you wouldn't, but if you think the goverment spent all this time and money to do all these bad things and have no care for human life to take out 1000s of people that they would let 3 kids live after all this information was released, you guys are the ones that need to get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps if i were to take a pole on all these 911 crack pipe sites, as too how many of the people visiting these site do drugs ( and they were 100% honest) im guessing it would in the 85-90% range, just food for thought...............later

Statement of

Professor Glenn P. Corbett
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Before the

Committee on Science
House of Representatives
United States Congress

“Learning From 9/11: Understanding the Collapse of
the World Trade Center”

March 6, 2002

"The building performance assessment currently being conducted of the World Trade Center collapse is just that: an assessment, not an investigation. While the Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT) is composed of an elite group of engineers and scientists, the standard procedures used by the BPAT have proven to be inadequate. Handling the collapse study as an assessment has allowed valuable evidence—the steel building components—to be destroyed. The steel holds the primary key to understanding the chronology of events and causal factors resulting in the collapse.

Without an investigative presence, the FEMA-sanctioned assessment team did not have the authority—nor the organizational wherewithal—to ensure that all of the structural steel was thoroughly examined and the crucial steel from the points of impact saved for examination. Only a handful of pieces of steel from the points of impact have been secured to date. In addition, the BPAT studying the collapse has apparently been hampered in accessing building construction documents.

These hindrances will have an impact on the BPAT report, due to be released in April. The lack of significant amounts of steel for examination will make it difficult, if not impossible, to make a definitive statement as to the specific cause and chronology of the collapse."

So Loose Change is now the

So Loose Change is now the target. Look for these guys to be taken down. Counter Loose Change sites are springing up all over the place. People at work are turning to them. It's sad because the whole movement wasn't started because of Loose Change. Loose Change just happened to be a great production at the right time. Zahn's comments stating that it's all because of Loose Change clearly indicates the focus of the upcoming attacks against 9/11 Truth and Avery, Bermas and Rowe. I hope we can make it through this difficult spell.

Despite attacks the truth will set you, me, & everyone else free

Nothing but lies, evil propaganda, and outrageous fairy tales are on the side of the official story....

We know the truth that we DON'T know the truth and that is most important.

"They" can try all they want to try to stop the message but they will not win. They are already losing and that's why we are seeing attacks on Steven Jones, Mike Malloy, Kevin Barrett, etc.

attacks on 911 truth seekers will get worse

Ghandi said, 'First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.'
I think 911 truth is just about to move past stage 2 now.

Hey Dylan...

Miegs said that all of the articles you have talking about nothing being in the Flight 93 hole were from the first few days.

"The first responders, when they came, there was nothing there," explained Joanna Hanley. "They actually thought they were coming out on a rescue effort but they couldn't find anything." - 28 March 2006


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Bob Kerrey needs to check his

Bob Kerrey needs to check his handbook on law. The "substantial evidence that the gov't did not confront what was an OBVIOUS enemy" is at best, criminal negligence and more reasonably, aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy....with at least 84 counts of withholding evidence tacked on for good measure. That withholding of evidence, and chosing to do NOTHING, by two or more people is a conspiracy that took a reasonable amount of organization to whom which Bob Kerrey was involved. What a dick.

Loose Change #1 on Google Top100 Video

Loose Change Video is #1 again on Google Top100, another version is #3, and there are seven version total on Top100, and thirteen 9/11 related video overall on Top100. We need to keep clicking the Loose Change video, and keep it on #1. One click a day.

don't trush anyone over thirty

"don't trush anyone over thirty" is what comes to my mind when i see these clips: the new generation isn't corrupt (yet) and sees the truth as it is, then comes our honoured, established, mortgage paying, wealthy Senators & Congressmen, and like a wonder they collectively have a different "opinion" - they're corrupt like a priest in a brothel

correction: trust anyone over...

correction: trust anyone over...

that's pretty shallow. so

that's pretty shallow.

so i guess we won't trust you when you're over 30 either.

How about from now on

How about from now on whenever someone gets on TV just start shouting WTC7, WTC7 over and over, and let's see them edit that out.

Well, it's not the worst

Well, it's not the worst idea I've ever heard. :)

9/11 mysteries

wow, 9/11 mysteries the new film really got into the the two claims of the government and first addressed the impact and how all the designers said it was built to withstand the impact, then they showed how the nova documentary condtradicted itself by showing the core columns still standing after the pankaking. of course now NIST denies iot was a pancake collapse. Loose change is produced in a more entertaining way, but they should watch this film get more into the science of it ie novas hypocrisy, the ever changing official version and how impacts( all the designers in this film say planes would have no effect) and damage dont cause collapses, loose change focuces alot on the fire, but not enough on the impacts and how the official version (nist and novas) dont explain the speed, symetry, and how the 2 official versions grossly contradict eachother.

adding this along with the stephen jones interview in thatfilm on google video (the controlled demolitions) is a better way to go than the seismic data, cargo planes, fuel depots being destroyed.

The truth

The real truth is what Dylan, Jason, and Korey won't even mention.
And that is:

1.Landlord of buildings - Silverstein - jewish
2.security companies - israeli
3.huge israeli spy ring arrested after 911 and sent back to israel without charges
4.the country who benefited from those wars is ultimately israel
5.for which country are american soldiers dying and murdering in iraq?

I wonder how long will this comment stay here.

Glad Dylan and Jason mentioned Mineta Testimony in debate

I was happy to see that the Mineta Testimony was mentioned in the debate moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

No one EVER has an explanation for that event. Even if Cheney had good intentions, WHY wasn't it part of the 9/11 Commission report?...... Who was the young aid who kept coming in to report the distance and ask if the orders still stand? .......AND JUST WHAT WAS THE ORDER, FOR GOODNESS SAKE !?!?!?!...Why did Norman Mineta resign the day After Jim Fetzer mentioned this incident on Hannity and Colmes?

If I'm not mistaken, the Popular Mechanics guys sidestepped that point like poodles avoiding a doberman pincer housing district. And by the way, if intelligent people can't see how weasely the PM guys are from their mannerisms, not to mention their dishonest information, then you are in serious denial.

Whenever I mention the Mineta Testimony on various unfriendly message boards, no one EVER has an answer. Everyone is an expert on every other issue with 9/11, but the only response the Mineta Testimony gets is name-calling or silence.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Major Debunking

I just watched the interview with Dylan Avery, his sidekick, and the crew from Popular Mechanics.

If you haven't seen it, you can watch Loose Change go down in flames here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-901683049872134071&sourceid=doc...

This is a major defeat for Dylan and Loose Change with Dylan and Jasun Bermas completely losing their cool in the face of the calm delivery of facts by Meigs.

It got so bad that Jasun committed a MAJOR slip-up by repeating the debunked story of the firemen reaching the 78th floor of tower 2, reporting there was just "small fires", just before the building collapsed. What a stupid error for Jasun to make knowing full well that the firemen never had a chance to reach the floors ABOVE the 78th floor where the major fires were burning.

I mean, c'mon on, how stupid could these guys be?1?!!

EVERBODY KNOWS where the fires were!!!

I've never seen such a major screw-up by anyone as committed by Dylan Avery and his idiot sidekick, Jasun Bermas.

Any publicity is good

Any publicity is good publicity. No one ever wins in a debate, at least not one that is on tv,radio, or the internet. Debates are publicity. For PM to talk to the LC guys they are already admitting that the "theorys" have legs. Neither side can prove their case because all of the official evidence is classified or destroyed. Also like in a court of law your own expert witnesses are bought and paid for.

Also I would like to see those pictures that the editor from PM got to see that no other citizen of the USA has had the privilege of seeing.

Learning from adversaries

I see a lot of anti Loose Change sites springing up now. For example,


Thing about this kind of stuff is, please LEARN from it, don't HIDE from it or IGNORE it.

Don't treat these people as adversaries no matter how irritating they may be. Even if they are acting in bad faith, they still are performing unpaid fact checking for the cause. So, I hope Dylan or Jason is monintoring their stuff. Where they are trivial, irrational, or vindictive, of course ignore them. But where they have done some checking and found something out, no matter how small, a mis-quote, a date wrong, whatever, then please just make a note to correct that in a future release of LooseChange. If you keep repeating that process of refinement, LooseChange will become a beautiful shiny multi-folded ultra-tempered katana of ultimate truth!

Do not demonize your opponents - let them work for your as unpaid fact checkers and respect and incorporate their findings when the get something correct. They are helping you built a better LooseChange!

Thank you!

Good point.....and...

Thank God for the non-believers wanting to talk/argue about 9/11 on various threads because it keeps the information percolating, escalating, manifesting, and just altogether jiggy.

As long as we keep our manners - no name-calling and no cussing and no flaming while on these threads - it makes the enemy all squirmy and they finally explode similar fashion as the government-exploded Murrah Building because truth conquers all. But what this demonstrates to those just lurking on various threads is that truth and manners are the best looking products to buy.

But anyway, when the shrill Hannity-believers attack me, it keeps me honest and makes me research more to combat their lies.

Here are two different threads I've started at two different sites (one for Lakeland, FL newspaper, and other at Wishbone Ash fan site) that have become 30 page slug-fests of truth:

Just look how shrill, disrespectful, blind, mean-spirited and rude the enemy can be. I remain cool and polite in spite of the attacks, but I still try to have words that can cut.

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony: